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10 Games with Best Video Game Graphics in 2015
These games will blow your mind

6. Infamous: Second Son

We're done vanalizing the city, it's time for the big missions.

Open world third person parkour is what defines this game. You control Delsin Rowe as you explore a vast and dynamic world. You start off as some regular street punk that likes to vandalize and grafitti stuff, untill you accidentally absorb smoke powers and become a conduit. Now you are forced to run and live in hiding as you are constantly hunted by the governments D.U.P force. The game contains a karma system which allows you to make either good or evil choices that influence the outcome of the story.

The graphics are fantastic and the game definitely belongs on this list. Reviews of the game were overwhelmingly positive and this has become a huge success for the Infamous series. The entire series is very well done and a must play if you like open world style exploration games. The graphics is definitely the cherry on top here.

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