With Breakthrough Nanotechnology, Gamers May Get The Graphics They’ve Always Wanted

This small but powerful technological breakthrough marks a new age in computer graphics. (Image via Shutterstock)

Australian scientist from Australian National University have had a microscopic breakthrough that has big implications.  

By designing a microscopic crystal antenna several hundred times smaller than a human hair they have discovered light bending abilities which one day may be used for a host of things from night vision glasses to Holograms  

"The nanocrystals are so small they could be fitted as an ultra-thin film one more guy glasses to enable night vision," said Professor Neshev. “This tiny device could have other exciting uses including in anti-counterfeit devices in bank notes, imaging cells for medical applications and holograms.”

The power of this device spans into gaming Graphics as well, with the professor saying that the "speed of data transfer is currently limited by the speed that electrons can flow along the copper wires connecting the processors in gaming consoles."

"One of the big problems that gamers encounter is sluggish game play, which our nano device could greatly improve by speeding up the exchange of data between the multiple processors in the console,"

The nanotechnology will reportedly allowed devices to render faster, smoother, and will enable "large-scale computation needed for a good gaming experience." This remarkable technology  will surely go down in history, and will revolutionize gaming graphics as we know them today.

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