The Future of VR Gaming: 10 Things To Be Excited About

The Future of VR Gaming And What To Be Excited About
Gaming has never been more fun than with virtual reality.


10. Advancements In Headset Technology

Virtual reality headsets have never been more advanced than they are today.

Virtual reality headsets are the key tool for virtual reality gaming. Typically head-mounted, these devices provide a 360-degree virtual reality environment for the user.

2023 promises big advancements in headset tech, which has been sorely needed in recent years. One of the newest features that companies are working to master is mixed-reality, or augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) combined. 

HTC is the newest headset company to sport this feature with their brand-new headset, the Vive XR Elite. Early feedback for the headset suggests that the XR Elite rivals the Meta Quest Pro, which would continue to breed competition and innovation for the industry.


9. AR Glasses Innovation

The industry has made huge improvements since Google Glass.

AR Glasses are similar to VR headsets, but are designed to enhance the user’s environment, whereas a VR headset provides an entirely simulated experience. AR Glasses mostly utilize a layer of digital protection on top of an existing environment which is often in the form of tooltips.

When someone mentions AR glasses, it’s hard not to think of products of the past such as Google Glass. Since then, the industry has made tremendous strides, as evidenced by the latest AR Glasses technology.

The new and exciting world of AR will soon be accessible from glasses, not just your smartphone. Vuzix's AR Glasses, the Vuzix Ultralite, are set to be released this year. These glasses will pair with your phone and bring many features, such as notifications and map directions into an augmented-reality view.

 AR gaming such as Pokemon Go and the upcoming release of Marvel Heroes could also look to take advantage of this new technology.


8. Changes In Haptic Feedback

Haptic feedback can simulate many different sensations -- including gunshots.

Haptic feedback technology is a tool that provides the sense of 3D touch for virtual reality gamers. It typically comes in the form of vibration and motion, but more features are being developed everyday.

Haptic feedback has long been an important feature of VR technology, as it’s a key part of truly immersing gamers. Companies such as Owo are looking to completely push the envelope with new features and accessories. 

Currently available for pre-order, Owo is releasing a haptic feedback shirt, which contains electrodes that will provide an entirely new level of sensory stimulation for gamers. The product promises that you can even feel a gunshot from your games – if you’re into that.


7. E-Book Technology

Read your favorite book in VR.

E-Book Virtual reality is a very new experience coming in 2023. It allows users to read their favorite books through their VR headset. You’ll be able to turn pages and navigate your favorite books without lifting a finger. 

Sol Reader is poised to become the leading EBook Virtual Reality company, and it was well-represented at CES2023. You can secure one of these headsets within the coming months and leave the Kindle behind. Pouring yourself into a book just took on a whole new meaning.


6. Car VR Tech

Your automobile can become the ultimate gaming partner.

Virtual reality tech in vehicles is also a brand-new gaming experience. Car VR utilizes a headset to allow users to play games designed to align with the motion and path of their vehicles.

It was inevitable that VR technology would begin to take over many aspects of daily life, and the automotive industry is no exception. Holoride is pioneering this innovation. Previously only working in Audi-manufactured vehicles, Holoride can now work in any vehicle imaginable.

Holoride’s headset is designed to immerse itself completely with a moving vehicle via its library of games, such as Planet Ride. While in-sync with your moving car, you’re able to shoot cannons and more. Holoride also features phone-mirroring technology, if you’d like to view your iPhone as if it were on a wide fullscreen.


5. Exercising in VR

Sweat it out virtually with your own personal trainer.

Gaming and exercise have long been paired together since Nintendo’s Wii. Virtual reality has been a massive upgrade for exercising, as gamers can use a headset to be transported to many different environments alongside a virtual fitness trainer.

Exercise has never been more gamified than it is today, largely thanks to VR technology. Supernatural VR is the newest and perhaps most innovative virtual reality exercise product on the market, guiding gamers through boxing, meditation, and recovery.

While fitness in mixed-reality has yet to be tackled, it feels like the natural next step and could be a huge niche for the technology. It’s neat to imagine running outside with AR technology enabled.


4. Apple’s Introduction In VR

Apple's entrance in the VR space might change the industry forever.

Mixed-reality is the combination of both virtual reality and augmented reality technology. Often referred to as "mixed reality," many believe this technology is the future of gaming.

Apple’s arrival in VR feels inevitable, as the company has filed numerous VR-related trademarks. CEO Tim Cook has said that he feels augmented reality has more of a future with Apple, but many in the industry feel that a mixed-reality headset will be introduced by the company sooner-than-later.

As industry leaders like Meta, Samsung and even Sony enter the virtual reality arena, Apple will be looking to strap on the gloves as soon as 2023.


3. Sony’s New VR Technology

The PSVR2 is impressing many in the industry.

Sony’s newest VR headset is the Playstation VR2. The headset is very powerful, and will include features such as advanced eye-tracking and immersive haptic feedback.

Available in February of 2023, the PSVR 2 will feature original titles such as Horizon Call of the Mountain, Firewall Ultra, and much more. If you’re still playing on a Playstation 4, you’ll need to upgrade to the Playstation 5 in order to use the PSVR2.


2. Headset-free VR

The future of VR won't require a headset.

Headset-free VR is the newest contender in the Virtual Reality arena. Instead of putting on a VR headset, gamers will be surrounded by high-definition monitors to simulate the experience.

A company called Brelyon is at the forefront of this tech, and their headset-free virtual displays were featured at CES2023. Their product, the Brelyon Fusion, is a desktop monitor that is rounded to immerse the viewer. This incredible tech isn’t available to the public yet, but should be up for sale in the next couple of years.


1. New VR wearables

Teslasuit takes VR wearables to another level.

Most VR technologies feature wearables, which are used to extend the VR experience beyond just headset use. This is typically accomplished through handheld controllers, which allow for player control and haptic feedback immersion.  One company, Teslasuit, is the first to offer a full-fledged VR suit.

The suit is reminiscent of a high-tech supersuit , and is designed to completely immerse gamers from head-to-toe. Teslasuit features advanced haptic feedback and utilizes mixed reality as well. This one-of-a-kind tech isn’t cheap – if you’re in the market to buy, it’ll set you back about $13,000.


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