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SMITE Best Support

Which Are The Best Supports in Smite?

Supports are the back bones of a team. Without them your team will crumble from the start. As a support, you have to win the lane early on and help your ADC get h2er. You have to regularly visit other lanes to help get your team further than the opponent.

If you would like to see what kind of support characters are in the game, or what is the general idea for supports in the game, you have come to the right place.

Although the term 'Support' is a little bit bleak in SMITE, there's no definite role as 'support' for in any of the characters, we tried to compile a list of 5 best support characters in the game.

So without further ado, let's see who wins the lane better among these TOP 5 SMITE Best Support Gods in 2019!

5) Chang'e, Faerie of the Moon

At number five we have Chang'e, Faerie of the Moon and bride of the hero Hou Yi. As the Faerie of the Moon, the skills are themed after moon as you'd expect. Her skills are meant to control the lane as her ADC farms the lane. She can fill up her mana as she avoids damage and she can heal herself and her allies too. She even has a bunny to buy her items!

What makes Chang'e OP?: As she pokes the enemy carry and support, she can also move without losing speed, making her enemies unable to approach or catch her. She does not suffer from backpedal penalty while using skills so she can poke and return while the skill is in use. She can also heal in a pinch and refill her mana herself. Her ultimate is a line skill that stuns everyone in its path so team fights are also easier thanks to her.

  • Good control of the lane, good ganking capabilities.
  • Self sustaining in the lane and can buy items from afar.
  • Can help her ADC by poking her enemies nonstop.
  • No backpedal penalty

Power Level: 73/100

4) Ymir, Father of the Frost Giants

At number four, we have the All father of frost giants, Ymir. He is one of the oldest gods in the game and even has an exclusive skin for beta testers. His chilling attacks can leave a trace on you and his freezing breath will… freeze you.

What makes Ymir OP?: Ymir is the tank every game needs. He can cut the path of the enemy and stun them with a breath. His ice club can summon ice spikes from the ground in a path and he can do more damage thanks to his skills hitting the enemy! He can make ice cover everything in an area, making every enemy slower and can make that same ice explode in such a force that it bites harden than a wolf!

  • Hard CC focused
  • A front liner with a hard hit
  • His abilities apply a debuff that allows Ymir to do more damage and make them do less damage
  • His ultimate gets h2er the longer it is charged while slowing the enemies within the radius.

Power Level: 75/100

3) Khepri, the Dawn Bringer

At number three we have the fittingly named by the community, 'Hug Bug' Khepri. As the name implies, his first skill rushes to and 'hugs' an enemy and brings them forward, hence the nickname. He can protect his ADC passively as his passive continues to give them a shield up to their 10% max HP.

What makes Khepri OP?: Khepri is able to separate the enemies with his first skill and bring one of them closer for more 'care' by his ADC. His passive generates a shield for them every 5 seconds (every 10 in combat) and his stop enemies and apply DoT to them. He can also revive a fallen teammate once with his ultimate. How cool is that? (Not cool as he rolls the sun to the enemy)

  • Can revive a teammate
  • Applies DoT on enemies and decrease the protections of the enemies
  • Can root enemies in place
  • Passive shield that lasts until a very long time or until you take damage

Power Level: 79/100

2) Hel, Goddess of the Underworld

At number two we have Hel, the Goddess of the Norse Underworld. She has two stances, or modes if you will, that in one heals and supports and in the other damages and debuffs. Her being this way, it is fairly easier to take over the lane in early game and easier to help others.

What makes Hel OP?: She is a unique god in the game that can do both support and damage at the same time, not the only one but the best. She is a good choice for both support and mid lane roles as her abilities can do pretty much everything. She can cleanse all CC from allies and heal them per second, I like to call it HoT(heal over time), and deal massive damage to the enemy.

  • H2 heals and CC removal
  • H2 damaging skills
  • A good poker in the early game
  • Has access to the ultimate ability from the get go, she transforms between modes that way

Power Level: 85/100

1) Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty

At number one we have the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite. I would like such a beautiful support as well but that is not affecting this list, I promise! She can make her enemies have such a hard time that they will not leave the safe zone under the tower. Dominating the lane is not so hard with her, you will do it unknowingly after some time even.

What makes Aphrodite OP?: What is the meaning of reviving a fallen ally if you get to make them unkillable, even for a fraction of a second. Aphrodite can 'kiss' one ally with her first ability, making them her soulmate and granting both of them move speed. She can also stun with the same ability. She can make her doves fly and apply HoT to her and her allies while applying a h2 DoT to the enemies. And lastly, she can make her soulmate immune to damage for a second at start and for 2 whole seconds at full level.

  • A bonding system with various benefits, from move speed buff and more mana regen to a damage increase to a stunned target with her first skill
  • Keeping enemies away with a h2 stomp from herself and her souldmate
  • A h2 HoT and DoT
  • 2 whole seconds of invulnerability

Power Level: 90/100

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