Top 5 Smite Best Support (2020) Season 7!

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A very good question. Let's find out!

Hello once again! In my very first list, we counted down the Top 10 best gods currently in Season 7 of Smite, as of March 2020, but as we've already done with Hunters, we shall do with Supports--taking a gander at the cream of the crop resting in the Top 5!

Like before, to avoid stepping on the original list's toes, we're going to be excluding the Supports already mentioned there: Odin, Yemoja, and Jormungandr. Because then the list would already halfway exist on another list, and with over 100 gods in the game, there are far more top-shelf supports who deserve your attention, so those three already chronicled in the Top 10 won't be on this list!

But if you don't wanna click away, here's a recap: Jormungandr perfected the art of the flexible aggressive support with his potent stealth capabilities and long-reaching chase ultimate, Yemoja applies constant pressure to the enemy with her quickly-regenerating resource and combination of ally speed boosts and enemy slows, and Odin just straight-up exudes fearsome amounts of damage while being bulky to deter any threat from approaching his allies.

For those reasons, among others, those gods reign as the champions of the Support role. But they're hardly the only ones sitting on that top shelf.

Now without further ado, let's go over the Next Top 5 Supports in Smite Season 7!

5. Xing Tian, Chinese Headless Demigod of Battle - Main Tank or Solo Laner

Aggressive support has become quite chic in Season 7, and Xing Tian is the face of it (ironic, since he lost his own face). He's got everything you'd want from a god who mixes offense and defense--a line attack that deals decent damage and weakens the enemy's attacks, a double-attacking immobilize, a double leap, and, most importantly of all, an ultimate that scoops up the opponent and serves them directly to your damage dealers, especially if you picked up Blink as one of your relics.

All the while, he gains regeneration the more he hits his attacks and abilities, really incentivizing Xing Tian to be in the action at all times. Despite looking like an all-out attacker, this headless behemoth is a master at offensive protection, and in the right hands, there's nothing scarier that can enter your lane.
It's rude to stare, y'know.
It's rude to stare, y'know.

Why Xing Tian is Top-Tier:
- Excellent blend of offensive power and defensive utility
- Has high mobility while limiting the enemy's mobility
- Supremely effective ultimate to either deliver enemies to their deaths or force the use of their relics

4. Kumbhakarna, Hindu Sleeping Demon Giant - Main Tank or Jungler

Being aggressive and doing damage are great aspects of any support in Season 7, but you know what else works wonders in these high-damage times? Crowd control. And Kumbhakarna excels at it.

With an AoE mesmerize, decent-ranged root, and the knock-up to end all knock-ups, Kumba suffers from no shortage of ways to lock down his opponent. Combined with some formidable bulk and a good dash that doubles as wave clear, you've got one of the best in the business at keeping the other guys in check while protecting your squishies.

It really is as simple as that, because sometimes the key to victory is simplicity.
He's only as deadly as he is fat and lazy! ...Wait, how fat and lazy is he? ...Really, really? ...Uh-oh...
He's only as deadly as he is fat and lazy! ...Wait, how fat and lazy is he? ...Really, really? ...Uh-oh...

Why Kumbhakarna is Top-Tier:
- Very safe and very bulky, one of the easiest gods to learn how to main tank with
- Oodles of crowd control makes it almost trivial to keep the enemy from doing anything
- Aptly-named Epic Uppercut provides ample room to set up devastating kills

3. Khepri, Egyptian Mover of the Sun - Main Tank

Khepri is a lot like Kumba, in bulk and playstyle, but Khepri takes more of a focus on supporting his allies than locking down the enemy, and in some CC-heavy teams, that's exactly what you want.

This big old bug can provide all kinds of benefits for his team, from rooting a distant enemy or dragging another enemy wherever you please, but he can also give allies huge defense buffs with his lane clear ability, and his ultimate allows one ally to cheat death (with very, very few exceptions).

Unlike all the other supports mentioned thus far, Khepri is very defensive in playstyle and not all that bothered by the need for aggression, which makes him a rock-solid choice when you want a more mellow and reactive team.

Sometimes it's best to wait for your opponent to make the first mistake, after all, and even in the trigger-happy havoc of Season 7, patience can be what wins the day. And on that day, Khepri will be there.
Everyone loves Khepri! Well, except for everyone on the enemy team, that is.
Everyone loves Khepri! Well, except for everyone on the enemy team, that is.

Why Khepri is Top-Tier:
- Tremendous bulk paired with life-saving defensive utility...
- Patient playstyle allows for legendary counterplay, punishing enemies for being too hasty

2. Hel, Norse Goddess of the Underworld - Mid Laner or Solo Laner

Not every support gets beefy and takes all the hits! Sometimes the best way to support your team is to provide burst heals and burst damage all in one package. That's precisely the niche that Hel fills, and she's been filling it since the game's early days.

Healing gods have always been in a state of flux, due to the power of anti-heal, but it should say something that Season 7 is full of anti-heal but Hel remains one of the top dogs right now. That is, of course, because healing is only one of the methods of support she offers--simply being around her refills your mana, she can slow entire packs of enemies while reducing their magic defenses and bursting their faces off their skulls in her dark stance, while her light stance supplies movement speed increases and CC cleansing on top of the heals.

The only downside of Hel is that she is very hard to play well, but if you can master Hel, you can lead even the worst teammates to the gates of victory.
Unfortunately for the enemy, Hel has no happy medium.
Unfortunately for the enemy, Hel has no happy medium.

Why Hel is Top-Tier:
- Massive heals make her the best group healer in the game, easily
- Provides mass slows and defense reductions to the enemy as well as large movement speed increases and crowd control removal to allies
- If all else fails, you also do very high damage, so you can finish the job yourself if you must

1. Geb, Egyptian God of the Earth - Main Tank

You know what's really in vogue right now? Crit. You know whose passive trivializes crit to the point of hilarity? Geb. Geb's passive reduces the enemy's bonus damage from crit, so instead of 100% extra damage, it's 25% extra damage. Ouch.

If you see the enemy picking gods that favor crit, Geb can shut them down. This big, hulking slab of pure earth has a huge hitbox, making it very easy to soak up the hits from aspiring crit hounds, making them regret every life choice they've ever made. One thing they don't tell you at Damage Dealing 101 is that, while crit is delicious, you DO have to sacrifice other stats in order to build it. Like penetration!

Once this big ol' boulder rolls into your path, you realize you've made so many terrible decisions. And that's just Geb's passive! Geb can also roll very quickly across a HUGE distance and knock back the first poor sap he hits, ground slam a cone in front of him for an AoE knock-up, provide a very large shield and CC cleanse for one ally, and finally stun every enemy in a circle around him.

With an impressive mix of defensive buffs and crowd control, as well as his mind-boggling bulk, it's no surprise that Geb reigns as one of the best supports in the game.
Q: How can you fight the very earth itself? A: Very, very carefully.
Q: How can you fight the very earth itself? A: Very, very carefully.

Why Geb is Top-Tier:
- Prime-time disruptive crowd control abilities
- Gives allies a huge shield, both as an ability and with his huge hitbox
- Completely neuters crit builds, forcing enemy attackers into countering HIM instead of his allies

And that's it, folks--the Next Top 5 Supports of Smite Season 7! Obviously, these rankings are subject to change in the event of any major buffs or nerfs in the future, but for now, at least, these big, bulky Supports (along with those already covered in my preceding Top 10 Gods of Season 7 list) are your go-to choices for making sure you give your team the best chance to succeed, even if you have to carry every last one of them on your back the entire way!

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