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Prepare for an exhilarating visit through the Spencer Mansion.

Classic survival horror games have long been known for being unforgiving to newcomers of the genre, and this remake of the 1996 original is no exception. If you’re thinking about playing the game for the first time, and aren’t sure which difficulty to choose, well, you’ve come to the right place, We’re here to help you pick the one that will best suit your skills.

1. Jill's Scenario

The characters Chris and Jill served as the game’s main difficulty choices in the original. Not only did it provide two different stories to experience, but different gameplay mechanics as well, and depending on whichever character you chose, you’ll either have an easy or very difficult time surviving the mansion. All of that retains in this 2002 remake, on top of a new real difficulty option. However, Jill’s scenario still remains to be the best one for new players.

How It Works:

  • Jill will have eight available item slots, reducing the amount of backtracking needed in the game.
  • Barry, Jill’s scenario partner, will assist you in some parts of the game, often by letting you bypass some puzzles by utilizing the lockpick he provided or even skip boss fights. 
  • She can get a hold of powerful weapons early on in the game, making for an easier time in the mansion.
  • She can only take a few hits before she dies, so make sure that you don’t take any needless chances. 
  • In comparison to Chris’ scenario, hers will be more story-driven. There will be more cutscenes to watch and some enemies will only appear in cutscenes rather than being fought with traditionally.

Choose This Difficulty If:

  • You’ve never played the game before. Jill’s scenario will provide an accessible experience while still retaining the challenge that makes the franchise so endearing.
  • This scenario can also be used to familiarize yourself with the game’s controls and layout before stepping into Chris’ shoes.

2. Chris' Scenario

Chris’ scenario, which was intended as the hard difficulty in the original, has always been a second choice for many players due to its limiting differences compared to Jill’s. Fortunately, he received a little bit of tweaking in the remake and is now more accessible than before. Despite this, his scenario is still better reserved after playing the other scenario for a variety of reasons.

How It Works:

  • Chris only has six available item slots, forcing you to manage your inventory more frequently resulting in more backtracking.
  • You will have to pick up small keys to progress through the mansion. 
  • Chris’ scenario partner, Rebecca, can heal you without using any of the scarce green herbs.
  • Being the top marksman of the team, Chris is far more skilled with weapons than Jill. You’ll be able to shoot and slash the enemies considerably faster and you’ll also have a much higher chance for a critical shot.
  • The lighter will already be equipped when you start the game, taking up no additional space in the already limited six, making the process of dispatching the crimson heads a lot easier and faster.

Choose This Difficulty If:

  • You’ve finished Jill’s. It’s difficult to recommend starting with Chris’ scenario because it can be very limiting, mechanics-wise, compared to the other. 
  • You’ll also get to experience a lot of parts in the game that are otherwise absent in Jill’s scenario.

3. Taking a Walk (Very Easy Mode)

The walking/easy difficulty, which is exclusive to the HD Remaster, is only recommended if you aren’t familiar with the genre. It will supply you with so many resources that you won’t know what to do with them, letting you breeze through the game with ease.

How it Works:

  • Lower enemy count.
  • Enemies will go down with just a few hits and will deal a lot less damage.
  • Crimson Heads will have a very long resurrection time.
  • There is an abundance of resources scattered throughout the area that you will never run out.
  • You will not be able to unlock any of the rewards, once you’ve finished the game.

Choose This Difficulty If:

  • You are easily frightened by horror games and are just interested in seeing the story. 
  • You can also choose this difficulty as a practice to get acquainted with the classical controls and mechanics, as well as familiarize yourself with the mansion’s layout, without having to worry about the survival aspect.

4. Going on a Hike (Easy Mode)

While the hiking difficulty may be considered as an easy mode, it is actually the ideal difficulty for both newcomers and veterans of the genre. The experience will still be easy but unlike the walking difficulty, it will present a bit of challenge in that it will keep you on your feet the entire time. 

How it Works:

  • Lower enemy count.
  • Enemies will go down after a few hits and will deal a bit of damage.
  • Crimson Heads will take a long time to resurrect. 
  • There’s a decent amount of resources. 
  • You will not be able to unlock any of the rewards, once you’ve finished the game.

Choose This Difficulty If:

  • You want to play a game that is both accessible and challenging.
  • You’ve never played any of the classic Resident Evil games but are capable of adapting to its mechanics easily.

5. Climbing a Mountain (Normal Difficulty)

The climbing difficulty is the most demanding of the three starting modes to choose from. There is a greater emphasis on survival; everything is now out to get you and can kill you with just a few hits, and the precious resources are even harder to obtain than before.

How it Works:

  • High enemy count.
  • Enemies have more health points and deal higher damage.
  • Crimson heads require a decent amount of time before resurrecting.
  • Resources are scarce and if they aren’t conserved well, you might find yourself empty-handed near the end of the game.
  • You’ll be able to unlock rewards if you’ve managed to complete the game.

Choose This Difficulty If:

  • You’ve played other classic resident evil or survival horror games and are familiar to the controls.

6. Hard Difficulty

Unlocked after beating the game once, the hard mode can be accessed in the “Once Again” save file. The game will put all you’ve learned from past runs to the test by upping the risks, putting even more pressure on you to dodge enemies and manage your resources.

How it Works:

  • High enemy count.
  • Enemies have fairly large health points and deal massive damage.
  • Crimson heads only require a few minutes to resurrect.
  • Resources are hard to come by and you may find yourself empty-handed halfway through the game.

Choose This Difficulty If:

  • You’ve finished the game at least once and are already familiar with what the game has to offer.
  • You’re looking for a challenge then this difficulty will certainly deliver, especially if you choose  Chris’ scenario.

7. Real Survival Mode

The real survival is similar to the hard difficulty, with the main difference being it emphasizes realism, hence the name real survival. It incorporates elements from the 1996’s prototype version, making this the ultimate challenge. 

How it Works:

  • Item boxes are no longer linked to one another, thus you’ll have to backtrack to the specific box that you’ve used to grab an item.
  • Auto-aim has been disabled, requiring you to manually aim to take a shot. 
  • Weapons with infinite ammo cannot be used on this difficulty.
  • High enemy count.
  • Enemies have fairly large health points and deal massive damage.
  • Crimson heads only require a few minutes to resurrect. 
  • Resources are rare, particularly the healing items. 

Choose This Difficulty If:

  • You’ve finished the other difficulties and are looking for a new challenge. You will also need a bit of patience as this mode can be a bit tedious with its long-distance backtracking but if you can handle that and its difficulty, then you will have a thrilling time playing.


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