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Who turned the smoke machine on?

The best of all the shooty things!

Ahh, Resident Evil 4. Mowing down Ganados, Ashley’s screams of LEON! which still haunt my sleep, Ada Wong channelling her inner anime girl, Leon’s one liners. The memories are flying back to me like a Novistador soaring through the air.

Since the remake has a release date of the 24th of March 2023, the time is now to get a couple of playthroughs in on the original. With this in mind, let’s go back to that mowing down of Ganados.

To slaughter thousands of plaga infested people, you’re going to need a gun or two. Whether you are a veteran or a newbie, this list of the top ten best weapons in RE4 is bound to help you save Ashley.


10. Red9 

I wanna be a cowboy baby.

I may annoy the more experienced players with this one. 

It is the most powerful handgun in the game. Which not only kills enemies quicker but also helps to save ammo. It has a cool retro look and the stock really helps to steady the aim. Also, Luis uses it just to add to the cool factor. But, for some reason, I always preferred the Blacktail, but more on that later. 

The Red9 can be bought early on, in chapter 2-1 if you go back through the cemetery and into the underground tunnel before entering the church. It’s relatively cheap at 14000 pesetas which nearly all players will have accumulated by that time in the game.

The exclusive upgrade cranks its firepower up to 6.5 which is mega for a handgun in this game, nothing else gets close. 

However, every other handgun beats it in every other category. The reloading and firing is slow, which in RE4 can be hazardous. The sheer strength does compensate for this, you’re just going to have to take some hits. 



  • High damage - most powerful handgun in-game
  • Attainable early in the game - Chapter 2-1
  • Cheap to purchase - 14k pesetas                
  • Antique look - swag



  • Slow firing - detrimental when fighting multiple enemies
  • Slow reloading - a serious hindrance


Red9 Full Details: https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Red9


9. Killer7

More than 7 kills.

From Red9 to number 9. 

If you don’t mind doing some backtracking you can get the Broken Butterfly for free. However, the Killer7 is cheaper in the long run by 117,000 pesetas, mainly helped by the fact that this magnum is the only upgradable weapon that does not have an exclusive upgrade.

The Killer7 has much faster reloading and is more stable than the BB. They are equal in firing speed, but the BB is more powerful. However, a fully upgraded firepower of 35.0 on the Killer 7 is more than enough for the bosses in this game. 

The BB can be found in chapter 3-1, much earlier than the Killer7 which can’t be acquired until chapter 5-1. Which means if you want to use the Killer7, you’ll have to defeat some bosses without an upgraded magnum. It’s possible, just difficult. 

Chapter 5 is towards the end of the game and as such, is filled with hard-to-beat bosses and mini-bosses so picking up the Killer7 at this time is advantageous and you’ll no doubt have the necessary money saved up (77,700 pesetas).

The Killer 7 is very, very good. But this is a case of either or, the BB is a valid choice and has an old-school western look if you’re into that kind of thing. I went with the Killer7 for the more streamlined, contemporary look and because I had more memories of using it. 



  • Cheap - Save 117,300 pesetas compared to the BB
  • Powerful - It’s a magnum
  • Ease of use - Handling, firing and reloading are all on fleek
  • Bosses - Fully upgradable just before U-3



  • Available late - earlier parts of the game might be troublesome
  • Ammo scarcity - The extra firepower on the BB might make it more attractive


Killer7 full details: https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Killer7


8. TMP


Machine-guns are always fun, regardless of the game. The TMP is no exception. Letting rip on multiple Ganados with a fully-automatic pistol is good for the soul. 

Obviously, it has a fast firing rate. Once fully upgraded, it is dangerous. Before the TMP gets to that level though, it can perform at a less than ideal level. It has a weak firepower to start with at just 0.4, the ammo is scarce and you will run through it rapidly, if you aren’t careful. It’s also unsteady when aiming until you buy the stock in chapter 1-3.

You can acquire the TMP from the very first time you meet the merchant, so you’ve only got one subchapter to wait until you can buy the stock, which I recommend to do if you are committed to using the TMP.

It’s also one of the more expensive guns to fully upgrade at just over 330,000 pesetas.

While the TMP isn’t great statistically nor for Leon’s wallet, it is a whole lotta fun. The enjoyment factor is its main selling point, just bear that in mind when you buy it.



  • Ting go brrrrrap - it’s just so much fun
  • Full upgrade - very useful when at its max



  • Dinero - one of the more expensive guns to fully upgrade
  • Weak - Not very powerful when acquired
  • Unstable - easy to miss with before getting the stock
  • Guzzler - Can use ammo up quickly


TMP full details: https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/TMP


7. Blacktail

Not quite skraaa.

When I think of a handgun in RE4, I think of the Blacktail. There have been so many instances of the Blacktail saving me by rapidly killing a swarm of enemies. The firing rate on this thing is absurd, it’s the fastest handgun and the third fastest gun overall.

To back up that speed, the Blacktail is the second-most powerful handgun, the steadiest handgun when aiming and has great ammo capacity. It’s a high-level all rounder. Even during the later stages of the game, it’s quite useful. 

The Blacktail can be bought in Chapter 3-1, just before you enter the castle. Before then, you’ll either have to use the starting Handgun or the free Punisher until you acquire the Blacktail, but it’s also a big upgrade on those two for the rest of the game.

On the downside, you can go through ammo quickly if you aren’t careful, especially before the capacity upgrade. 

Speaking of upgrades, the Blacktail is the most expensive handgun to fully upgrade in game, so it might take you until later stages of the game or even the second time through before you get the Blacktail to its full potential. 



  • Gotta go fast - Fast firing and reloading
  • Power - Damage per second is high
  • Longevity - Viable in the endgame



  • Cost - most expensive handgun to fully upgrade
  • Sweating bullets - Can ran out of ammo if careless
  • Available mid-game - Chapter two can be quite difficult if using the starting handgun


Blacktail full details: https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Blacktail


6: Semi-auto Rifle

See you later, regenerator.

When a rifle sends your POV flying into the scope, it's generally obtrusive, especially in quicker-paced games like Call of Duty, and ends up with you being killed and teabagged. 

In RE4 though, if you rush into areas you will get swarmed. If you approach an area carefully and pick a few of the enemies off with either of the rifles, you can make certain sections of the game a lot easier. 

The semi-auto version has faster reloading and firing than its bolt-action cousin. Being semi-auto also means you don’t have to wait for Leon to reset the chamber between every shot. It also does well damage-wise and can be useful during boss battles.  

A rifle is necessary if you want to (easily) kill the Regenerators and Iron Maidens, as the infra-red scope only fits on to one of these two weapons.



  • Crowd control - pick off enemies, stopping them from swarming you
  • Usefulness - Vital for picking off the Regenerators and Iron Maidens
  • Powerful - High damage can help with bosses



  • Tunnel vision - Aiming mode makes you unaware of surroundings
  • Item management - Takes up a lot of room in the Attache case


Semi-auto rifle full details: https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Rifle_(semi-auto)


5: Striker

Siiiiuuuuu. Image from IGN.

I don’t mean Cristiano Ronaldo. I do mean the best shotgun in RE4. While some of you experienced players will be moaning about the Striker’s loss of power over long distances, shotguns are meant to be used up close.

There are many enemies in RE4 that will run at you, which is the perfect opportunity to use the striker. It also works well when encountering groups of enemies. 

The exclusive upgrade boosts the bullet capacity to 100, which not only virtually eliminates reloading it also helps to free up inventory space. 

That lack of range does make it more difficult to fight El Gigante for instance as it is life-threatening to let the troll get so close to you. It’s also fired from the hip, meaning those headshots are a bit harder to pull off.

It’s the most powerful and quickest firing shotgun in-game. While its reload speed isn’t as quick as the Riot Gun, the extra large capacity means you’ll have to reload way, way less. It costs 392,000 pesetas to purchase and fully upgrade the Striker.



  • Item management - Exclusive upgrade gives 100 bullet capacity and it is also the shotgun that takes up the least amount of inventory space.
  • What a shot - Fast firing and powerful



  • Tap-ins only - Considerable loss of power at medium range
  • Aim straight - Shoots from the hip making headshots rarer


Striker full details: https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Striker


4: Handcannon

The midlife crisis of guns.

This is the end of the normal weapons, all of the weapons after this are exclusively found after completing the game or completing the side missions.

The Handcannon. It’s there in the name. A cannon in your hand. It costs 790,000 pesetas to max it out. Once fully upgraded though, it’s the most powerful gun apart from the rocket launcher. That exclusive upgrade also gives it unlimited ammunition. 

Just let that sink in for a minute. An unlimited hyper-powerful magnum.

The first major downside is the massive recoil. If you miss, Leon is going to feel it. 

Also, there is the tiny little thing of how you actually obtain the Handcannon.

You have to get a 5-star rating with ALL five characters on ALL four stages on Mercenaries mode. This is a weapon for the fully committed.



  • Unlimited power - the highest firepower of any gun apart from the rocket launcher
  • Shots! Shots! Shots! - the exclusive upgrade gives this gun unlimited ammo



  • Recoil - It takes a while for Leon to fire the next shot
  • An endeavour - It takes more than a while just to get the gun
  • Expensive - Over three-quarters of a mil!


Handcannon full details: https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Handcannon


3: Infinite Launcher

Boom, boom, boom, boom, I want you to go boom.

Make this game ridiculously easy, but also very fun by blowing everything up. 

Now, I remember buying the normal rocket launcher for 30,000 pesetas to use against the first El Gigante. There’s also one in the castle lying around which I used for the Verdugo fight. 

But, to have a rocket launcher for every fight does seem a little like overkill. Although, I do think it’s a great reward for completing the game. It does cost one million pesetas though, so it might take you a while to obtain it.

You can hurt yourself and/or Ashley if used carelessly. Plus, Krauser moves way too fast to hit him with it. Unless you wait until he’s right up close, so you end up hurting both Leon and Krauser. 

Like the TMP, this is huge on the fun factor. That tricky first village part where most players die at least once becomes joyful as you blow up scores of villagers and the two Dr. Salvadors with a press of a button. 



  • Infinite Launcher - It’s an infinite rocket launcher
  • Helping hand - Makes tough sections easier
  • Smiles all round - It’s so fun and satisfying to watch all those difficult enemies die so easily



  • Long distance - Hitting something too close to Leon can hurt him and Ashley
  • Easy mode - Can eliminate the challenge of the game

Infinite Launcher full details: https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Infinite_Launcher


2: Chicago Typewriter

These ganados are gonna be sleepin' with the fishes.

The last two weapons are ridiculous. Firstly, the machine gun of all machine guns. 

What does Leon need to rescue the President’s daughter? A co-ordinated military operation with state of the art technology and other secret agents? Sounds good, sounds appropriate. What does he actually get? A fedora, a scarf and a machine gun to go with it.

A firing speed of 0.10 secs and a firepower of 10.0. It’s fully automatic. It also has UNLIMITED ammo. This thing will kill everything, including all of the bosses. There’s not much more to be said really. There’s a reason it’s so high on this list.

Also, if you are wearing Special Costume 2 and press reload, Leon adjusts his hat. Press reload four times in a row, Leon will throw his hat in the air and catch it dramatically. 

Unfortunately, you have to complete Separate Ways to unlock the Typewriter for the main game. To make Separate Ways easier, you can unlock this machine gun by completing Assignment Ada. Even after you’ve unlocked the Typewriter, it costs one million pesetas to purchase. 

But, it’s so worth it.



  • Utter destruction - great firepower with amazing firing speed
  • No reloading necessary - Infinite ammo
  • Easter eggs - Leon’s reloading hat dance



  • Availability - Complete an Ada side-game then…
  • Cost - Pay 1 million pesetas to own it


Chicago Typewriter full details - https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/Chicago_Typewriter


1: P.R.L. 412

Step into the light.

Here we are at the end, and of course it has to be this science experiment gone right. 

It’s mentioned in the game that Las Plagas are weak to light, so a light-based weapon makes sense. It has two firing options, an instant burst of light which is akin to the flash grenade and a charged attack which fires out lasers that will kill every enemy on screen in one shot.

This includes bosses. The only enemies that take two hits are El Gigante and U-3. For the troll, the first shot reveals its plaga, the second shot kills it. For U-3, one charged shot brings its HP down to one. You can literally knife it and it will die. 

It does take a little bit of time to charge up the weapon, but most enemies move quite slowly. Just give yourself enough space to fire it up. 

You can get the P.R.L. 412 by completing the game on Professional mode. Professional mode is unlocked after completing the game once. The P.R.L. 412 is mostly meant as a bit of fun after you have done everything in-game. 

And fun it is. 

Did Verdugo repeatedly decapitate you? Or did the Regenerators kill you over and over? Get your revenge. Reduce them to the bugs they are, bugs to be swatted aside. 



  • Futuristic - Looks like a sci-fi weapon
  • Efficiency - Kills every enemy bar two with one shot



  • Availability - Takes a while to get
  • AA batteries - Takes a while to charge


P.R.L. 412 full details: https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/P.R.L._412


In summary, there are many guns to choose from in Resident Evil 4 and there are a few I haven’t mentioned, so play around, you might discover a gun you really enjoy using that I’ve ignored. However, I recommend doing a ‘normal’ playthrough first before obtaining the uber-weapons. 


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