Top 10 Best Resident Evil Bosses of All Time

Resident Evil Best Bosses
Mr.X (T-103) going to ruin the player's life in Resident Evil 2 (2019).

The Resident Evil series is a survival horror series that has been around since the release of the first Resident Evil in 1996. The game series popularized horror in gaming. It also has featured many horrifying and awesome creatures including bosses.

We will look at the top ten Resident Evil bosses from the series.

10. Osmund Saddler

Saddler is the main antagonist and final boss of Resident Evil 4. He was a bio-weapons research chief who went to Spain seeking a parasite called the Las Plagas to gain power. Using the parasite, and genetically enhancing it with researchers, he took control over an isolated region in Spain.

 His rule ended when Leon Kennedy eventually fought him and killed him on an island. During the final battle, he uses his tentacles and legs as a means to attack.

Interesting facts about Saddler

·         Given that the Las Plagas were sealed in a cave, under a castle, a couple of centuries before the events of Resident Evil 4, it is unknown how Saddler heard of the Las Plagas.

·         Saddler gained access to the cave where the Las Plagas was sealed, via the castle, by pretending to be a religious priest of some kind. He was eventually given access by a nobleman named Ramon Salazar.

9. Plant 42

Plant 42 was a plant-based boss in the first Resident Evil. It was a plant that was infected with the T-virus, and it soon wreaked havoc in the dormitory building. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine eventually encountered it and killed it.

In the original Resident Evil 1, it would hit the player with its tentacles, or send pieces of the ceiling to hit the player from atop. In the remake, it would use tentacles to attack, but also spray acid at the player.

Interesting facts about Plant 42

·         It is unknown what plant species Plant 42 originally was before being infected with the T-virus.

·         Plant 42 served as a progenitor to a monster in Resident Evil 2 called Plant 43. Umbrella took the research from Plant 42 to develop Plant 43 which was a smaller, but mobile creature as it could walk.  

8. Grave Digger

This is a boss featured in Resident Evil 3. Being of arthropod origin, it was crawling underground, in the soil, when it got infected by the T-virus that was leaked from a nearby Umbrella facility. It became a giant monster and can lay eggs to form new grave diggers. Jill encountered two of them in the game.

 In Resident Evil 3, it crawls into holes or the ground, and then it would attack the player by biting them. The first one, the player fights, is underground, and the second one is in a graveyard.

Interesting facts about the Grave Digger

·         The second one was in the graveyard searching for food, and therefore was looking to consume corpses from graves. This is likely where it got its name from.

·         As already mentioned, it lays eggs. The monsters that hatch from those eggs are worms called “sliding worms” but take a week before they fully develop into grave diggers.

7. Tyrant (T-002)

The final boss of the first Resident Evil game. It was a monster that was developed to have human-like intelligence so that it could follow orders. In the first Resident Evil, it was in a capsule tank inside the underground laboratory until Albert Wesker released it to kill Chris and Jill.

In both the original Resident Evil 1 and the remake, the Tyrant attacks the player using its large claw on its left arm.

Interesting facts about Tyrant (T-002)

·         This Tyrant is one of the multiple models (or type) of Tyrants that are encountered in the series. The ones encountered in other games are of a different model (or type).  

·         Its exposed heart is two hearts that it received from surgery.

·         In the Sega-Saturn port of Resident Evil 1, you can encounter a gold Tyrant in Battle Mode.

6. Alexia Ashford

The final boss of Resident Evil Code Veronica. She was a researcher at Umbrella who infected herself with the T-Veronica virus and put herself in cryogenic sleep. She eventually woke up during the events of Resident Evil Code Veronica and was ultimately killed by Chris.

She has multiple forms. In her first form, she mainly uses fire against the player. In her second form, she uses her tentacles and spawns small bugs to do damage to the player. In her third form, she flies around, and the player must kill her with a weapon called the “Linear Launcher.”  

Interesting facts about Alexia

·         She is considered as being one of the hardest bosses in the Resident Evil series. In her second form, she spawns small bugs that do damage to the player and interrupt the player’s attacks.

·         In Resident Evil Code Veronica, Chris is the one that fights Alexia. In Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles’ retelling of Code Veronica, both Chris and Claire fight Alexia.

5. Jack Krauser

He is a boss in Resident Evil 4; he was once in the military and worked with Leon at some point but chose to join Wesker. He eventually went to Spain to work for Saddler and was infected with the Las Plagas parasite. Leon encountered Krauser at the island, and eventually fought him. Leon defeated Krauser, but Krauser survived only to be killed off by Ada Wong.

The player starts with Krauser attacking them with a knife while the player is trying to get two key items. The next part of the fight, he mutates; one of his arms becomes a sword-like arm that he can use to swing or stab the player, and he can use it as a shield.

Interesting facts about Krauser

·         As already mentioned, he once worked with Leon. This was in Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles where he and Leon went to South America to find someone, but only to find that a T-virus outbreak had occurred.

·         During his mission in South America, Krauser began believing that the T-Veronica virus is powerful and wanted to become powerful. This led him to seek Wesker.

4. Tyrant (T-103)

This was a boss in Resident Evil 2. It is a Tyrant that was created from modified clones of the T-002 model. A group of T-103s was sent to Raccoon City, during the T-virus outbreak of the city, under orders. The one encountered in Resident Evil 2 was sent to collect a sample of the G-virus while killing survivors it came across.

In the laboratory, the Tyrant fell into molten lava or was caught on fire, depending on if you play the original Resident Evil 2 or the remake. This caused it to mutate into the “Super Tyrant,” but was killed by Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield.

Interesting facts about Tyrant (T-103)

·         In the original Resident Evil 2, the “Super Tyrant” had two claws and a heart protruding from its chest. In the remake of Resident Evil 2, it has only one claw and the exposed heart is more noticeable.

·         Originally it was supposed to use a weapon, but that idea was never put in the game. The weapon in the concept art appeared to be a machine gun.

3. Albert Wesker

He used to be the main antagonist in the series and the final boss of Resident Evil 5. He was with Umbrella for a long time but left them after the events of Resident Evil 1. During the events of the first Resident Evil, he lured the STARS to the mansion; eventually, the STARS found out about his connections with Umbrella.

After he reappeared in Code Veronica, Chris and the rest of the BSAA has been after Wesker. His story would end in Resident Evil 5 where he has a final confrontation with Chris at a volcano.

In his first and second battles in Resident Evil 5, he uses his speed to dodge attacks, and attack the player with melee attacks or with a gun. In the third battle, he infects himself with the Uroboros. His attacks in the third fight mainly involve him using tentacles.

Interesting facts about Wesker

·         Wesker isn’t his real last name. It was a name given to him after he was taken in by Umbrella. It is unknown what his real last name is, and if Albert is his real first name.

·         He has a son named Jake Muller who is a protagonist in Resident Evil 6.

2. William Birkin

He was a researcher in Resident Evil 2 who infected himself with the G-virus, a virus he created. Issues arose between him and Umbrella; this led to Umbrella sending soldiers to get the G-virus from his lab. Birkin was shot down by the soldiers, and then he infected himself with the G-virus.

Throughout the events of Resident Evil 2, he would go through five stages of his mutation. The first stage was mainly a large arm with a large eyeball on his shoulder. The second stage was him forming a new head to replace the original head, and his body grew thicker and mutated a bit more.

The third stage involved him getting bigger, growing two new arms that became large, bones sticking out of his chest, and his body becoming dark gray. The fourth stage has him become a quadrupedal creature with a large mouth on his chest; the remake is more of him being a damaged version of his third form.

The 5th stage, which is the final stage, is him being a blob-like monster. He gained tentacles, and his mouth enlarged even further. He ultimately died from an explosion from a train or the lab, depending on if you’re playing the original Resident Evil 2 or the remake of Resident Evil 2.

Interesting facts about Birkin

·         Birkin worked with Wesker and gave Wesker a virus that would give him powers.

·         Birkin was a child prodigy and got a doctorate at a very young age.

1. Nemesis

Nemesis is the main antagonist of Resident Evil 3. It is a T-103 Tyrant that was infected with a NE-a parasite; this made it a highly intelligent creature. It was sent to Raccoon City, during the outbreak, to kill the remaining members of STARS including Jill.

It would chase Jill throughout the game. It has multiple forms, but the remake of Resident Evil 3 handles it differently from the original Resident Evil 3.

In the original and remake, its first form is mainly the monster wearing a black jacket; it can attack with tentacles popping out of its arms. In the original, its second form has it to where its jacket is destroyed on its upper body, and it grows more tentacles. The third form where it becomes a giant quadrupedal monster where it is mutated beyond recognition.

In the remake, the second form of Nemesis is quadrupedal, like the third form in the original, but it is still recognizably Nemesis as its head largely stays the same, albeit larger and missing eyes. The third form has it become a giant blob-like monster with many tentacles; its head is still there on the main body though.

Interesting facts about Nemesis

·         As already mentioned, Nemesis is the result of a T-103 Tyrant being infected with a NE-a parasite. However, in the Chinese comic adaptation of Resident Evil 3, Nemesis was originally a human who was a boxer. The human was then taken by Umbrella where he was infected with the parasite thus turning him into Nemesis.

·         In the Japanese version of the original Resident Evil 3, Nemesis was called the “Pursuer”.

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