Planet Coaster Best Ways To Make Money [Top 5 Ways]

Planet Coaster Best Ways to Make Money
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Planet Coaster Best Ways to Make Money [Top 5 Ways]


5. Charge a low park fee

Change the entry fee to a dollar for adults and child tickets for 50 cents. Make sure you have at least one ride and one shop. The ticket fee is extra money. As your rep increases, more people will come to your park. Then you can increase the ticket price as you go, or lower them and focus on ride prices for the end game instead. 

  • Having one ride with 100% queue rating will attract more visitors 
  • Guest will slowly flock to your park as your park rating increases 
  • As long as the ride fee is low early game the park fee won't bother visitors. 

4. Ride prices 

Place a few rides and put the price just below what your visitors are willing to pay. They will let you know if it's too expensive.It also helps to put your rides to full capacity. Make sure you keep a mechanic close as this may increase wear and tear on your rides. The more popular the ride, the more guests will want to ride them. So it's good to take away min/max waiting times. Also, keep that scenery rating at 100%

  • Place some cheap flat rides for visitors
  • Put prices just below what visitors are willing to pay.
  • Make sure prestige is relatively high for the ride or they won't be happy with a high price ride. 
  • Put capacity to full load
  • No min/max waiting times will help with queue lines. 

3. Guest happiness 

Now you have guests coming to your park. You need to keep them happy. The happier they are, the more they are willing to spend money. Having fun rides is a good way to keep guests happy, but it isn't the only way. Make sure your scenery is exciting. It gives them something to look at. Also, keep all rides queue/scenery rating 100%. Have all your shop prices at a reasonable rate. Guests love to spend money when they are happy. So it's also a good idea to have some ATMs around.

  • When guests are happy they will spend more money 
  • Keep your park clean
  • Have your shop prices at a reasonable rate 
  • Have your park and scenery score high 
  • Rides with high scenery and queue scores keep guests happy and willing to pay for higher prices.  

2. Utilize Shops

In the beginning, you may start off with 1 or 2 food and or drink shops. But later on in the game start adding gift shops. Hats fantastic is the best gift shop since the hats start off at 12$ each. It's also a good idea to double up on your food and drink shops. Have your workers’ training levels high so they won't be upset about working too much. Make sure your shop prices are decent. The visitors will let you know if they get too expensive. 

  •  Having your workers’ training levels high will let them work faster and keep lines short. 
  • If you find lines are still long add another shop. 
  • The faster the staff are the more money they can bring in
  • Make sure your shop prices are decent amount where you’re still making a profit

1. Ride prestige

So you have your rides. They are making you some money, but could it be better? Definitely. Make sure your ride has the highest prestige score it can get. Coasters will start off with a higher score than flat rides. But as long as the scenery score is high your rides should have at least 3 stars or higher rating. It's better to put expensive scenery around your ride and queue lines. Now start messing around with prices. Guests will pay a lot more for coasters than flat rides. So it's good to have a coaster or two in your park. 

  • Guests are willing to pay higher prices for rides if the prestige score is high. 
  • Coasters have a higher prestige score than flat rides. 
  • Flat rides can still make you money if they have a good excitement rating and low nausea. 
  • The thrill/extreme rides are best for getting away with high prices. 
  • As long as the scenery score is at 100% for all rides, the prestige will also be higher. 

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