[Top 5] Planet Coaster Best Mods That Add More Fun!

Planet Coaster Best Mods
Say Cheese! It's Planet Coaster Time.

[Top 5] Planet Coaster Best Mods That Add More Fun!


5. Arrow Looper Cleared Train

This mod is specifically for taking the arrows off the Looper. You can now customize it without that ugly arrow.



4. Invisible Test Dummy

Tired of testing coasters with no one in the seats? Want to actually see them get air? This mod allows you to see test dummies when you test run your coasters. 



3. Winja's Fear and Force Texture 

This mod adds Train of the double spinning Coasters Winja's Fear and Winja's Force from Phantasialand. It allows you to make a recreation park of Phantasialand. 



2. Bowser's Castle Mod

It’s me, Mario! - Well kind of. It is actually Bowser’s castle.This mod adds scenery pieces to your park to recreate Bowser's Castle. You can add those cool chain chompers to the scenery now. The perfect mod for a Bowser fan!



1. No Track Limits Mod 

Soar to new heights with this mod. You can make the tracks for a coaster any size you want. It also takes away other coaster limits such as speed. The sky's the limit. No really, it is. 



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