Top 15 Games Like Cities Skyline (Games Better than Cities Skyline in their Own Way)

Games Like Cities Skyline
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The Best Games Like Cities Skylines

Cities Skyline has been regarded as one of the best city building games that you can play right now with its highly expansive world, real time and dynamic traffic conditions, as well as a comprehensive toolkit that you can use to customize your city. However Cities Skyline may not have the best graphics or it could be missing personality that you would want in your game. In this Top 15 Games Like Cities Skyline, we'll show you different city building games that not only make you build a city but manage your own colonies, have a more varied setpiece, and even feature deeper mechanics. Here’s our own list of 15 games that are better than cities skylines in their own way!

15. SimCity (2013)

SimCity 2013 gameplay

SimCity 2013 is the long awaited sequel to SimCity 2000 that time fans like me have been waiting for. With the new addition to the franchise, it promised to bring in real time traffic that reacted on how you created your cities, better road and zoning tools, and the ability to experience the life of each Sim, following them throughout their day!

Unfortunately as it would turn out, SimCity 2013 was affected by some issues such as the inability to play single player without having to connect to the Internet. Another turn off is the limited plot space they give you which can be a pain as your intention to build gigantic sprawling cities would be cut short by the city limits.

Regardless, SimCity 2013 is a beautiful game that even when you compare it to Cities Skyline it featured a better art style, a more vibrant color scheme, and just looked way better. In a way, SimCity 2013 improved upon the original SimCity 2000 with the added ability to customize buildings to add that personal touch, vibrant graphics design coupled with a beautiful soundtrack, and with better city building tools.

Your space maybe limited but when you put your heart into it, you can create beautiful cities

SimCity 2013 truly made it easier to manage zoning as well as connecting power and waterlines

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