[Top 10] FIFA 21 Best Budget Teams

FIFA 21 Best Budget Teams - Top 10
M'Bappe has a serious face to go with his serious skills.

These are FIFA 21's Best Budget Teams

Building a good team on a budget in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team can be a tricky task. Especially when you haven’t played enough games to earn some of the in-game currency. Fortunately, there are always some players that turn out to be very affordable. This article’s purpose is to help you make the most bang out of your buck when making your team. To help you do this we have accommodated all sorts of budgets by beginning our article with a starting 11 under 10k and make our way up to a team that is under 100k.Keep on reading to find FIFA 21 Best Budget Teams [Top 10].


10. Under 10k Team

10k is not much, but if you're smart you can make a great team out of it!

10k does not sound like a lot. In fact, it sounds like nothing! To make the most out of your limited budget, look for unpopular players with good stats. You can even add some huge names like Buffon to your squad if you’re smart about how you spend your coins.

What Makes this Under 10k Team a Great Budget Team 

  • Balanced Defense: Starting with living legend Gianluigi Buffon, this team's defense is top tier in spite of its low price tag. Add ex-Manchester United player, Smalling, for some physical power with 81 DEF and accompany him with 80 paceTomori some speed.
  • Strong Middle: This team’s midfield might not have big names like our defense. Besides Bakayoko, not many of us know about Meite and Kessie. However, n this case, it is a good thing since it means good players for cheap. Kessie (87 PHY) and Bakayoko (84 PHY) will do an excellent job holding the middle through sheer power and strength.
  • Skill and Speed up front: Ribery as we all know is a well-seasoned veteran. His prior speed might not be there anymore, however, skills never age. His 86 dribbling will help you slip through defenders like butter. Flanked by Deulofeu (88 PAC, 85 DRI) and Politano (83 PAC, 84 DRI), you have a quick, skillful, and ultimately deadly trio up front.


9. Under 20k Team

This team is for the English football fans (on a budget).

20K is still not a lot of coins. Building a strong team with this limited amount is all about cleverness when buying players. This under 20k team is perfect for you if you are a Premiere league fan.

What makes this Under 20K Team A Great Budget Team:

  • Attacking 4-3-3: This Attacking formation with Ødegaard sitting in the CAM position is great for quick passes and combinations. A third midfielder playing below the striker allows for a greater possession -great if you enjoy keeping the ball to yourself and make your opponents crazy by chasing you around .
  • Top players: As you can see, even with only 20k, you can find players who are top names such as Garreth Bale and Champions League winner, Pulisic. These players are well known for a good reason. Their skills and stats are on par with some of the more expensive players in the game. For example, Bale’s 88 pace and 84 shot coupled with Pulisic’s 89 pace and 84 dribbling make this team a certified menace on the attack. Last but not least, ex-Real Madrid star James Rodriguez is an excellent addition to your team for crossing, shooting, or any long distance effort with his 86 rated shot and 85 passing.


8. Under 30k Team

Another Serie A based team. For only 30k...Mamma Mia!

30k is a decent amount. As we have seen, it IS possible to have a genuinely decent team with relatively low funds. It is all about how you go about shopping for players. Rather than trying to find the players that are popular at the moment, try to find the forgotten gems with low price tags. This fully Serie A team has everything: speed, strength, AND big names.

What Makes this Under 30K Team A Great Budget Team:

  • Overall Team Rating 82: This rating is a respectable number for an under 30k team, however, what makes this team great is each individual’s player stats. In defense, we find Godin with a mighty 87 rated defense, Buffon with an insane 91 positioning, and Cuadrado with a blistering 89 rated pace.
  • Speed down the wings: If there’s one thing clear about this squad, it is that you’ll find yourself zooming past your rivals by playing down the wings. Both fullbacks, Hernandez and Cuadrado have extremely high pace, add a right wing player like Hakimi with an 84 pace, and you will easily get down the line to send those crosses into the box.
  • A wall down the middle: Strong players like Naingolaan and Vidal will give you a scary amount of defensive might in no man’s land down the middle, making it virtually impossible for any rival to go through unscathed.


7. Under 40k Team

Haaland, Davies, Leno... not a bad team for only 40k, eh?

A classic 4-4-2, this team is packed with big names -a perk of having 40k to invest on your team!  Well balanced from the bottom all the way up to the top, this is a team that with talent in all areas. With an almost perfect chemistry of 85, we are talking about a high-powered team that is strong enough to compete with any rival..

What Makes this Under 40K Team A Great Budget Team:

  • Stopping power mixed with speed: This formation will leave no vulnerable spaces anywhere on your team. A strong defense beginning with 85 rated Leno is completed with strength and speed with the likes of young superstar revelation Canadian Jonathan Davies as an LB. Witsel at the middle will perfectly complement the middle with his height and strength -allowing you to win those aerial balls.
  • An attack to beware of: We all know two is better than one. This is what’s great about a 4-4-2. With two forwards and one of those two being wonder kid Erling Haaland with an 84 pace and an 87 shot, your team is one to be wary of, especially on the attacking front.


6. Under 50k Team

With Suarez up front, your team is sure to bite back on the attack!

If you’re a La Liga fan and you happen to have just 50k, this is the team for you. The highly defensive formation of 3-5-2 is guaranteed to give you a boost in attack making your team a powerhouse of unparalleled attacking virtues. With this Liga’s top scorer, Luis Suarez, leading the attack you will have no problem scoring either from a cross or from outside the box with a long shot wonder.

What Makes this Under 40K Team A Great Budget Team:

  • Attacking formation: A 3-5-2 will obviously give you more numbers up top. This could be perceived as something risky as it leaves your defense a tiny bit vulnerable. To fix this, choose solid defenders with high defensive stats such as Umtiti (83), Paulista (82), and Atletico’s Gimenez (84), and this will be no issue for you.
  • A high octane-fueled attack: A quick team is a good team in FIFA 21. This team shows how you can create a blistering fast team with just a few bucks. Dembelé, 92 pace, can be found for less than 3,000 and Portu (90 pace) is less than 2k. Add Williams, one of the fastest players in FIFA 21 with 94 pace, and your attack will outrun any rival defense.


5. Under 60K Team

Anytime you see Vidal, Bonucci, and Naingolaan in a team, you know there's gonna be some bone crunching tackles.

With a classic 4-3-3, this Serie A based team is a bargain for under 60k. An ox-like midfield with Vidal (83) and Naingolaan (83) will provide a powerful defensive middle to win back the ball and gain back posessionwith ease. Accompany this strong midfield with quick fullbacksCuadrado (89 pace) and Hernandez (92 pace), and you’ll have a team that has everything you want.

What Makes this Under 60K Team A Great Budget Team:

  • Solid defense: Starting with young star Donnarumma, rated 85, as your goalkeeper, you are already guaranteed safety at the back. Add veteran Bonucci (85) and Inter’s defender De Vrij (84), and you have a defensive wall as impenetrable as a steel door. 
  • A wonderful mix of power and skill: In the middle, you have the warrior strength of Vidal (83) and Nainggolan (83). Top that with skillful attacking players like Insigne (85) and Callejon (84) on the wings, and you have a top-tier team on your hands.


4. Under 70K Team

Alright Mr. Big Shot. You now have 70k in your pocket, let's talk some business.

Ok, now you have some serious money. 70k can take you a long way when creating your FIFA 21 team. Having this kind of in-game currency allows you to go shopping for boosted-up player cards liked the man of the match black card version ofGK Bounou, rated 84. These kinds of player cards are inherently better than their normal counterparts, making them an ideal addition to your squad.

What Makes this Under 70K Team A Great Budget Team:

  • A skillful midfield: Ernesto Valverde, the Uruguayan revelation playing from Madrid, is in my opinion one of the most underrated players in FIFA 21. His height coupled with excellent technique makes him the ideal budget player to control the midfield. With Brazilian superstar Coutinho at his side and Pjanic’s masterful passing, you have it all, composure mixed with dazzling dribbling and laser precision.
  • Speed on the attack: By now you should know speed is one of the most important factors a player can have in FIFA 21. With Dembele as your LW with a 92 pace and Portu on the RW with a 90 pace, you will have no problem getting down the line and into a good attacking position.


3. Under 80K Team

Another one for English footbal fans. This time with a much bigger budget.

80k should be enough to help you build a strong, respect-worthy team. If you are a fan of the Premiere League, this team offers everything you might want in terms of attack, defense, and midfield balance.
The 3-5-2 formation will permit you to widen the pitch without losing too much strength in the defensive half.

What Makes this Under 80K Team A Great Budget Team:

  • Strength from the back: The Brazilian GK Ederson has been one of the most solid keepers in the game for the last couple of years now. Blessed with an 89 overall rating, Ederson has enough stopping power to single-handedly win games for you  with a great save or two.
  • Clinical finishing: Jamie Vardy is a player who some hate, some absolutely love. I am on the team that absolutely loves him. In FIFA 21, much like in real life, he is an absolute BEAST. His 88 pace is already a great start for an ST, add that 85 rated shot, and you have a certified killer on your hands; ideal for a breakaway on an 80th-minute counterattack.


2. Under 90K Team

90k? Now we're talking!

We are in the big leagues now. 90k is nothing to scoff at in FIFA 21. With this kind of coin, you can easily create a competitive team ready to face any opponent you encounter. This La Liga team with a balanced 4-3-3 features some of the best players active today and will certainly help you become a worthy rival to play against.

What Makes this Under 90K Team A Great Budget Team:

  • An attacking-minded defense with a deadly striking power: As you can see, this team has some of the biggest names in today’s soccer in the lineup. Marcelo as an LB will give you the freedom to go up the field with your defense and force your rival into their own half . Hazard sits comfortably above him, to add that extra skill flare to create a deadly combination of skills and accuracy on the wing.
  • High powered offense: A player’s rating is not awarded randomly. An 88 player such as Hazard and an 87 player such as Suarez have earned that high score on the pitch by proving themselves to be some of the best players in the world -both in real life and in-game. With these two, you are guaranteed magical skills and deadly accuracy for finishing. The perfect recipe for a frenzy of goals in your rival’s net.


1. Under 100K Team

Ok, enough looking for bargains. Let's take this 100k and do some proper shopping!

As you can see this 84 rated team is packed with some of the best players active today. Ranging from rising sensations such as youngster Haaland to veterans the likes of Boateng (82) and David Alaba (84), this team is sure to make you compete with teams that may be worth much more than 100k..

What Makes this Under 100K Team A Great Budget Team:

  • Youngster Wonder: This team features young rising star players that have dropped many of our jaws throughout this year. xcellent players like the ever-surprising youngster Haaland with an 87 shot and Champions League winning goal scorer Havertz with 85 dribbling up top, your team is already one to look out for.
  • Train-like speed down the wings: 96 pace is about as fast as you can get in FIFA 21. Unsurprisingly another youngster wonder, the Canadian revelation, Bayern’s Davies received this awe-worthy rating making him one of the game’s fastest players. As stated previously a fast player is always a plus to have on your team. Above him in the LM position you have another speed freak, Sane, with 93 pace making your left wing almost impossible to stop. Much like a train, you will bulldoze through your opponent’s defenders on the wing.


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