FIFA 21 releases details on new Career Mode changes

FIFA 21 releases details on new Career Mode changes
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FIFA 21 expands team management and player development

EA’s latest entry in the long-running FIFA series brings new changes to Career Mode, including new customization options, player training, and additions to Volta detailed in an interview with EA Senior Game Designer Alex Constantinescu.

FIFA 21 will feature an improved Interactive Match Simulation that allows players to look at a detailed breakdown of a match and take control during critical moments in-game. The Simulation will be highly detailed, and outline player statistics, stamina, ratings, and even offer strategies for players to select on a whim.

FIFA 21 has reduced the time it takes to switch between the Simulation and actual play while also allowing the player to go back and forth between the modes at any time they wish. If they wanted to, they could just sit back and watch the Simulation play out in its entirety.

FIFA 21 refines the “Dynamic Player Potentials" system added in FIFA 20 – whereby users can track a player’s changing performance and statistics over their career. FIFA 21 expands on this by allowing users to pre-determine which skills their players will focus on for a more controlled experience managing a player’s growth.

This way, users can push their weaker players to develop skills they lack in or specialize others into specific niches relative to their positions on the field. This system is more in-depth than just choosing a category and watching the numbers grow; players still have to balance their statistics, playtime, and opponent skill if they want to maintain their maximum potential.

FIFA 21 also expands on team management with the new “Active Training” and “Match Sharpness” systems. Active Training is the short-term equivalent to the earlier mentioned Dynamic Player Potentials. While the latter focuses on nurturing players over time, Active Training provides upgrades through the use of customizable drills and Training conditions.

Match Sharpness is a new indicator of a player’s abilities before a match. So, while Training will increase a player’s Sharpness, it will also fatigue them and lower their Fitness level. It’s up to a user’s managerial skills to keep their player’s skills honed enough while also avoiding overworking them lest they be too tired to perform at their best during a match.

FIFA 21 aims to provide as much player information as possible to keep users informed about the well-being and potential of their squads. The “Player Feedback” system gives users direct, up-to-date information about what their team thinks of their decisions. Every managerial choice made, ranging from Training to position changes, will influence a player’s happiness.

Team schedules are entirely customizable, and users will have total control over when and how their players train. For those that prefer to micro-manage, weekly schedules can be tweaked to their liking – days on and days off can be added at the user’s will. But if that’s not what users are after, they can set universal parameters and let the schedule manage itself.

The new Career Mode refinements echo EA’s philosophy for FIFA 21 – to give players more control and agency than they’ve ever had before.

FIFA 21 will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC October 9th.

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