[Top 10] Dragon Age Inquisition Best Weapons And How To Get Them

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Choose Your Weapon DAI

10. The Sweetish Fingers

Best early game sword: The Sweetish Fingers

This weapon is fun, and great for early-game warriors! It only requires level two and can be found in the Templar Encampment in the Hinterlands. It will be in the possession of a Templar Knight. Liberate it from him for your use.

While The Sweetish Fingers are easily outstripped by later game weapons, they are a staple of early game warrior damage. They are easy to find, as you will need to clear those templars out eventually. Plus their camp has plenty more loot that will come in handy.

Even if you are not playing a warrior yourself, give it to a warrior party member to improve your team’s overall damage output. The same goes for all weapons on this list, use them to your advantage even if you can’t wield them yourself. I usually give it to Cassandra as I prefer to play rogue.

This is a rather unique looking sword, being shaped like a hand. The item description even mentions how unwieldy a sword like this would be, though that doesn’t affect it in game.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage 69-72
  • DPS 77 - 88 +3%
  • Attack +3%
  • Critical Damage
  • +2% Sunder on Hit

What makes The Sweetish Fingers awesome

  • Best early game sword for warriors
  • Unique, memorable appearance
  • Stats will give an edge to lower level characters
  • Easy to aquire early on

How to Get The Sweetish Fingers

  • Travel to the Hinterlands and locate the Templar Encampment (west)
  • Fight your way through the encampment, it is spread out so take your time and fight smart
  • Towards the end of the encampment is a Templar Knight, defeat him and loot to gain The Sweetish Fingers

Obtaining the Sweetish Fingeers in the Hinterlands, a quick early mission that is SO worth it

9. The Boon of the Spoon

Joke weapon that is actually useful!

Unlike the joke weapons of some games, The Boon of the Spoon is actually a viable two-handed option for warriors starting at level 16. You are able to deal excellent damage, while being a great source of entertainment and spoon jokes.

It actually took me a while to realize this weapon exists. The “Quizquisition” through which it is obtained, occurs randomly and is timed. So when you see Lord Trifles Minutiae around Skyhold get ready for his questions beforehand.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage 207 - 218
  • DPS 209 - 220
  • +24% Stagger on Hit
  • +8% Willpower
  • On kill target explodes, dealing 75% weapon damage

What makes The Boon of the Spoon awesome

  • A strong mid game weapon for warriors
  • Special effect causing targets to explode is incredibly helpful when fighting groups
  • Fighting with a giant spoon is honestly hilarious, and should provide much entertainment

How to Get The Boon of the Spoon

  • Play through the game until you have access to Skyhold
  • Regularly search the grounds for Lord Trifles Minutiae, who appears randomly
  • When he appears, speak to him to participate in the Quizquisition and answer a question about obscure Dragon Age lore
  • He will appear a total of three times, you must answer each one correctly to receive The Boon of the Spoon
    • Hint:I recommend going to the Dragon Age wiki and searching for Lord Trifles Minutiae. His page has a listing of the questions asked and correct answers. You won't have time to look it up one you speak to him, so either pause first and bring up the list, or print it and keep it beside you each time you play. 

No boss fights or long missions required, just answer three questions then hit your enemies with a spoon


8. Bleeder of Souls

Epic early dagger when you side with the mages

This dagger is easily the best for early rouges choosing to dual wield. It is found early on in Redcliffe castle and only requires level 4 to use. Acquired during the quest In Hushed Whispers, you do need to side with the mages in order for it to be available.

The blade is obtained from a Venatori named Hanley D’Urvain. He was torturing a Chantry priestess, so it is much better off in your hands. It is described that this blade “hungers for life, drawing blood until its thirst is slaked.”

Weapon Stats

  • Damage 59 - 60
  • DPS 203 - 208
  • +20 damage vs. living
  • +13% critical damage bonus
  • +1% Sunder on Hit
    • Was 1% bleed on hit until Patch 5

What makes Bleeder of Souls awesome

  • Already contains a Corruption Rune when acquired
  • High DPS dagger for rogues that increases critical damage
  • Does bonus damage against living, meaning every enemy that is not undead, a spirit, or a demon. That is a long list of affected enemies!
  • Can start using as early as level 4

How to Get Bleeder of Souls

  • Begin the In Hushed Whispers main story quest by siding with the Mages
  • Travel to Redcliffe castle and follow the storyline
  • When you get to the South Dungeon Torture Chamber, fight the Venatori named Hanley D’Urvain
  • Once he is defeated be sure to loot his body, there you will find the Bleeder of Souls

If you were of the fence about who to support, consider this dagger insentive for the mage cause


7. Isana’s Song

One of the top two staves, this one will available to you first

A great weapon from The Descent DLC, Isana’s Song is one of the best staves available for mages. This is a high level weapon, requiring level 21 to weild. Attained during the quest Push The Darkspawn Out of Their Nest, in the Ruins of Heidrun Thaig. It is looted from a Darkspawn Emissary Alpha.

The staff is described as giving off a faint hum. This is because it is crafted out of lyrium, a rare and dangerous material in the Dragon Age universe. The word Isana means lyrium in Dwarven, so Isana’s Song is a very literal name referring to the hum of lyrium.

The chance of inflicting Chain Lightning at full power gives this staff a serious edge. The mage spell can travel 5 meters and affect up to 4 targets, lasting 8 seconds. This effect acts the same as that spell. One note, if you have friendly fire turned on in your options it is possible for chain lightning to hit friendly targets.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage 87 - 89
  • DPS 141 - 144
  • +7% Critical Damage
  • +41 Magic
  • +7 Willpower
  • 10% chance to inflict Chain LIghtning damage at 100% weapon power

What makes Isana’s Song awesome

  • Highest base staff damage, before abilities
  • Chain lightning ability allows you to damage multiple enemies on strike
  • Increases your total magic and critical chance while wielding

How to Get Isana’s Song

  • Begin The Descent DLC if you haven’t already, and travel to the Deep Roads
  • Start the quest Push The Darkspawn Out of Their Nest
  • Enter Ruins of Heidrun Thaig
  • Kill the Darkspawn Emissary Alpha, then loot him to receive Isana’s Song

This boss drops some of the best weapons in the game, #worthit


6. Heart of Pride

Specialty staff from Trespasser DLC 

While this technically has a few points less damage than Isana’s Song, the special abilities easily more than make up for it. Heart of Pride is a mage’s staff from the Trespasser DLC, and requires level 25 to weild.

Even though this is part of Trespasser, you will again be traveling into the Deep Roads to find it. Don't worry though, you get to take a shortcut via an Eluvian. Finding this weapon is a bit more intensive than many of the others on this list, and can only be done once you finish the main story and begin Trespasser. Isana’s Song is your best bet for staves until this point.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage 83 - 85
  • DPS 134 - 138
  • +12% Barrier Damage Bonus
  • +48 Willpower Permashock: all nearby enemies are constantly shocked; grants 50% bonus resistance to electricity and 50% attack speed

What makes Heart of Pride awesome

  • Unique ability: Permashock
  • High damage and excellent bonuses
  • Barrier damage bonus breaks through any magic barrier that may be affecting the target, breaking the barrier faster so that they will take damage as normal
  • Highest level staff in the game

How to Get heart of Pride

  • Finish the main story and begin the Trespasser DLC
  • Locate and travel to the Shattered Library and acquire the Anchor Blast upgrade for your Anchor Discard Inquisitor ability
  • Use the Eluvian to travel to the half-submerged Deep Roade section
  • Locate the collapsed entrance surrounded by casks of gaatlok, use the ability here to clear the way and enter Eluvian leading to Unknown Ruin
  • Solve puzzle named Where the Dread Wolf’s Gaze Blazes Paths are Brought to Light
    • Place one character on tile near the Fen’Harel statue, have them hold position
    • Have another character press the button on the back of the Dread Wolf statue
    • Tiles will form a path, walk up the stairway to light the veilfire
  • Loot the box between the Dread Wolf statue’s paws to receive the Heart of Pride

Trespasser puzzle weapons, strong but it will take a while to get there



5. Punched by the Maker Bow

Punched by the maker sends your enemies to meet their maker

If that weapon name doesn't catch your attention, I don't know what will! This weapon doesn’t require any special questing or location to get, which is surprising considering its power. It is randomly available from the Weapons and Upgrades Merchant in Val Royeaux, and can be purchased for 20,633 gold.

A rogue-only weapon, this bow requires at least level 18 to wield. It may be a bit pricey, but in my opinion the high damage and chance at the Walking Bomb effect are completely worth it. Walking bomb is normally an AOE necromancer spell which causes the target to explode, damaging enemies around them in 5 meters.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage 147 - 152
  • DPS 166 - 172
  • +14% Armor Penetration
  • +16% Critical Chance
  • +14% Guard Damage Bonus
  • 10% chance to apply Walking Bomb for 5 seconds with a 50% weapon damage detonation

What makes Punched by the Maker Bow awesome

  • First off, that name!! Excellent bonuses that are perfect for a ranged rogue
  • Can break through both armor and guard
  • Highest damage bow in the game

How to Get Punched by the Maker Bow

  • Travel to Val Royeaux
  • Locate the Weapons and Upgrades Merchant 
  • Look through his selection of weapons for sale
    • If you can not find it on your first try, keep checking back regularly
  • Once it appears in the list purchase right away to ensure you don’t miss out and have to wait for it again

An easy to aquire weapon, just stop by the shop on occasion to check their stock


4. Wicked Grace Dagger

Wicked Grace is luck of the draw, and so is this great dagger

Wicked Grace is a card game played in the Dragon Age world. It is quoted as being “easy to learn and difficult to master.” It is a betting game, and this dagger is said to have been famously won by Princess Adelida from the Antivan Crow, Callisto di Bastion.

This incredibly rare dagger requires level 18 to weild and can be hard to find. Though if you do find it you will have an incredible weapon at your disposal. Like the game of its namesake, it is a matter of chance.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage 130 - 135
  • DPS 334 - 347
  • +4% bleed on hit
  • +14% critical damage
  • +5% heal on kill
  • On Hit 10% chance to apply poison

What makes Wicked Grace Dagger awesome

  • Wicked high damage output Heal on kill ability helps maintain your health in combat
  • Bleed on hit keeps enemies taking damage even if you switch targets
  • Chance to apply poison does extra damage and does not require consumables from your belt

How to Get Wicked Grace Dagger

  • This dagger is a high level random loot drop, a matter of chance like the game

No video guide is available for this weapon, so if you have it go ahead and brag!


3. Bitter Axe

They're just bitter because their axe isn't this awesome

With far higher damage than swords or maces, the bitter axe is easily the hardest hitting one-handed weapon in the game. Not only does it damage your target, it causes them to explode on death, damaging all enemies around them. Now that’s an axe!

From the Jaws of Hakkon DLC, it can be acquired after closing the fade rift in the Frostback Basin. Usable by warriors only. It also has a chance to have a One-handed Haft already equipped which gives +3 constitution.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage 204 - 212
  • DPS 289 - 310
  • +16% Attack
  • +15% Critical Chance
  • On kill target explodes for 100% damage

What makes the Bitter Axe awesome

  • Hardest hitting one-handed weapon for warriors
  • Causes enemies to explode on death, damaging all enemies around them
  • Increases attack and crit chance
  • Easy to locate, no puzzles required

How to Get Bitter Axe

  • Start the Jaws of Hakkon DLC
  • Travel to the Frostback Basin and head north
  • Quest "Rifts Along the River" will give locations for rifts, travel to southernmost rift
  • Close the rift and loot when finished to acquire the Bitter Axe

With all your experience closing rifts, this should be cake... Fade demon cake.


2. Stone Breaker

If it can break stone, imagine that it will do to your opponents

The Deep Roads are dangerous for any who choose to travel them. But for those few brave enough, great treasures await. In The Descent DLC those treasures include plenty of excellent weapons, including the hardest hitting two-handed weapon in the game: Stone Breaker.

This weapon is rewarded after you defeat the Guardian, found in the Wellspring. While Stone Breaker can only be used by warriors, a large number of fantastic weapons can be found in the Wellspring. It may take a bit of work, but the rewards are well worth it.

Even after Trespasser DLC was released, including a two-handed sword called The Clasping Maw, this weapon still manages to top it in damage and is available to you much sooner. I really wanted to include more Trespasser weapons in this list, but the weapons from The Descent are just much more powerful.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage 349 - 363
  • DPS 352 - 367
  • +12% critical
  • +7% stagger on hit
  • +41 strength
  • +10% chance to use shield bash on strike

What makes Stone Breaker awesome

  • Highest damage two-handed weapon, and highest damage warrior weapon
  • Large increase to wielder’s strength
  • Shield bash ability deals 300% weapon damage with a bonus of 800% guard damage

How to Get Stone Breaker

  • Begin The Descent DLC and Travel to the Deep Roads
  • Travel to the Wellspring for the final boss of the DLC
  • Defeat the Guardian, then loot to acquire Stone Breaker, and more

Yet another reason to play the Descent... They really love sending you to the Deep Roads.



1. Bloody Bargain

Being called a bargain doesn't make the dagger cheap

This is easily, hands down, my favorite weapon in the game. It makes sense that it was from Trespasser, still my favorite DLC even if it did break my heart. It is a dagger for rogues, which means fast attacks for high DPS.

The only drawback is that you have to make it all the way to trespasser in order to find it. Still, for this kind of crazy damage it is worth it. Plus its Rampage ability, greatly increasing movement attack speed on kill for 30 seconds, is one of the best rogue abilities in the game. And yes, it stacks.

According to lore, this dagger was wielded by a bloodthirsty man (or demon) named Harlan in Kirkwall. He was said to have killed over 200 people with his own blade. Eventually his lieutenant used this same blade to kill him in turn.

Weapon Stats

  • Damage 160 - 163
  • DPS 411 - 419
  • 17% Heal on Kill
  • +5% Stagger on Hit
  • Rampage: on kill, movement and attack speed increases by 10% for up to 30 seconds, stacking up to 5 times

What makes Bloody Bargain awesome

  • Highest damage and DPS dagger of the game
  • Highest DPS of any weapon type
  • Unique skill Rampage allows you to move and attack faster, seriously increasing damage dealt and evasion of incoming attacks
  • High heal on kill will keep you on your feet and fighting without wasting health potions

How to Get Bloody Bargain

  • Must first reach the Trespasser DLC, which takes place after the end of the main story
  • Find the location Darvaarad’s Courtyard Head toward the research tower, acquire a veilfire torch before entering
  • Light veilfire braziers in specific order
    • First: bottom floor next to owl statue
    • Second: top floor next to halla statue
    • Third: top floor next to dragon statue
  • Descend back to the bottom floor, the Bloody Bargain will be in a loot box between the paws of the Dread Wolf statue

Solve one of the Trespasser puzzles and get thee ultimate dagger, seeme like a bargain to me!

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