Dragon Age Inquisition Best Race - What To Pick?

Dragon Age Inquisition Best Race
Dragon Age Inquisition Elven Inquisitor

1. Elf

DAI: Lovely Elven Inquisitor in Avaar Armor 

Elves are a classic race of any fantasy world, but those of the Dragon Age series have had a difficult time of things, to put it lightly. While the Elves of the past were powerful and wise, having advanced cities run by magic, modern Elves live lives of poverty and scarcity. Years of oppression have torn their culture and belief to tendrils, their former glory only a shadow of memory.

Elves have a lean build, large eyes, and long pointed ears. The elves of the past had a close connection to the fade, though this knowledge has been lost. That connection can be seen somewhat in the Trespasser DLC. While other races see the fade as plain, elves see magic and life in the fade with trees full of flowers and colors around.

Socially there are two classifications of Elf; those who live in Human cities are City Elves, while the nomadic Elven tribes are called Dalish Elves. Formerly slaves, City Elves are most commonly peasants and servants, often viewed as thieves and outcasts. This status is further supported by the name for the segregated slums where they live, alienages.

The Dalish are loosely connected tribes of nomadic elves. They live independent from other civilizations, preferring to keep to themselves and the reconstruction of their ways. Much of elven culture and belief was lost even to them, they practice the ways as best they can to keep their traditions alive. It is a hard life of work and danger, but the Dalish see it as best for them, and often look down at other elves.

Elven mages have the same possession risk as any mage. In cities, they are sent to the Circle of Magi for training and to live out their lives with. Dalish tribes, however can only have one mage. Any more would risk possession or draw attention from the Chantry Templars, who hunt rogue mages. Any additional mages must be cast out for the safety of the tribe, harsh but necessary.

What This Race Is Good For

  • Make excellent rogues and mages due to ranged defense
  • Can play as any class Elf specific dialogue options, plus knowledge of the dalish tribes
  • Female Elf has the largest number of romance options

Race details

  • 25% ranged defense (includes magic)
  • Vallaslin (facial design) in character creation are symbolic of the old Elven gods Elven
  • Inquisitor is from a Dalish tribe


2. Dwarf

DAI: Dwarves Valta and Renn from The Descent DLC

Dwarves are short, stocky, and have a deep connection to the stone they live within. Living in underground cities, dwarves worship the stone and believe they are all connected to and through it. Their cities used to be a vast underground empire, though now they must fight the hordes of darkspawn that lurk in the depths.

The ability to use magic requires a connection to the Fade, which Dwarves do not have. They are Children of the Stone, and are somewhat resistant to the effects of magic. This makes them able to mine lyrium, a dangerous substance used by mages templars alike in the surface world. Dwarves can hear lyrium veins within the rock as though it sings to them.

Within their cities, Dwarves adhere to a strict caste system. Those who leave their underground cities are called Surface Dwarves. Many are merchants and traders, though plenty are seen as criminals and smugglers. Some castless Dwarves travel to the surface, desperate for a better life. Many dwarves fear to visit the surface, and superstitions abound about the potential dangers of not having the stone above your head.

What This Race Is Good For

  • Impressive resistance to magic
  • Make great warriors and rogues
  • Dwarf specific knowledge in dialogue

Race details

  • 25% magic defense
  • Can not be a mage Warrior or Rogue only
  • Options for Dwarf only armor


3. Human

DAI: Human Rogue Inquisitor with Bow

The most numerous race in Thedas, Humans run a vast number of countries and lands. Constantly warring amongst themselves though, they are far from unified. Typically, politics and religion are the largest causes of division, as everyone feels the need to prove their ideals superior by force.

Most humans are Andrastean, followers of the Chantry. The Chantry teaches of one Maker who created Humans after making the Veil between their world and the Fade. Of course even the Chantry is not free from Division, The Tevinter Chantry fighting with the rest over the matter of Andraste, who the rest see as a bride of their Maker.

The abundance of lands and opportunities creates plenty of options for your Human Inquisitor. Bearing the Anchor in their hand, some will say they are the chosen of Andraste, to lead them through this crisis. The same is said of the other inquisitors you may play, but there is less resistance when the Inquisitor is human. That is more conversational though, and has little effect on gameplay.

What This Race Is Good For

  • The most versatile race
  • The most well connected of potential inquisitors
  • Less problems with discrimination or slurs

Race details

  • Bonus +1 ability point Human specific
  • War Table operations
  • Can play any class


4. Qunari

DAI: Determined Qunari Holds Sword Aloft, Ready to Lead the Inquisition

Qunari means “people of the Qun” and the Qun is their governing body and principle. Little is known of the Qun by those outside of their society, but we do know it governs every aspect of their lives and society.

While there are Qunari living outside the Qun they are called Tal-Vashoth, and are not accepted by other Qunari. They often work as mercenaries, something their strength and toughness lends itself to well. Your Qunari Inquisitor is not a Qun follower, though you have the opportunity to learn more about them than other races.

Typically tall and broadly built, far larger than the other races of Thedas. While there is much variation in appearance most Qunari have horns, sometimes more than a single set. Their skin varies greatly, but usually has a more metallic/grey undertone.

The Qun takes the harshest stance on magic and possession. Mages within the Qun are called Saarebas. They are exceptionally powerful wielders of magic, and are difficult to fight due to their natural toughness, though there is a serious drawback. To reduce the risk of possession, Saarebas have no will of their own. They are controlled completely by a group of handlers, and if they are believed to pose a potential risk they are immediately killed.

Don’t worry, as Tal-Vashoth you can play a Qunari mage without all of this trouble. Just don’t be surprised if any Qun members you come across don’t like or trust you. The Qun aren’t common outside of their own lands though, so running into them doesn’t happen much

What This Race Is Good For

  • Physical toughness
  • Unique dialogue opportunities
  • Opportunity to learn more about Qunari and the Qun

Race details

  • 10% physical damage resistance
  • Can play any class Use
  • Vitaar instead of Helmets


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