[Top 3] Dragon Age: Inquisition Best Party Composition

Dragon Age: Inquisition Best Party Composition
A group photo of the companions of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition's colorful cast

Dragon Age: Inquisition is known for its three-dimensional cast of characters.

Each have their own talents and skills, but which pairings work best in battle? Here are the top three best party compositions in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

1. Cole, Blackwall, and Vivienne

The Ghost, the Warden, and the Lady of Iron

When it comes to personalities, these three couldn’t be any more different. Cole’s distant and otherworldly attitude scares more people than it charms,and Blackwall and Vivienne’s rivalry comes out full force whenever they share the same party. But the truth is that this trio’s abilities work well with each other, making them a deadly combination. Technically all companions are fully customizable, but most players stick to certain niches with each character; Vivienne’s ice magic can slow down or completely freeze enemies in their place, which leaves Cole enough time to get a lethal blow in before they know it. He tends to be a bit of a glass cannon, so Blackwall’s near-invincibility makes him a perfect complement, taking hits that the spirit-boy would fall under without a flinch.

Why This Composition is Great

  • Blackwall’s high defense makes him a target, keeping Cole from taking damage
  • Vivienne’s support-based magic slows enemies and makes them easier to hit
  • Cole’s frequent crits and massive damage can slay enemies before they get a chance to land a blow
  • If things get nasty, Vivienne’s Resurgence ability can restore all lost health in seconds

2. Sera, Cassandra, and Solas

The Jenny, the Seeker, and the Egg

One of the main enemies in Inquisition are demons that pour out of Rifts in the wild, and when you’re battling them, these are the companions to bring. Most of Cassandra’s specialization abilities affect demons, increasing damage dealt and resistance towards their elemental attacks, and with the Annulment upgrade, the damage extends to all magic-casting enemies. Both her and Solas have abilities that destroy rupture points where demons spawn, which cuts the time it takes to destroy Rifts in half. Sera, an archer, stays back and fires steady shots at allies. She’s even equipped with her own elemental protection; her Tempest Specialization is varied, and keeping her protected from fire, ice, and lightning is essential to keeping her up and moving.

Why This Composition is Great

  • Most of Cassandra’s abilities affect demons, so she’s a must-have when dealing with Rifts
  • Solas’ Dispel and Cassandra’s Spell Purge abilities destroy demons beginning to form, killing high-ranking enemies before they can even appear
  • Sera’s Tempest specialization gives her plenty of stamina and short skill cooldowns, and with Solas’ weakening spells she can take out enemies with her steady shots.

3. Dorian, Iron Bull, and Solas

The Magister, the Spy, and the Egg (part 2)

Everyone’s favorite egg is back, this time flanked by the fabulously deadly Iron Bull and Dorian Pavus. Dorian’s abilities focus on causing fear and panic, setting fire to large groups of enemies and sending them running. This works well with Iron Bull’s low armor and high health; while Dorian scares the hordes away, the Bull can focus on dealing massive damage to the few that aren’t affected. Many of his Reaver abilities consume health, and though some of the abilities do heal, Solas’ strong barriers keep him up even longer. His Rift Mage abilities also aid in weakening their blows and defenses so the Bull can slice through them even faster.

Why This Composition is Great

  • Iron Bull deals massive damage and can regen his own health through his abilities
  • Solas’ Spirit abilities like Barrier keep Iron Bull from dropping, and he can resurrect him if he falls
  • Solas can also weaken enemies, making them fall even quicker to Iron Bull’s strength
  • Dorian’s AOE and Necromancer abilities break up large groups that would overwhelm, also adding brief minions to help control the flow of battle

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