[Top 10] Dinkum Best Things To Sell

Best Dinkum Things to Sell
"The secret to trading is to buy low, and sell high."

Top 10 Dinkum Best Things To Sell

Dinkum has a strong economy in place that enables players to trade goods they have mined, harvested, hunted, or made to John's Goods. Given the high demand for the special and distinctive items back in South City, John will purchase almost anything that players have to offer. But identifying the best products to sell in order to earn a decent living can take some time. Do not be alarmed; we have provided you with a selection of the best items to offer John in Dinkum.


Best Dinkum Things to Sell

Foraging is a skill that allows the player to collect items that you can find as you explore the island all of which are collectively called foragables, and there are quite a lot of them that are common to find. Every day most foragables respawn so you can continue to collect items to sell. Some of these items, such as trees that drop wood and fruit trees, may be needed as a food source or for resources so it’s good to collect them and create a farm of trees.

What makes Foragables great for selling:

  • Every biome has different items you can forage, so no matter where you set your base or where you explore, you are bound to find some.
  • This includes sea shells, flowers, fruit trees, and the different trees and their seeds and wood.
  • Gum tree logs in particular are one type of wood forgeable that players can find without needing to chop the tree down. It sells for 100 Dinks per piece, and if you have a table saw to make Gum wood planks, the selling price increases to 150 Dinks.
  • Although most of these items only sell for a small amount of Dinks, they are good to sell when you’re first starting out.
  • Collecting these items also can contribute to permit points as you complete milestones and daily quests.

How to get Foragables:

  • Explore the island! The beach has seashells, various biomes have different types of trees and flowers, and the beach is where you can find fruit trees.

9-Buried Treasure

Best Dinkum Things to Sell

Buried Treasures can be found by digging in the ground with a Shovel. They spawn in Old Barrels, Wheelie Bins that look like yellow and green garbage cans, Car Relics found in the Deep Mine, and Satellites that players can find through an Investigation Task from the Bulletin Board. 

What makes Buried Treasure great for selling:

  • The treasures are different kinds of electronic devices and components that typically can be used for crafting machines and other items but they are also great to sell as they range from a couple of hundred to thousands of Dinks. Items include hot cylinders, old gears, glass bulbs, and tin sheets.
  • Another component that is great to collect and sell is Shiny Discs. They can be sold to John for 1,480 Dinks, but if you wait until you meet Franklyn, the resident researcher, not only will he buy discs from you for 8,880 Dinks but he will also unlock technology for him to craft for you. 
  • Amber Chunk is a large, yellowish chunk of amber that is a rare type of buried treasure that can be found while digging. To sell it, take it to John's Goods where John will weigh the Amber and offer a price based on its weight which ranges from 30,000 to 60,000 Dinks.

How to get Buried Treasure:

  • Treasures can be found randomly while digging into the ground or if Old Barrels and Wheelie Bins are sticking out of the ground while exploring.
  • Purchase the Level 1 Metal Detecting License from Fletch for 500 Permit Points to be able to buy the Metal Detector which costs 6,600 Dinks.
  • With the Level 2 Metal Detecting License, players can see a visual "X" on the ground.


Best Dinkum Things to Sell

Bugs are collectible creatures that can be caught with a Bug Net. They actually have several uses and can be donated to Theodore in the Museum, sold to John at John's Goods, or given to Ted Selly for extra Dinks. They can be placed in a Bug Tank to be displayed around town or in your house or you could decide to let them out back to the wild.

What makes Bugs great for selling:

  • Some bugs appear year-round, while others only appear throughout a specific season. The most valuable bugs in Dinkum are the Emperor Dragonfly which sells for 4,172 Dinks, Birdwing Butterfly which sells for 4,100 Dinks, and Stag Beetle which also sells for 4,100 Dinks.
  • Bug Catching is a skill that allows the player to catch insects and arachnids that wander the island. This skill requires no Licenses. Reaching certain levels in this skill unlocks Crafting Table blueprints. The Bee House collects honey and the Worm Farm creates fertilizer every now and again.
  • Another perk to selling bugs or donating them to the Museum is that with every type of bug, Theodore gives 100 Permit Points each time.

How to get Bugs:

  • The first Bug Net is obtained from Fletch after the player places their Tent. Can be purchased from John's Goods. Buying Price Inv Dinks.png 1,100 This tool's durability is repairable in the Repair Table.
  • Bugs can be found throughout various Biomes; Pine Forest, Plains, Tropics, Desert, and Bushlands


Best Dinkum Things to Sell

Critters are collectible creatures that can be obtained by diving underwater. They can be donated to Theodore in the Museum, sold to John at John's Goods, or sold to Ted Selly for extra Dinks. Some can be found during specific seasons while others can be found during any season. Keep an eye on your stamina when diving underwater because it reduces and you can pass out of you have been swimming for too long.

What makes Critters great for selling:

  • There are over 19 critters to find, some of which can be easily seen and may be recognizable such as different kinds of crabs and prawns.
  • The most valuable critters in Dinkum are the Black Sea Cucumber which sells for 12,540 Dinks, Blue Sea Slug which also sells for 12,540 Dinks, and Eleven Armed Sea Star which sells for 8,540 Dinks.
  • Collecting and selling critters also adds to the Fishing Skill.

How to get Critters:

  • Critters can be found throughout bodies of water such as the Ocean, Rivers, Billabongs, and Mangroves. 
  • With a Level 2 Fishing Licence, Critters will release a series of bubbles indicating where they are located underwater


Best Dinkum Things to Sell

In Dinkum, there are many different kinds of wild animals, farm animals, and those that are caught for the Museum collections. Animals can be captured, hunted, or kept for farming resources. Due to this, there are different ways to make some money with them!

What makes Animals great for selling:

  • Farm animals are great for selling because they produce great items you can sell. Chooks produce chicken eggs, Pleep produces wool, and Vombats produce milk.
  • Wild animals drop items upon death and besides using these items in crafting recipes they are also a good source of money, at least getting you several hundred Dinks. 
  • A lot of animals can be trapped and sent off to the Animal Collection Point, which flies them to the animal research facility. Players are rewarded for this the next in-game day via mail as well as returning the trap.

How to get Animals:

  • Hunt animals with weapons and other tools.
  • Buy farm animals from Irwin's Barn.
  • The recipe to create the Animal Collection Point is learned by obtaining Trapping Licence 1.


Best Dinkum Things to Sell

Craftables include food, tools, equipment, weapons, decorations, and more! Craft items at a Crafting Table or Cooking Table.

What makes Craftables great for selling:

  • There are many kinds of craftable items that players can create and sell to John’s Goods, some of which use a few ingredients and others which use many but all are worth it considering how much you will get for it.
  • It’s a great way to get rid of items that you may no longer have any use for such as tools that you may have outgrown.
  • If you have too many of certain items or duplicates such as several pieces of the same clothing or furniture, why not empty some space and earn money at the same time

How to get Craftables:

  • Simply craft them with the resources you have.
  • Another way is to find them or get them from NPCs as a gift or reward.


Best Dinkum Things to Sell

Fish are collectible creatures that can be caught with a Fishing Rod. Fish can be found throughout various water Biomes such as the Ocean, Rivers, Billabong, and Mangroves.

They can be donated to Theodore in the Museum, sold to John at John's Goods, sold to Ted Selly for extra Dinks, or be placed on the ground placed as a piece of furniture. Fish can be cooked on the Campfire and BBQ. Depending on the type of fish it will produce either Cooked Freshwater Fish or Cooked Saltwater Fish. The amount of cooked items received will vary depending on the value of the fish.

What makes Fish great for selling:

  • There are over 30 varieties of fish that are found in each season, with some found in all the seasons. This is great because you can go fishing anytime and be able to catch some.
  • The most valuable fish in Dinkum is the Yellowfin Tuna which sells for 24,600 Dinks, Marlin which sells for 20,200 Dinks, Deep Fish which sells for 15,976 Dinks, and the Barracuda which sells for 16,000 Dinks.
  • Collecting and selling fish also adds to the Fishing Skill as well as giving you an increase in Permit Points with every fish donation to the museum.

How to get Fish:

  • Buy a fishing rod from John’s Goods for 1,260 Dinks.


Best Dinkum Things to Sell

Mining is a skill that allows the player to collect valuable resources for crafting such as ores. These ores are found all over the island, typically in clusters around rock formations. They can be mined after the Level 1 Mining License has been purchased for 250 Permit Points. Then you are able to purchase a Basic Pickaxe from John's for 1,200.

What makes Ores great for selling:

  • Tin ore sells for 25 Dinks, Copper ore sells for 50 Dinks, Iron ore sells for 100 Dinks, and Quartz crystal sells for 200 Dinks. 
  • You can make more money if you smelt the ores to form bars that sell for a lot more than the ores themselves. Tin bars sell for 500 Dinks, Copper bars sell for 1,00 Dinks, and Iron bars.

How to get Ores:

  • Explore the island and find rock formations with ore pieces sticking out, or by grinding shiny stones in a stone grinder.
  • Use a pickaxe to harvest the ore deposits. You can get a Jack Hammer from Franklyn to mine quickly.
  • When the player unlocks the Deep Mining Licence they will be able to descend into the Deep Mine for a large abundance of resources.

2-Rare Stones

Best Dinkum Things to Sell

Rare stones are just that, stones that are pretty rare to find. So it’s a lucky day when you find them and it’s best to make sure you save it to sell! 

What makes Rare Stones great for selling:

  • The Amber Chunk is a large, yellowish chunk of amber. It is one of the items that is too big to fit into the inventory so it can only be picked up and carried or placed onto a vehicle for transport. Players sell it on John’s Goods scale and it ranges from 30,000 to 60,000 Dinks.
  • Rubies can be found in the Deep Mine. Like ore, they are found in mineable rocks, sticking out of it. It is another item that has to be carried or placed onto a vehicle for transport. The player can place the ruby onto the scale in John's Goods where John will then weigh the ruby and offer a price based on its weight. Its base Selling Price ranges between 30,000 to 99,000 Dinks.
  • Rocks can be found with an Opal sticking out of them. Players have a higher chance to find an opal depending on their Mining license level. Their base Selling Price is 15,000 Dinks
  • Thunderstones mark their arrival with a loud crack of thunder, indicating one fell nearby your character. A good thing about them is that they don’t disappear once they spawn, though do note that Thunder Eggs can only spawn in Summer & Autumn. Thunder Eggs can be sold on the scale at John's Goods or Jimmy's Boat. They can also be broken open to obtain 4 Opals. Its base Selling Price ranges between 33,000 to 99,000 Dinks.

How to get Rare Stones:

  • These stones are found through mining both above ground and underground in the Deep Mines.
  • Amber can be found while digging.
  • Thunder Eggs randomly spawn during a Thunder Storm.
  • Opals can be found in Thunder Eggs, chests in locked treasure rooms in the Deep Mines, and rarely in Shiny Stones.


Best Dinkum Things to Sell

Described as the remains of something very old, fossils are rare items that players can discover and sell for a lot of money. This is another heavy item that cannot be placed in the inventory so it has to be carried to John’s Goods. Sell it by putting it on the scale and finding out its weight.

What makes Fossils great for selling:

  • It's one of the rarest items and sells for 10,000 to 30,000 Dinks.
  • Since it is sourced from mining, it will contribute to leveling up the Mining license as well as providing players with Permit points for completing milestones, tasks, and requests.

How to get Fossils:

  • They can be randomly found by breaking stone rocks or stone walls in the Deep Mine.

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