[Top 10] Dinkum Best Farm Layouts That Are Excellent

Best Dinkum Farm Layouts
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Top 10 Dinkum Best Farm Layouts

Farming in Dinkum focuses on several aspects: crops, livestock, machines, and even flowers. Whether you are first starting out with the game or consider yourself a seasoned player, everyone occasionally falls into a creative rut where they want some ideas or tips on the best layouts to create for their farm. This article is just the thing, featuring different types of layouts for different types of farms.

10-Small and Efficient

Best Dinkum Farm Layout

See Small and Efficient Layout in action: 

This farm layout is pretty small but works well for the creator and can work well for you too if, like PiccoMoon, it takes you a while to water a lot of crops and it’s not something you enjoy doing. Take inspiration and place your farm nearby Rayne’s shop so you can always have quick access to supplies. 

Why Small and Efficient is great:

  • It’s a great starter farm layout for both new players and new game saves.
  • This farm size is easy to maintain because there aren’t a lot of different crops to take care of.
  • Since there aren’t many crops it is efficient to water and harvest.
  • This layout works for small town sizes and can be expanded or moved at a later time.


9-Aesthetically Flowery

Best Dinkum Farm Layout

See an Aesthetically Flowery layout in action: 

This farm layout focuses on flower production mainly as a decorative part of the whole farm and town area. It makes for a lovely addition to your island.

Why an Aesthetically Flowery layout is great:

  • Whether placed in a wooden flower bed, brick flower bed, or flower pot next to one that is vacant, all flowers can reproduce.
  • You can make a small profit from the flowers that grow, and as they can reproduce just be sure to leave a few around to keep the farm going.
  • Implementing this kind of layout is great if you love to see flowers all around you.
  • Not only can you make this a farm but include the layout within other sections of your town.


8-Orchard Farm

Best Dinkum Farm Layout

See Orchard Farm in action: 

Orchards are areas of intentionally planted fruit trees, and with all of the available space on your Dinkum island, the process of planning the layout can be up to your imagination. There are different ways that you could choose to create an orchard, and this creator took the creative decision to make them the focal part of his town’s entrance.

Why Orchard Farm is great:

  • While the different fruit trees are found in different biomes, they all produce in every season so the fruit will grow all year long.
  • Fruit trees provide players with a good source of food, as you can eat them “raw” or cooked. They also can be used to craft food recipes further enhancing their food buffs.
  • Selling raw and cooked fruit as well as craftables are a good source of income.
  • Besides being a useful resource, orchards are a nice decorative addition to your island.


7-Tree Farm

Best Dinkum Farm Layout

See Tree Farm in action: 

Similar to an orchard, creating a tree farm doesn’t have to follow one certain layout design. This layout certainly is unique in that the trees are planted in rows of raised dirt, slightly elevating them from the normal ground level. Every type of wood-dropping tree is planted in this area. There are also lots of places to walk, especially for cutting down trees if the wood is needed.

Why Tree Farm is great:

  • This kind of farm layout combines aesthetic and creative design as well as allowing it to function as a resource farm for wood and seeds.
  • It wouldn't take long to form a tree farm after collecting several different kinds of trees and as they get chopped down they can be replanted with the dropped seeds.
  • This layout works well with the natural ground, meaning you can work with the ground without needing to do a lot of alteration, besides any additional decorative elements.


6-Functional Flower Farm

Best Dinkum Farm Layout

See Functional Flower Farm in action: 

This flower farm is similar to the previous aesthetical flower farm with the difference of this one also functions as a farm that combines with beehives to produce honey. This example farm is set as Rayne’s garden since it is placed behind her shop, but it can work anywhere. It also includes a few wells for easy water access, as there are also sugar cane plants added between the flowers.

Why Functional Flower Farm is great:

  • This kind of farm is visually appealing as well as functional for different kinds of resources.
  • Producing honey is both a food source and it can be sold to make a profit
  • Taking inspiration from the example above, the layout can be placed however best suits your town design.



Best Dinkum Farm Layout

See Winery in action: 

This farm layout is perfect for having a winery with Bottle Brush and Yellow Wattle bushes on one side and kegs and other machinery on the other to produce two different kinds of brew drinks. The area is all about maximizing the amount of brews a player can make, with multiple rows of bush plants and rows of kegs.

Why Winery is great: 

  • This kind of layout is great for making a profit as not only can you sell the flowers but also the drink they make from the fermenting process in the kegs.
  • While the bushes don’t respawn if the have been cut down it makes the area they are planted in all the more special.
  • It also functions as a beautiful garden area


4-Best Crop Optimization

Best Dinkum Farm Layout

See Best Crop Optimization in action: 

This farm layout informs players on the best ways to plant their crops for the purpose of making a profit. There is a lot of great information discussed in detail and it is also great for visual learners.

Why Best Crop Optimization is great:

  • Following the example layout, this will give players the best layout for them to make a good amount of money with whichever crop they choose to plant.
  • Having a crop layout like this is visually pleasing as it looks really organized.
  • This also contributes to players gaining experience points for their farming levels, which is important for getting those highly prized sprinklers.


3-Animal Central

Best Dinkum Farm Layout

See Animal Central in action: 

This animal farm layout places the animals in their own enclosure areas that best suit them. It is a great-looking layout and places them in a way that no wild animals can get to them nor can they escape by accident.

Why Animal Central is great:

  • Animals are great to have as pets, as all the farm animals in Dinkum look really adorable and you can name them however you like.
  • They really add to the entire layout of your whole farm as you can’t have a farm without animals.
  • Besides looking cute, these farm animals have the bonus job of producing items for you to sell, making back the money you spent to get them.


2-Large Farming District

Best Dinkum Farm Layout

See Large Farming District in action: 

Thought you’d seen large farms? This one takes the cake for having an expansive farming layout that not only would have taken a lot of time and effort to put together but is just overall visually pleasing with all of the additional decorative parts separating each crop area. No wonder it's called a district; it’s that big.

Why Large Farming District is great:

  • Having such a large farming district is a great way to make a lot of money.
  • The large number of crops that will grow will increase your farming experience
  • You can take creative liberties with how you set the layout to be, and it will look great no matter what, even being able to see it from your map.


1-Self-Sufficient Farm/Self-Watering Farm

Best Dinkum Farm Layout

See Self-Sufficient Farm in action: 

This is the best layout type to create as it requires the least amount of work once everything is set up.

Why Self-Sufficient Farm is great:

  • Once you’ve leveled up to get sprinklers and water tanks then you will no longer have to use a watering can to individually water your crops.
  • This saves you a lot of time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your farm, such as decorating it more!
  • This kind of layout is great for all crops but especially for those that produce multiple harvests
  • This kind of layout also works well for farm animals using a silo.


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