Dead Space 1 Review - Is It Good or Bad?

Dead Space Review


Before we start with the review, I want to preface it by saying that I have no reason to be biased towards praising or bashing this game. I am not sponsored by the developers or publishers of the game, nor do I see video games like that; RDR2 is my favorite game of all time. I still had expressed many complaints about it because that's just how I review games, what it does right and wrong, and how those two sides balance each other to give a final score.

I) What is Dead Space 1? 

Dead Space is the debut title in the Dead Space franchise. It's a survival horror action where you play Issac Clarke, an engineer who seeks to escape from the danger of Necromorphs, which are human corpses returned to life aboard the Ishimura spaceship. 

It is noticeable that the protagonist of the story does not speak throughout the gameplay.

The game received widespread critical acclaim and has sold over 2 million copies. Later, Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 were released on January 25, 2011, and February 5, 2013.

II) Dead space story: 

The story revolves around the hero Issac Clarke, an aerospace engineer working for CEC. This company operates giant mining ships throughout the galaxy ( not for bitcoin). The company receives a distress call from the Ishimura spaceship, which works to extract precious ore, so the USG Kellion team is sent. 

It consists of four people from the company sent to find out what is happening. The hero receives a video from his ex-girlfriend Nicole, who is aboard the destroyed ship during the journey. His boat breaks down and lands on the runway (Ishimura).

Then strange creatures begin to attack the team, and only the hero and the leader will survive. (Zach Hammond) and the girl (Kendra Daniels), and Isaac's task in the game will be to repair the various places in the ship, which later would turn to survive and escape it.


III) Dead space gameplay:

  • Missions 

 The mission in Dead Space boils down to moving from part to part in the giant spaceship. To advance the story's events, you will see some presentations with cinematics that will explain to you the events taking place.

The game's charm is not what you will do when you get to point B as much as it is about getting there; the encounters in the journey with different aliens, scary places, zones without gravity and or without air, and fighting in these zones.

The thing that gives the game its atmosphere and splendor is the areas of zero gravity. Here you can jump long distances through areas and stick to iron objects to reach new places or to accomplish a task required of you in this area by solving its puzzle.

In these areas, you will find that enemies have the upper hand, they are not As slow as you are, and they can move with ease, and it is great to blast them into Space and find them flying in the air due to the lack of gravity.

Although it is not very present in the game, it is essential because the big missions in the game are specific to them.


  • Playtime 

You can finish the game in 10 hours (12 chapters in the story), and it may increase or decrease according to how quick you are to find solutions to the puzzles.

The value of the game depends on your attempt to get the most potent weapons, develop your suit,.., by collecting Nods. 

It is impossible to develop everything with your first experience. You have to repeat the game more than once to get everything.


IV) Visuals and Sound


Dead Space looks gorgeous in detail and art, whether for the stages, the characters of the enemies, or the game world as a whole.

The game is set inside a spaceship. The team has created a stunning environment that explores this aspect with distinction. The animation for the characters and models, in general, was produced wonderfully. 

I see that the team excellently presented the game. Also, some dazzling scenes in the game cannot be overlooked when fighting giant bosses or watching the sunrise in some places. Let us not forget the excellent lighting and shadows in the game.

Overall, the game's graphics are excellent, with moments that reach the point of dazzling. Some of you may miss some scenes due to the fast action, but you will enjoy stunning views in many areas if you take all your time in the game.

One of the most vital points of the game is the sounds. I am not talking here about the soundtrack of the game. Overall, it is good, but I am speaking from a purely technical perspective with the acoustics in this game.

The sounds here are the first source of horror in it in terms of clarity and movement. It will make you feel excitement or anxiety in most of the game; the sounds of monsters and the personal conversations are made with perfection by the developer team.

Because Issac has no voice, it takes away so much from the great sound acting done by the other characters in the game.

The sound effects are generally excellent and make you live inside the spacecraft in an immersive way.


V) Should you get it?

The entire game is 19.99$ on steam, XBOX360, and Playstation 3, which in terms of fun is an excellent value for the buck.

The game is critically acclaimed, and for a good reason, it is hard not to love this game.


VI) Final Score : 


VII) Summary in Pros and cons :


  • Diversity and creativity in the design of stages.
  • Amazing graphics and visuals.
  • The sound design is on top of the shelf.
  • Awe-inspiring atmosphere.
  • The gameplay is fun and allows for great moments.
  • The upgrading system is not too complicated, nor is it too simple, just perfect for a game like that.
  • The current price of the game is a steal.
  • Decent story with twists and good pasting.


  • The story progresses through fixing things here and there.
  • Issac does not have a voice making the main protagonist feel soulless. 


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