[Top 5] Dead Space 2 Best Weapons and How To Get Them

Dead Space 2 Best Weapons

[Top 5] Dead Space 2 Best Weapons and How To Get Them

Dead Space 2 is a survival horror game by Visceral Games. Electronic Arts published it in January 2011 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.

Even after releasing Dead space 3 two years later, the community still holds Dead space 2 as the best entry in the trilogy.

In dead space 2, the way to get weapons is by finding schematics. These are blueprints for weapons; they're not that hidden, just with a bit of attention they can easily find. 

The schematics found are kept in the inventory until you enter them into a "SHOP," making the weapon available for purchase.

Each weapon has a regular and alt-fire mode which you can trigger with a left-click and a right-click, respectively.

The goal of this article is to show you the best 5 weapons in dead space 2. Where to find the schematics for them, the financial aspect you'll have to take care of it yourself; there are no loans in a horrifying space setup.


  • 1- The Plasma cutter

An all-time classic in dead space, as you might have guessed from the name. It shoots plasma and cuts, and this is perfect for this game. Because Dead Space enemies are killed by getting their limbs cut.

  • Stats:

-Damage = 10 (18 max) 

-Ammo capacity = 10 (20 max)

-Rate of fire = High

-ALT FIRE =  Rotates the weapon 90 degrees 

  • Why is it great? 

-The way it shoots is like a line, so it’s easier to aim, intending to cut limbs.

-The ALT FIRE mode is rotating the line of aim by 90 degrees to even cut limbs that are not facing you at the right angle.

-Its ammo is available and cheap in the store.

-You don’t need to search for its schematics as they give it to you.

  • How to get it : 

They give the weapon to you at the start of the game in a scripted scene 


  • 2- Pulse rifle

The Pulse rifle is a rifle that would eliminate the aliens' pulse, cut limbs, and friendly to those who aren't special in aiming or "are special in aiming." But, of course, it depends on how you say it.

  • Stats:

-Damage = 5 (9 max) 

-Ammo capacity = 50 (175max)

-Rate of fire = High

-ALT FIRE = Grenade launcher

  • Why is it great :

-High fire rate 

-Very upgradeable ammo capacity.

-Great accuracy.

-Shoots enemies at any distance.

-Ammo available and easy to get by.

-The secondary is a grenade launcher that can kill multiple enemies at once.

  • How to get it : 

The schematics for it can be found right after the train sequence in Chapter 2, on a shelf at the back of the room opposite where Isaac is after the train explodes. The Rifle can then be bought for 7000 Credits.

  • 3-The Ripper

This weapon is great for close-range combat, properly upgraded, nothing would get close to you. Picture a blade spinning next to you like and aliens walking through it and getting sliced; that’s what this is.

  • Stats:

Damage = 8 (16 max) 

Ammo capacity = 8 (16max)

Rate of fire = slow

ALT FIRE = untethered saw


  • Why is it great?

You can control the blade in the air easily by cutting the limbs off of an alien.

If the alien is too far, the ALT fire mode will shoot the blade.

Excellent for cutting lower limbs like the legs, which slow the aliens.

Super fun to play with.

The schematic for it and its ammo is easy to find.

  • How to get it : 

During Chapter 5, In the multi-level room, ride the elevator down and go to the right side of the room for this schematic.


  • 4-The line Gun 

What’s better than a plasma cutter? That’s right, a wider plasma cutter.

  • Stats:

Damage = 15 (27 max) 

Ammo capacity = 5 (9 max)

Rate of fire = Low

ALT FIRE = timed plasma mine


  • Why is it great : 

It’s basically like the plasma cutter by much wider.

You can cut multiple aliens with the same shot.

The Alt attack can kill a lot of enemies with one shot.

When upgraded, all the downsides go away.


  • How to get it : 

It can be purchased from the store for 9000 credits and get the schematics for its ammo. After crawling through the duct and falling, you will go through a storage room then find this blueprint behind some shelves on the right.

  •  5- Seeker rifle

It’s equivalent to a sniper rifle but one that can kill aliens and cut their limbs; the only thing a seeker rifle seeks is helping aliens lose weight by downgrading the number of limbs they have.

  • Stats:

Damage = 50 (70max) 

Ammo capacity = 4 (7 max)

Rate of fire = slow


  • Why is it great :

Great for boss fights with weak spots.

The aiming ALT allows for more accuracy. 

High damage.

Takes out a limb with one shot.

  • Where to get it:

In the path at the beginning of chapter 6, take the door to the right. You will be on a balcony and find this schematic on the far right side of the ground.

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