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The Brand New Cast of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony is no stranger when it comes to in-game power-ups and skills. Through becoming friends with classmates, using your monocoins and creating bonds, you gain Skill Points, which can be cashed out to gain specific skills during a class trial.

But which skills are most valuable? This article ranks the top 10 skills in the game, so you can  decide what to spend your hard-earned skill points on.


10. Laws of the Globe

Tenko tackles Himiko

Tenko tackles Himiko

Laws of the Globe is a skill that’s gained by maxing out your bond with the character Tenko Chabashira. This can be done by completing Tenko’s free time events. It costs 6 skill points, and can only be used during the rebuttal showdown.

During rebuttal showdown, it can be hard to get your point across, because your opponent is always pushing your side of the screen and, consequently, the cursor away. With Tenko’s Laws of the Globe, the player can move the cursor wherever and whenever, making it much easier to tackle who you’re disproving.

This skill is great for those who don’t have immaculate cursor control, as it allows the player to have much more power over where they’re going. With the harsh time limit, you need all the help you can get to efficiently re-center yourself and combat the negative claims of your opponent, making Tenko, the Ultimate Aikido Master, the perfect mascot for this belligerent skill.


9. Financing

Maki has flashbacks of her past

Maki has flashbacks of her past

Financing is another skill that’s unlocked by maxing out your bond, but this time with the character Maki Harukawa. This skill is joint in first place with K1-B0’s Digital Love skill in terms of skill point cost, with both being a whopping 32 points.

This skill is unusual in the sense that it doesn’t actually help you during the trial. All of its glory is unleashed once the trial is completed, by greatly increasing the number of monocoins you receive after the trial. These coins can then be put to use, preferably by spending them on even more skills after you’ve spoiled yourself with this one.

If you’re addicted to the momo mono machine, love visiting the in-game casino or simply want to restock on coins, this skill is the best for you. You can get from 950-999 coins at most, without doing anything more than you usually do.


8. Just a Peek

Gameplay of Hangman's Gambit Ver. 3.0

Gameplay of Hangman's Gambit Ver. 3.0

Just a Peek is a skill that’s obtained after getting enough friendship fragments. You can get friendship fragments via multiple different routes, for example giving a character their favourite gift, or unlocking research labs. This skill costs 4 skill points.

While playing Hangman’s Gambit Ver. 3.0, you may find yourself in the dark for most of the time that’s quickly slipping away. The skill Just a Peek allows the screen to light up more often, so it’s much easier for the player to locate the correct letters in time, and move on to the next part of the trial.

A keen intellect is needed for Hangman’s Gambit Ver. 3.0, as not only does the player need to decipher a cryptic question, but find letters mostly in the dark to form an answer. This is why Just a Peek is needed; it eases the struggle in finding the required letters.


7. Viability

Rantaro paints the nails of Kaede

Rantaro paints Kaede's nails

Viability is a skill that’s revealed after forming a max bond with the character Rantaro Amami. It costs 15 skill points, and can be used throughout the main Class Trial.

The skill exercises Rantaro’s short-lived authority, and allows the player to increase their maximum influence by a bit. This is particularly useful when the player makes one too many mistakes, causing the class to lose trust in what the player is trying to get across. Viability can’t be used alongside Envious influence, which is more powerful but also more costly, due to the difference in power dynamics.

If you’re considering using this skill, you need to decide fast, because Rantaro’s free time events disappear pretty soon. Therefore, it’s recommended that you stockpile on bonding events with characters that go early on in the game to make sure you have as many opportunities for help as possible.



6. Laser Beam

Himiko quotes her mom

Himiko quotes her mom

Laser Beam is a skill that you can obtain via the casino. It can be used only during the Nonstop Debate and Mass Panic Debate. It uses 8 skill points, but costs a large sum of 2000 monocoins. Although this is relatively low-cost for skills, the player should go to the casino to stock up on coins after purchasing.

It’s a common occurrence for a player to find themself shooting a Truth Bullet, only for the screen to change, missing the target. Laser Beam assists with that, by speeding up the bullets that have already been fired, so there’s a greater chance of you getting the winning shot. It’s important to know that this skill doesn’t work on the Lie Bullets.

This skill is great to fine-tune your gaming performance, to make sure you hit the right words with the first shot. This will then increase your trial ranking, allowing you to get more monocoins, and an overall less frustrating experience.


5. Power of Life and Death

A rebuttal showdown commences

A Rebuttal Showdown commences

Power of Life and Death is another skill that requires friendship fragments to obtain. It costs a modest 4 skill points, and is only possible during the Rebuttal Showdown, where the player uses a truth blade to metaphorically tackle their opponent.

Some time in the Rebuttal Showdown, the player and their opponent go into something called Blade Lock, where the opponent is so convincing that the player is on the brink of having their viewpoint overthrown. Power of Life and Death eases the pressure, by making it much easier to force the opponent back so they don’t take over.

This skill is very important, especially when the opponent is starting to convince you with their points! By pushing the opponent back, you’re getting very close to winning the trial, so equipping it will prove useful in powering through the game.


4. Menacing Focus

Kirumi shares her opinion

Kirumi shares her opinion

Menacing Focus is a skill that can be used during the whole Class Trial. It’s another skill that can be gained from the casino, and also costs 2000. It’s worth 8 skill points, but can’t be combined with the Extraordinary Focus skill. This shouldn’t set you back, however, as Menacing Focus has a much higher impact than Extraordinary Focus.

Every player has drained their focus gauge too quickly in the game, leaving them to fend for themselves while being bombarded with white noise and nonsense talk. Menacing Focus remedies this issue, by greatly increasing the maximum focus, allowing you to Concentrate and participate in Fever Time for longer.

This is a great skill as it isn’t just for a specific minigame in the trial. Speaking of minigames, by partaking in the Ultimate Talent Development Plan, the cost for Menacing Focus decreases as you level up, making it more affordable for those who wish to use it.


3. Mind's Eye

a Mass Panic Debate has started

A Mass Panic Debate has started

Mind’s Eye is a skill that’s worth more than it’s offered for, at only 4 skill points. It can only be used during Mass Panic Debate and Nonstop Debate. It can be obtained through getting friendship fragments.

The skill works by revealing V points, which, if hit, causes a V Counter, and consequently improves your trial rating. You are then rewarded with an abundance of monocoins. Although this may seem like an unworthy skill, it’s much better than its character-obtained counterpart, namely K1-B0’s Digital Love, which hardly allows you to move your cursor once a V point is discovered.

All in all, this skill gives your trial an overall advantage, alongside the freedom of playing however you like. It being worth only 4 skill points means you have room to equip many more alongside it, making your trial gameplay well-rounded and efficient.


2. Machine Gun

Kokichi may or may not be lying

Kokichi may or may not be lying

Machine Gun is a slightly more affordable skill compared to the rest in the casino, priced at 3000 monocoins. It’s worth 8 skill points, and, just like many other skills listed here, can only be used during the Nonstop and Mass Panic debates.

When you’re fed up with all of the nonsense the characters are spewing on a rapid basis, Machine Gun will come to the rescue. This skill is designed to rapidly fire the silencer, so you can truly focus on what’s being said as part of the main conversation.

The reason why Machine Gun can’t be combined with Grenade or Shotgun is because this would make gameplay too easy, proving just how powerful this skill is on its own. It’s definitely worth forking out a little bit extra to use it during each trial.


1. Lost in Thought

An argument has been countered fully

An argument has been countered fully

Lost in Thought is arguably the best skill in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. It’s worth the highest value of 16 skill points within the group of skills obtained through friendship fragments. It’s also available for use throughout the whole Class Trial.

No longer do you have to restart a sequence in the trial because you ran out of time. Lost in thought remedies this by mildly increasing the time limit for each activity, giving you more time to think about what phrase to shoot, what blocks to erase, essentially anything.

This skill takes up a fair amount of skill points, meaning you won’t be able to have a large set of skills to use in the trial, but you still should be able to use some. Seconds are precious when playing with time restrictions, so Lost in Thought is a worthy skill to have on board with every Class Trial.


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