The Best Danganronpa Games (All Danganronpa Games Ranked Worst to Best)

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For some of us, being able to solve a mystery is what led us to be intrigued with the concept of mystery, detectives, and uncovering the truth behind the questions that lie within. There are many more ways to find out more about these types of mystery media, more so now like Netflix, the TV, and for this list, games. Like the choices we have for the previous 2 things, games also have their spin or presentation for mystery games, and one of the more prominent ones is Danganronpa.

Danganronpa’s art style and emphasis on pink blood make for its defining characteristic and style, and with how the game is presented and played, it has spawned its following and status among its mystery/visual novel counterparts. With Danganronpa still being rereleased through today’s current-gen consoles (Nintendo Switch specifically), it’s still nice to pick up the game and explore the joys of the main games, as well as its complimentary spin-off.

Having played the games, as well as the spinoff, with the main games being more than once as well as watching along whenever friends play the games, we will be checking out the games in an opinionated worst to best and discussing what makes the games individually down below.

I’ll try to keep the info of the games as spoiler-free as possible so that you may enjoy blind gameplay of the game should you be interested to have a go at it yourself.



4. Danganronpa: Another Episode

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