CoD Black Ops Cold War Review - Is It Good or Bad?

Cold War a game you might play for days until your eyes burn or throw away. What do you think?

Cold War is a game you have to try for yourself, but if you are still on the edge of what to do, by the end of this your decision will be clear. 

About Call of Duty Cold War

Call of Duty Cold War is a game some people love while others would rather pass up and throw it in the garbage like trash. Cold War was released November 13, 2020, and as soon as it came
out, I jumped and leaped to the buy button. Cold War is a first-person shooting game that was developed by Treyarch and Raven Software and published by Activision.

While being an active Call Of Duty Ghosts fan, I didn’t walk into Cold War’s lobby with much expectation. The company had some backlash when it came to the League Play and they had to
respond accordingly.

Despite any backlash or complaints, the game broke into the top 20 list of best-selling games in the US. They sold 5.7 million digital copies in December of 2020. The sales have stayed strong, and it has the largest audience of people of any Call of Duty game.

For PlayStation, the popularity score is 15. There are records that show there are currently 153,00 active players, but it can also range to 2 million people who still play the game.

They started developing the game on August 4, 2020, and it came out in November. They wasted no time pushing this game out, though I wish they would have taken more time to
develop a longer and more detailed campaign.

The game costed them $250 million dollars to create. More than the cost of my adoption fee that’s for sure.

Call of Duty Cold War Story

Cold War has some of the best multiplayer options, you will never feel bored, but be prepared to want to throw your controller.

Video owned by Aculite. Cold War's campaign is ultimetly psychologically challenging, in the best way possible. 

With it being set between the two games Black Ops 1 & 2, the game flows well within the two but did it crash or rise above? Above are details about the story background for Cold War.

It is based back in 1945 and begins after Nazi Germany's surrender. It’s a tense fighting game between the United States, its allies, and the Soviet Union. Cold War has multiplayer, zombies, campaigns, and leagues.

The maps for multiplayer match the scenes and setting for the campaign. The maps are, decent enough to be able to understand and remember good places to hide. Zombies can become repetitive, and the league lacks when it comes to the map and gun loadout.

Call of Duty Gameplay

Cold War's gameplay is beautiful setup, but will the game outstand Black Ops 3? Only time will tell. 

Video owned by Fog of Gaming. Watch him set up his settings to get the clearest visual.

But let’s start with the campaign for Cold War, which was short but sweet. Above is a video of the gameplay of the campaign for Cold War. You get transported into time, changing characters throughout.

You get to create your own backstory and gender, customizing as you feel fits. You can play the game as many times as you want because there are alternative endings and missions based on the character you create.

Though the campaign takes about 7 to 8 hours to complete, the game is never done with its change in story, leaving you never bored. The campaign is dark and gives off a psychological thriller vibe.

Towards the end of the campaign in Breaking Through, your character will have to go back into his memory with the helping hand of Alder. There is a sick enjoyment of going against his
orders. The end of the campaign is all about doing the opposite of what Alder wants.

That’s the way you will find the door and be able to enter it. Within the campaign, you can expect to have a loadout set for you, or you can pick up weapons when you take down enemies.

There is a bulletin board where you pick which mission you want to complete next. In a way, it makes the game feel lazy like they didn’t have a plan or idea on how they wanted the game to flow, leaving it all up to the player.

Call of Duty Combat

Cold War has an amazing multiplayer option, maps that will have you wanting to play until you get top killer. 

Now for the multiplayer, it’s the part of the game I crave like water. The matching and maps are a bit off because of the poorly done layout of the maps and the mixed level of people in

Though the game can become stressful due to the heavy usage of snipers and riffles, taking you down with one shot. The sound effects are solid, and some describe the pull of the trigger as
nostalgic. If you can get the hang of aiming with a sniper and riffle, you will to be upsetting follow players with your instant kill.

The maps are beautiful, but the lack of change and need for smaller maps would do justice for certain multiplayer games. So far, level 1,000 is the max you can get, though that’s what I’ve
seen so far.

For your character to survive and grow, you will need to complete and win games. Whether it's zombies or multiplayer, the more you play, the more points you win. More points you have, the more rewards you win.

The MP5, XM4, and AK-74u are amazing, but I personally enjoy the QBZ-83, which to me is slept on. If you continue to use the gun, get kills and complete the guns’ objectives, the modifications and higher ranked guns are beautiful.

You must be patient and dedicated in this game to get the weapons and characters you want. If you are not being religious, you will feel stuck. The multiplayer has amazing weapon choices,
you get to create your own loadout with any modifications you have available to use.

Call of Duty Cold War Quest/Mission System

The game has an amazing zombie map, thought it may not compare to Black Ops 3. It’s the only part of the game, in my opinion, that caters to the adventurous feel. The outbreak has a rush of excitement and anxiety with small side quests within the map.

You gain more points doing the quests and the objective, which allows you to pack a punch your gun sooner and add armor for longer health longevity. There are other maps in zombies, but it can be a bit repetitive.

Call of Duty Cold War Graphics

Some may say Cold War's graphics are mediocre, but have you seen Grand Theft Auto's first game, yeah its an upgrade. 

Between Cold War and the new Vanguard game, check out the difference in visuals. Cold war is more detailed and clear like your skin when you drink water. 

graphics within this game is done so well. The update from previous Call of Duty games is beautifully done. Though some may feel it took a step back and in the beginning it was a bit
blurry, since updates it has become one of the clearest graphics I’ve seen in a while.

There is more colour within the game compared to others, they made sure to have it clear and put a lot of time into the pixels. Making sure that they are maximized to the best of their

The graphics and animations within combat and story mode are as realistic as can be. The characters very detailed, and the maps are vivid, creating a wonderful visual while looking
through a sniper weapon.

If your graphics seem less amusing a good thing to check is your shadows. They may be on high or ultra. Both your shadow quality and special effect shadows should be turned down to a low

Call of Duty Developer

The game itself has a lagging problem; I tend to get thrown out of games with a lovely connection error warning on my screen. Within zombies, the lagging tends to happen more. Though I do find issues in multiplayer as well.

The developer is very responsive to the community, almost to a fault. If he sees someone angry, he will intervene, but the angry players don’t care about talk, they want the issues fixed.

The community feels as if the developer, Treyarch, doesn’t fix anything or at least not fast enough for the gamers. The public has become fed up with its continuous connection issues. The developer claims he is continuously working on getting those fixed.

Call of Duty Cold War Price

Depending on sales, the cost of the game is $69.99 or under. The game has steady sales to this day despite the surge of sales the month of the release.

Get cold war on your PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. There are in-game purchases for Cold War points, so you can buy blueprints for your guns without having to wait for your gun to upgrade.
You can always pay to get blueprints and characters as well.

Utilizing the season pass gives you more rewards just by purchasing it. Beyond paying more for a game you already spent your lunch money on, the weapons you get are decent to use until you start to level up.

FINAL VERDIC: This game is a 7 out of 10 in my own personal rating.


  • Weapons and Loadout
  • Gameplay
  • Character Modification
  • Zombies
  • Multiplayer Loadout Options
  • Story Mode
  • Availability
  • Graphics
  • Combat


  • Cost
  • Buggy and lags
  • Maps
  • League
  • Multiplayer Match Up

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