[Top 5] CoD Black Ops Cold War Best Assault Rifles

CoD Black Ops Cold War Best Assault Rifles
Cold War assault rifles that will blow up your game.

These top 5  assault rifles will knock your oppenents out of the map.

Assault Rifles are easy to use and fun to upgrade weapons for Call of Duty Cold War. If you are persistent with using them and leveling up your gear, you will have high damage, low recoil, and great aim while moving. Allowing you to outshine, outkill, and
outdo your team and enemies.

1. AK-47

You will want to start with Optic. For optic, you will pick Microflex LED. This will give you the clearest picture so the gun can be easier to use and see during the medium and long-range shots.

For Muzzle you will use Spetsnaz Compensator only for the vertical recoil control. For Barrel, you will use a 20” Spetsnaz Barrel so that you can have maximum damage and bullet velocity.

For Body use Steady Aim Laser for the Hip Fire. Underbarrel you will use Spetsnaz Speedgrip, so you have horizontal recoil control and increase sprinting move speed. It will make the gun easier to use at a longer range and take on SMG guns.

Under Magazine you will use Bakelite 50 Rnd so you can take out as many players as you can and have the gun reload much faster. For the Handle, you will use GRU Elastic Wrap so you can snap on enemies and keep your aim and accuracy.

For Stock use KGB Skeletal Stock to increase aim walking movement speed and sprint to fire time. With all these attachments you will have high damage and fast loading assault rifle that will stand up to other players.

What makes AK-47 great:
● High Damage
● Low Recoil
● Attachments
● High Bullet Velocity
● Great Gun Handle
● Control
● Accuracy

2. QBZ 83

Video owned bt Metaphor. Watch him play with this powerful weapon. 

This one was always number one for me until AK-47 gained a higher bullet velocity. For that reason, it is now taking the lovely second place on the list. It has one of the best mobility and allows you to get close to the opponent.

QBZ 83 has an amazing damage range, and its accuracy is to die for. Makes the gun easier to spot opponents within seconds and aim directly at them with less of a chance of missing.

It has the fastest moving speed in the Assault Rifle category. The time to kill is a bit low but gains some brownie points for its aim down sight speed and reload speed. 


For Optic leave it blank, it will only hinder your ability to have maximum combat. For the Muzzle, you will use Agency Suppressor to get the vertical recoil control and better damage range.

Agency Suppressor also boosts the bullet velocity. You will be able to stay hidden from your opponents which will help when you are using multiplayer. In Barrel, you will use 16.5 Ranger for its bullet velocity. You will also gain a better damage range with this attachment.

For Body, you will use the Steady Aim Laser, for the hip-fire accuracy. For the Underbarrel use Foregrip for the horizontal recoil control. You can also use the field agent grip.

For Magazine us Salvo 50 Rnd Fast Mag so you can utilize the best amount of ammo you can get and reload as fast as possible. Handle you will use Airborne Elastic Wrap for its aim down sight time and be able to stay on target during long-range.

For Stock, you will use the Raider Stock, which will give you a ton of mobility and movement throughout the game With all these attachments you will be able to get the best results when playing against opponents. ‘

What makes QBZ-83 great:
● Attachments
● Accuracy
● Aim downtime
● Recoil
● Mobility

3. FARA 83

The weapon the gamers love, but I seem to only have a miniature crush on. This weapon is amazing when upgraded, so leveling up is super important. I would suggest using it in the zombie map and leveling it up as much as possible.

FARA 83 has an amazing time to kill. Something a lot of the guns in the AR category lack. It has a 63-meter damage range just to start, so imagine the abilities when you finally level up the weapon.

The amount of kills you can get with this gun is better than I’ve seen before in an AR category. Fewer bullets needed means more opponents are eliminated. What every player wishes for and many players dread. Be the player people wish to be and hate to play against.

It lacks in the sprint out speed category and it's dead last for the assault rifles in general. If you plan to use it, I suggest aiming first, so your gun knows exactly where to shoot giving you a perfect shot.

Go to Muzzle and utilize the GRU Suppressor for its accuracy,
allowing you to get more kills. Underbarrel you will pick 19.5 Liberator, so your bullets move faster through time to reach your opponent at record time.

Next, you will go to Magazine and use 40 Rnd, giving you more mag. Then for Handle, you will use Serpent Wrap for its aim down sight speed. Lastly, you will go to Stock and use KGB Skeletal Stock for the sprint to fire speed and be able to shoot faster when sprinting.

What makes FARRA 83 great:
● Time to kill
● Mag
● Damage Range
● Amount of Kills Possible


Video owned by Fwooten82Row. The Groza is power and worth your time to check out. 

Groza is a new weapon to me that has become a good contender for weapons to use. It has a great fire rate, but no better than the GRAV, which we will discuss next. The time to kill is almost identical to GRAV as well, except it has a longer effect on damage.

Your damage will stick and hit them like a ton of bricks. The aim down sight is well done and it has a great sprint out speed. Making it easier for you to run and aim, we love to multitask.

You won’t have any trouble getting the accuracy during movement with this gun. It has a decent recoil, but it lacks in the attachment category. The attachments are good, but other guns will put this weapon to shame.Though with the update, the new laser attachment may give the gun a bit more of an edge.


For Optic, it’s a personal choice if you want to have one or not. You can use the Microflex LED so you don’t lose the target, or you can use nothing. 

Muzzle you will use GRU Suppressor for its vertical recoil control and be able to stay off the map from other opponents.

For Barrel, you will use 16.2 GRU Composite for the damage range and bullet velocity. Underbarrel you will use Steady Aim Laser, for the aggressive players, this will give you some hip-fire accuracy.

For Underbarrel, Spetsnaz Grip will give you vertical and horizontal recoil control. For Magazine, Spetsnaz 60 Rnd Drum will give you the maximum mag amount. In Handle, use the Serpent Grip for the aim down sight time.

Stock will finish off the attachments and you will use the KGB Pad. This is great for the sprint to fire time and aim walking management. Both are great for multiplayer, allowing you to move and still be able to aim with accuracy.

What makes GROZA great:
● Time To Kill
● Damage
● Aim Down Time
● Sprint Out Speed
● Attachments


Video owned by Ears. He creates his own powerful loadout for the GRAV.

This gun is last, but not last in the AR category altogether. Trust me there are the worst weapons out there that in my opinion need some updating and better attachments available. GRAV is great for what it has to offer and what you can build from it.

GRAV has the same fire rate and time to kill as GROZA. Both are very similar, but GRAV has the highest bullet velocity in the category in the base form. It has an amazing magazine count in base form and low recoil.

With all the attachments, it can become a great weapon for multiplayer and zombies. The only weakness within this gun is that it has a slow reload and sprint out speed. Which can put you in danger when you are running out of ammo and in the middle of battle.

This gun has a beautiful recoil pattern and is perfectly balanced compared to other AR weapons. When you can unlock this gun, use it as much as you can to level the gun up and get to its full protentional.


Under Optic, Microflex LED will help with the damage and view. For
Muzzle, you will pick the Suppressor to take you off the radar. Without the suppressor, it may feel like the level of damage is too low to keep up with other players.

For Barrel, use 22.1 Reinforced Heavy barrel for the damage range and bullet velocity. For Body, you will pick either Tiger Team Spotlight or Mounted Flashlight for reveal distance.

For Underbarrel you will pick Foregrip, it’s the first one you will ever win for Underbarrel. This helps the horizontal recoil control. This will give you the beautiful recoil pattern I talked about earlier.

For Magazine, RK-7 30 Rnd Conversation, will increase that damage perfectly, allowing you to stand up to EM2 guns. For Handle, you will use Field Tape or Airbone Pistol Grip for the aim down sight time and flinch resistance.

For the last attachment, you will go under Stock and use Tactical Stock or Raider Stock for increased aim walking movement speed. Helping you aim while you search maps for enemies.

What makes GRAV great:
● Fire Rate
● Time To Kill
● Recoil after Attachments
● Mag Count
● Bullet Velocity
● Aim

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