17 Best Western Games Loved By Millions Worldwide (Best Cowboy Games)

Best Cowboy Games
Yah! Yah! He'll shoot you right between the eyes, wild west style!

What Are The Best Western Games?

With the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, a peak of interest has developed for the Western genre. Under the umbrella of related games is a great deal of diversity in style, age, and story.

With this in mind, a little guidance will help in differentiating side scrolling platformers, like Gunman Clive, from the arcade-esc cowboy shooters, like Western 1849 and Mad Bullets.

Here’s a look at the best western games for PC.

17. Fistful of Frags 

Fistful of Frags Gameplay 

Developed by the Fistful of Frags team, This indie FPS is entirely multiplayer based. There are many gamemodes that are free-to-play, and the rating on Steam is rather high. (Very Positive). 

The gameplay is very fast paced and oriented toward close quarter combat, like jail cells, abandoned mines, etc. As you get more kills, the more notorious you become. Being notorious comes with a higher point bonus, but also means that more players will hunt you.

Often times, matches are between 3-4 teams and each competes for points on the board. Although this may sound easy, actually attaining kills in this game can be a challenge, in the pandamonium of a baroom, for example. There is no aim assistance in Fistful of Frags, which is what really makes killing a feat. 

The Power of Duel Wield: These two desperados don’t know what hit them when this other gunslinger shows up. There is blood splatter on the floor, suggesting at least a mild injury. (.. but a flesh wound)

Fire on High: Looking over from a high perch, this sniper scouts the pueblos for activity.

16. Mad Bullets

Mad Bullets Gameplay

As opposed to some of the more realistic titles on the list, Mad Bullets is a little lighter. The game was developed by IsTom Games, who just so happened to create the famous Nyan Cat: Lost in Space game. With how ridiculous that game was, it may summon doubts on the entertainment value of Mad Bullets. Do not worry however, Mad Bullets delivers and is available on the app store as well as on Steam for PC.

Movement in Mad Bullets is automatically driven, taking the player from cover to cover like a shooting gallery. This style of play certainly contributes to its arcade-like feel, accompanied with the brightly colored settings and characters. The player's task is to fire upon multi-colored cutouts of villains and bandits, while making sure to avoid hitting friendlies, such as damsels in distress and elderly townspeople. The soundtrack and voice acting is really fitting for the feel of the game and adds to the slighty goofy journey of saving a western town. 

Gunslingers: Here are some of the enemies that you’ll be facing throughout the journey.

Stopped for Mail: Some barrels wait to be shot outside a hardware store and food mart. 

15. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD Gameplay

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath tells the tale of a fearsome bounty hunter on the hunt for reward through blood or capture set in a bizzare place. It was developed by Oddworld Inhabitants, another one of the studios named aptly for their most well-known game. Having been released in 2005, the relative age on the graphics engine shows for the eyes of modern players, but nonetheless, the gameplay is still lively. It shares many mechanics to the other game of its time, Ratchet and Clank. Similarly, the playthrough is entirely single player. 

One of the useful features of Stranger's Wrath game is the ability to switch between first and third person at will. The cast of characters that the protagonist, Stanger, encounters are downright creepy and imaginative. There are some chicken folks early on in town that stare the Stranger down, they don't appear to contribute to the progression of the quest much. The video shows some action later on, with Stranger hopping around to dodge lasers and mount ledges in order to pass through the level. 

Crossbow Glow: A view of the first person mode, that can be switched into at anytime.

Sheer Rocks: The Environment of Oddworld, is rocky, barren and downright creepy. (look at those spiders!)  

14. Western 1849 Reloaded

Western 1849 Reloaded Gameplay

Developed by Nawia Games, Western 1849 Reloaded is traditionally for the Nintendo Switch, but available for PC. It is a third person, point and shoot game set amongst saloons, stables, and banks of yesteryear.

The game works by moving from cover to cover, in a style that mixes Gears of War and the other title on our list Mad Bullets. Taking out bad guys boosts your multiplier and challenges the player to compete with rivals for score. Easy enough to play, a real pick up and play sort of experience, it is just casual enough without being boring. Cover is essential as wave after wave appear, bringing with it, new enemies to take care of. 

Knock Out: A single shot from the repeater sent this guy flat on his back. (Dead as a doornail)

Waves: The round begins and so the cowboy must prepare for an attack from all sides.

13. Gunman Clive

Gunman Clive Gameplay

Available on Switch, IOS, and PC, Gunman Clive is a side-scrolling platformer through a sketchy wild west. When I say this, I mean that the world is almost penciled in. As the name implies, one gunman, named Clive, has to try to save the day as he runs along a platformy series of enviorments full of blue bandits. The game was developed in Sweden by a small developer called Hörberg Productions, FYI. Gunman Clive has been quite popular on the indie scene. 

Clive runs along his sepia-toned world, climbing up ladders and jumping small hurdles, he almost appears to be Mario or Kirby. He has to dodge flying bullets from the blue cowboys coming from above an below. To help him along the way, Clive will come across gun power-ups, like shotguns to help mitigate the dangers of his world. 

The Gatlin Gun Invention: Clive is dreading the day that the spinning barrel gun came around. Facing up against this boss won't be easy! 

Damsel In Distress: Sometimes Clive needs to get out there and save a lady in peril.

Bonus: Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay

In the middle of our list is the giant new title, Red Dead Redemption 2. This game is immense with an incredible open world of quests, realistic AI and captivating story. It was developed by Rockstar Games, and has many similarities to GTA V.

The trailer shows great expanses of mountainous territory and a brawl in the street. Slow motion gun play allows for greater amounts of headshots, and more gorey results. The gameplay trailer then shows a desperado riding away into the cover of night as well as some of the other characters that will be present throughout; a whore, an inventor, etc. You’ll have the chance to hang out, play songs and games with your gang, when not killing, maiming, stealing, or otherwise. 

Main Street Shootout: Guns are locked and loaded, as are the bandana disguises for these two desperados. Boom baby.

The Gang: Here is your crew, a motley crew of roughnecks and rogues.

11. Hard West

Hard West Gameplay

Made by CreativeForge Games, Hard West is similar to XCOM, another title of the turn-based strategy genre. The main difference here are the characters and setting; all western.

The game opens from a top-down perspective, with movement through the environment highlighted by orange light. That way, you know what character, or characters, you are controlling. Selecting a square sets the character in motion, letting him run toward the surrounding buildings to investigate for clues in the current predicament. Some missions are quite simple in order to advance, like picking up an item. So, for example, in this opening sequence, a dead body is found, bringing to close a mystery of where the dead person had gone to.

Dark, Dusty Streets: The mood of this town is desolate and despaired, death lingers.

Map: Use the skull to select the area that you want to visit.

10. Call of Juarez®: Gunslinger

Call of Juarez®: Gunslinger Gameplay

Another title in the Call of Juarez series developed by Ubisoft, Gunslinger takes on the idyllic story of Jesse James and other outlaws as they travel the wild west. Many of the stories happen to be true, or at least to some degree. It is available on Steam.

There are plenty of enemies to be taken out here, and fire is heavy as the player stands on the roof firing down on them. Point counters are flying on the screen and there is a grit that makes the game feel tough. All the buildings are made of wood and the character is constantly talking or complaining. I suppose this is to add to character development.

The Thinker: A man sits perplexed, or maybe to just provide the quest.

Pumpkins For Days: This gunslinger stands in a pumpkin patch reloading a revolver. Pressing RB will activate the player’s weapon.  

9. Westerado: Double Barreled

Westerado: Double Barreled Gameplay

A game by Adult Swim studios, you are dropped into an open world and allowed to explore. This is a true western game, based in the outlaws of yesterday. The style of the game is pixelated and autumn colored. The look is just right for getting into the Oregon Trail-esc mood.

The game begins with the player in a house with their mother and brother who live happily on a farm. The first quest is to find the marauders who destroyed his family farm and to avenge them. The scene is dramatic and desolate. Flames burn and wood is scattered about with several deceased human bodies. As the protagonist sets out on the outer lands of Westerado, they will discover different odd characters who will provide 8-bit quests. Each playthrough can be entirely unique due to the fact that anyone can be killed, reactions to your actions are varied and every decision otherwise influences the ending outcome.

A Happy Homestead: A homesteader stands as another takes potshots at bottles.  

Native Lands: These natives have found a place to live in the world of Westerado.

8. Call of Juarez®: Bound in Blood

Call of Juarez®: Bound in Blood Gameplay

Call of Juarez®: Bound in Blood is a first person, co-op shooter game, that revolves around a triad of brothers going through the American Southwest and Mexico in search of a lost city full of riches. In their search, they encounter townspeople and bandits that have complications that need addressing. In other words, the road to El Dorado is full of bumps. The game was developed by Techland Publishing in 2009.

Use leaning mechanics and iron sights to target desperadoes in darkly lit locales. Being hard to see  suits you to peek around cover in order to take them out. The cutscenes are really dramatic and generally well acted. The ability seen below allows the player to quick fire their revolvers and auto aim to kill. Which is very useful when there are many around to kill.

Left, Right, Center: No force is any match for a fool with dual revolvers!

Lever-action Baby: The chickens would get wrecked with a single shot.

7. Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive

Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive Gameplay

A tactical over-head game, it runs real time with the player controlling a group of western gunslingers on a quest through the land. It was made for Microsoft Games and is available on Steam.

When the game begins, the train is being robbed on its way into station. The banker appears disgruntled to lose his money. Here appears two controllable characters, who were aboard the train. They enter into a series of challenges between one another, with the reward being free liquor. The question was, could the first gunslinger hit a bottle or would he have pay for a round at the bar?

A Shot of the Fair: An overhead view of the center of town where they are preparing to have the festival. 

The Hacienda: Horses are tied up outside this tiled house, we can only imagine what the commodore doesn’t understand.

6. GUN™

GUN™ Gameplay

Called a “Revisionist Western game” it was developed by Activision and Neversoft; some very prominent developers in the industry. Gun was released several years ago in 2005 and so the graphics reflect this condition. Nonetheless, the GTA like elements, and free controls make for fun and adventure.

The game has many features of classic western tradition. Riding horseback, shooting lever-actions at drug pushers and thugs. The scene looks like a cut out town from Blazing Saddles. Run and kill, run and kill, the game is very fast paced.

The Town’s People Need Your Help!: The player is queued to assist in time of bandit occupation.

Get the Herd: The objective is plain to read for the player. Take care of business, and make sure those cattle don’t get away.

5. Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West

Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West Gameplay

A team-based third person shooter, developed by Fatshark games, it is playable online via Steam. Two factions face off against each other in themed maps in a variety of game modes. This would be similar to other third person shooters, like Team Fortress Two.

The gameplay follows a red player running through the hills with wooden supports everywhere. An altercation develops later on while running up one of the struts. There is some delay upon respawning. A friendly player helps the cowboy by healing him up, showing some of the cooperative mechanics.

Boom!: Coonskin cap character is looking over to the explosion of some enemies at a far.

A Tunnel Through: The cowboy gazes casually through the rocks along a set of mine car tracks.

4. Bounty Train

Bounty Train Gameplay

Set in the late 1800s in the American West, this game was developed by Corbie Games. It is only for computer and available on Steam. Basically, control a system of train cars.

Build a complex train system that travels through the old west. Each car holds different crew members and utilities. Each controllable AI can go through the train seamlessly. The train can also be attacked by bandits. 

Chuga-Choo-Choo: The train is under attack! Damage is taken by the sandbag enemy on the right side.

Send the Package: Stopping by a residence, the train is looking to take up some resources.  

3. Wild Frontera

Wild Frontera Gameplay

With a little introduction, we are let in on the back drop for the game. Times have changed

The protagonist is on the hunt for outlaws and villains to shoot down. It was produced by Tamarin Studios, as a sort of indie title.

A Top Down Western Shooter, Wild Frontera is casual and fun to play. It relies upon quick aim mechanics and point multipliers to move gameplay along, giving it an arcady feel. The player gets surrounded occasionally, so be ready to perform spin fire moves in order to escape the tight corridors of this hellish map.  

Fireballs: The right corner of the screen is burning up with attacks toward the player. Some fallen still lay on the ground.

And Then There Was One: The Gunslinger made easy work of the bandits, maintaining three hearts in the corner.

2. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown Gameplay

A first person monster killing game set in the swamps of Louisiana, Hunt: Showdown is a must play. The game is made by Crytek and runs on the the same engine. Technically, Hunt: Showdown is in the horror genre.

The gameplay shows the player sneaking around a barn with a lever action rifle. If you die in game, it is permanent, meaning that one loses all their loot upon death, and so, the gameplay is very tenuous and careful. They enter the barn to find a monster that needs sending back to hell. After some amount of rifle fire, the thing is put down.

Thats a gun: A shot of the revolver in action; on the hunt for monsters.

Spooky: The swamp here is lit eerily, with what looks like a bizarre tree in the center of it.

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