[Top 25] Best Space Games With Fun Combat and Exploration

Best Space Games
Space ship goes pew-pew!

We’re gonna go into space and finally meet with Wheatley. Well, maybe we won’t until Valve finally makes Portal 3. Anyways, we’ll talk about futuristic games that take place in space - you can expect combat between spaceships and exploration of other planets and all that jazz. Let’s get into it:

25. The Outer Worlds

What’s strange about this game are the weird zooms into other NPC’s faces after you engage in conversations with them - kinda weird, but ok. Plenty of dialogue options that will shape the story of this game. 

And there’s also combat - it’s awesome, you can acquire and improve weaponry, sometimes slow down the time and slay alien creatures with style. The game is awesome, maybe a little bit expensive, but for some, it will be surely worth the money!


24. Stellaris

A game where you’ll explore, conquer and commit genocide on a planet full of adorable alien creatures. You can establish your own political system on the planet that you’ve colonized, enslave other people or just be a complete degenerate, despicable warlord that thrives off of war and misery of other inhabitants of planets. 

I could talk and talk about this game, but it’s just too much to write about - try this game out for yourself, it’s incredibly addicting and you’ll love it!


23. STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™


22. No Man’s Sky 

A game with an unlimited amount of planets to explore and settle on, many creatures to slaughter or run away from and fun base-building. You’ll have an inventory where you’ll be able to gather more and more resources as you travel, that you’ll use for new tools or building materials. 

You also won’t get bored of it, the game randomly generates terrains of planets that you travel to - monsters included. Sick game, despite the drama it has left behind!


21. EVE Online

The game is massive - if you love politics in space, this game is totally for you! 


20. Space Engineers

What is this game about? It’s about exploration and building space stations, settlements on planets that you’ve visited, sometimes even your own ships if you’ve got bored of the older models and many more cool features!

The game is hard but very rewarding, graphics are dope and you’ll get hooked up on it - try it, it’s countless hours of fun and you’ll love it!


19. Oxygen Not Included

The game won’t shower you with kisses and rainbows in the beginning, but with experience, you’ll eventually learn to have a more comfortable life. Fun game!


18. Kerbal Space Program


17. Outer Wilds

New adventures await for you in this lovely game - you’ll fall in love with its fun gameplay and simple, but colorful graphics!


16. Dyson Sphere Program

The game has to offer awesome exploration and resource gathering from a countless list of planets, build your fabrics and fill your galactic empire with space goodies!


15. Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition

About the story - evil aliens are attacking humans, play as Commander Shepard or some other customized character and fight off spooky creatures. We’ll bang, okay? 


14. Surviving Mars

Also, the tutorial will most likely take you 5 hours - this game is not for casuals and it will take you a lifetime to master this game!


13. Elite Dangerous

An open-world space game, where you can engage in dogfighting with other spaceships. You’ll start with a piece of crap spaceship and a small amount of currency to your name, so you know what that means…

Grinding and grinding in an unforgiving galactic, filled with bloodthirsty players that will gladly destroy you for very little gain or just sport. Lovely!



Besides fascinating exploration, you can also craft and drive vehicles, build awesome bases and have fun with your friends in this awesome multiplayer game. Try it out, it’s worth your time!


11. Warframe

Although this game is fun, it’s challenging for newer players, but not for long - there will eventually come a time where you’ll feel rewarded and satisfied!


10. FTL: Faster Than Light

Also, if you die once in this game, you start from scratch - but don’t worry too much about it, the game has massive replayability and you’ll get hooked on it for tens and tens of hours, maybe hundreds if you’re crazy enough!


9. Star Trek Online

Unless you get attacked by multiple ships at once. That’s why it’s a good idea to hang around with your buddies then going alone and getting bombarded with a long list of Sci-Fi cannons!


8. STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II

You might also play as a special character - for example, Darth Vader. You’ll be an OP powerhouse, capable of taking multiple hits at once and killing everything in sight. Awesome game!


7. Starbound

Some people call this game Terraria on steroids - they’re correct. But what is this game actually about? Apparently, our main protagonist escaped his home and ended up in space, somehow… But anyways, the game has a long list of craftable items that will help you on your journey of exploring distant space filled with exotic planets and full of hostile creatures, which defeating might be a challenge - nonetheless, the game is extremely fun. Try it out!


6. Empyrion - Galactic Survival


5. STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order™

Besides complex combat and an enjoyable storyline, there’s also a lot of exploring to do - you’ll be visiting plenty of planets with different terrains, civilizations and life forms. If you’re a Star Wars geek, you have to try it!


4. Avorion

A game where you can build your own spaceships, that’s exactly what the previously mentioned space games were lacking. In this game, you can craft ENORMOUS or tiny space ships. Depending on the size of your ship, the handling of it will also be affected.

Drift in space, trade, harvest resources via mining, wage wars on others and spend countless hours in this fascinating game - it’s a must-try!


3. ENDLESS™ Space 2

What can you do in this game? Colonize other planets and be a complete jerk to everyone around you. Combat in this game is pretty simple, but satisfying at the same time - equip your spaceship with a long list of Sci-Fi weaponry or defensive capabilities and witness the epicness of battles in this game - that’s until you get a cutscene of a ship exploding, at that point, it becomes kinda meh.

Nonetheless, the game is intriguing and fun as heck and worth the price.


2. Hardspace: Shipbreaker

This game is a little bit less tense, it’s perfect after you’ve finished working and wanna play a game where you’ll find abandoned/destroyed ships, cut them into pieces, and gather important materials that you can sell. 

The game also has to offer impressive physics - one wrong cut and you’re gonna get sucked out of the ship or electrocuted. It’s also pretty cheap on Steam!


1. Star Citizen

The behemoth of space games, although it’s a bit buggy, it is still being regularly updated with bug fixes and other updates that give content. The community in this game is fantastic - you can expect help from everyone, even if you ask the most obvious question!

If you love piloting, this game is most definitely for you - there’s a steep learning curve for spaceship piloting in this game, but with enough patience and time, you’ll get a hang of it and wreck some kids while dogfighting. The graphics are also out of this world - they look incredible and the world itself feels infinite. This is a game that you just must buy!

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