Top Ten Games Like Endless Space 2 (Games Better Than Endless Space 2 In Their Own Way)

Games Like Endless Space 2
Engage in intense battles in Stellaris!

What Are The Best Games like Endless Space 2?

The second edition of the hit 4X Sci-fi strategy game from Amplitude Studios was released earlier this year.

Endless Space 2 allows the player to take the helm of one of nine space-faring empires, each starting with their own unique traits and abilities along with the intent to expand, explore, exploit, and exterminate their way across the galaxy. We all know that no matter how good of a game it is, you absolutely need more just like it. Ones with their own features that keep the genre interesting.

While Endless Space 2 certainly provides endless entertainment, here at GamersDecide we have spent hours compiling the newest games that will provide just as much Sci-fi 4X excitement in their own unique ways.

Endless Space 2 Trailer

10. AI War 2

AI War 2 Trailer

AI War 2 is the quintessential mixture of grand strategy and real-time strategy gameplay. The game places the player in a galaxy that has been overrun by Artificial Intelligence and Mankind is on the brink of extinction. You must fight against overwhelming odds, steal technologies, fortify your small footholds of humanity, and fight an all out war of survival.

The biggest perk to AI War 2 is the moddability aspect. Possibly one of the most moddable strategy games on the market, you will find infinite entertainment value and your biggest problem will be getting away from your computer.

Gorgeous graphics, hours of music, and an intense battle engine make AI War 2 a must have for the Sci-fi strategy fanatics that take their recreation seriously.

AI War 2 provides close quarter space combat on a colossal scale that is not for the faint of heart. Your intergalactic AI overlords have a near infinite amount of ships and resources. Every battle will be pivotal in ensuring the survival of the Human race and every battle will be fierce.

The arks in AI War 2 are the last bastions of humanity in the galaxy. These planetoid like cities are the heart of Human resistance against the AI. From these dazzling bulwarks, you will plan your impossible mission to combat the AI threatening the existence of all life in the galaxy.

9. Stellaris

Stellaris Game Trailer

Paradox Interactive hit the proverbial nail on the head with their newest project that has been evolving over the past 2 years. Stellaris places you in a galaxy with dozens of other empires that will be vying for power. As you explore the galaxy around you, you will encounter countless anomalies and random events that keep you sucked into the gameplay. Battle pirates and monstrous space creatures. Use your diplomatic savvy to secure resources and build an armada that is feared throughout the galaxy. The real-time fleet battles are beautiful and there are dozens of ship styles for each species as well as varying tech paths that give distinct advantages and superweapons to your mighty fleet. Fight in space, on planetary surfaces, and beings from different dimensions in this intense Sci-fi strategy. As the developers keep putting out new DLCs on an almost monthly basis, Stellaris can hold the mantle of the “Grandest of Grand Strategy games”.

“The Colossus” ship design, as seen above, is one of the most powerful space-faring crafts in the game. After hundreds of years spent on research and production this super weapon allows you to wield the devastating power of a planet killer. With the ability to destroy every planet you come across, galactic domination is certain.

Epic real-time combat in Stellaris provides you an exhilarating experience of space combat and the aesthetic beauty of laser beams and nuclear explosions. Ships varying in size from fighters to planetoids will clash in every corner of the galaxy until there is a clear dominating force.

8. Star Ruler 2

Star Ruler 2 Trailer

Star Ruler 2 is a massive 4X real-time strategy game set in the vast reaches of space. With the ability to command thousands of ships and control hundreds of planets, the space combat can escalate to extreme levels. You can play as one of seven unique races and will have the ability to customize your ships, starbases, and fleets. Manipulate galactic political systems, research advanced techs, and send your massive fleets into the abyss of space combat to achieve pure galactic domination.

The real-time combat in Space Ruler 2 shows off the brilliant graphics as you watch your custom ships tear their way through the galaxy. As you research more powerful weapons and ship designs the scale of combat becomes unprecedented. Only one faction will prevail as the rest fall to the wayside.

The ability to create super structures like the “Ring World” shown above, keeps the game interesting to the last moments of gameplay. Only the factions with true galactic power projection will be able to stand the test of time in Star Ruler 2.

7. Starsector

A Starsector mod, Obsidian Void

Different than the other games on this list, Starsector is a top-down strategy game. You will pilot your flagship and lead your fleets from system to system conquering everything in your path. Starsector has a particular focus on starship loadouts and status buffs that are applied before battles. Customizing your ship’s loadouts and hiring officers to strengthen your fleets before battles adds another layer of strategy and customization to the gameplay. Starsector does a great job balancing these new combat engine and gameplay approaches while maintaining the classic strategy feel that we all know and love.

While the game is in a 2D setup, the top-down approach does not take away from the great graphics Starsector has to offer. Starting out with smaller frigate style ships, you will eventually gain the ability to build and command gargantuan spacecraft that will prove to be unstoppable in your quest to control the galaxy.

Of course, what would a top-down game be without boss battles? In your quest to take the galaxy you will realize you are not the only one with the ability to construct large warships. The in-depth combat controls and tactical abilities will be your saving grace in these epic clashes of galactic control.

6. Galactic Civilizations 3

Galactic Civilizations 3 Trailer

Galactic Civilizations (or Gal Civ as it is affectionately known to the Sci-fi fanatics) is a cult classic PC game collection. This third edition combines breathe taking graphics, turn-based grand strategy, and Sci-fi into a great game that is heavy on diplomacy and politics. Gal Civ 3 offers an in-depth political engine, where the ruling party brings additional traits and benefits and the parties not in power may become quite a thorn in your side. As your empire grows so do your forms of government. Live peacefully in a stellar democracy or conquer every star you come across as a mighty star federation. Lead your space armada and your political party to greatness and spread your influence and culture across the galaxy. Gal Civ 3 is a great Sci-fi strategy that brings a whole nother aspect to the genre with their focus on government, diplomacy, and politics.

The space battles of Gal Civ 3 provide great graphics and totally customizable ships. Not just the armaments, but the entire ship itself including the shape and size can be changed and edited by the player. One can easily get carried away by spending hours making new ship designs in the fleet manager.

National and International diplomacy makes up a good portion of the Gal Civ 3 gameplay. There are countless options available to you when negotiating with foreign empires. Each empire has its own unique approach to diplomacy. For example, the Drengin as seen above are notoriously ruthless and focus mostly on warfare.

5. Distant Worlds: Universe

Distant Worlds Trailer

The best way to sum up Distant Worlds: Universe is like this; “enormous, complex, and fun.” A 4X grand strategy game that combines both turn-based and real-time gameplay. The biggest aspect of the game is its complexity. This game is quite possibly the most complex and extensive game you will ever play. It has been called a 4X strategy game with the scope of an MMO. While yes the game is complex, it is also relatively easy to get the hang of and one of the most fun games on this list.

Distant Worlds: Universe’s complexity drips down to the in-game fleet combat. There are countless weapons to be affixed to your spacecraft, including intense area effect weapons.

There are several different species to choose from in Distant Worlds: Universe, each seemingly more exotic than the last. For example, The Sulken as pictured above are insectoids that have the ability to incorporate the limbs of other species that they have conquered to their own bodies. They also have an intense reverence for death. Needless to say, they are tough.

4. STAR WARS ™ Empire at War

Star Wars: Empire At War Trailer

Is there anything better than Star Wars? No. Empire at War combines the legendary and iconic Star Wars’ story and characters into an amazing grand strategy game. Pick a side in the galactic civil war and command your troops to defeat and eradicate the Rebel scum, or rise against the evil Empire of the Sith. The perfect mixture of turn-based grand strategy and real-time strategy combat. Star Wars Empire at War is a top tier 4X strategy game that pays homage to the greatest Sci-fi series in history.

Above the iconic AT-ATs are leading the way against the Rebellion. All the units in the game have been pulled directly from the silver screen. Allowing you to command your favorite war machines and characters from the movies.

Your quest for galactic domination, or galactic liberation, will spend equal time in space as on the dozens of exotic planets from the Star Wars universe. Your space fleets have a wide array of armaments while simultaneously keeping those classic ship designs.

3. Sid Meier’s Civilization (R): Beyond Earth

Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth Cinematic

When it comes to strategy games, no one does it better than Sid Meier and his studio. Beyond Earth is the parallel titles released around the same time as Civilization V. The gameplay and graphics are similar between the 2 titles. As Earth collapses you are tasked with raising a colony on a new alien world that is similar to Earth. As you build and grow on this “New Earth”, many challenges await you: hostile wildlife, rival human settlements, and making decisions that will affect your colony for the rest of its existence. Choose the sponsor of your future colony and take to the stars in the out of this world continuation of the Sid Meier Saga.

While the similarities between Beyond Earth and Civilization V are many, Beyond Earth is a game of its own. Battle hostile creatures, exploit rare resources and build futuristic armies and industrial complexes to keep your colony prosperous.

Diplomacy is the backbone of Beyond Earth much like it is in the rest of the Civilization series. You are not the only colony on this “New Earth”. You will have to work with one another to survive this alien planet, however, once you have mastered nature it is time to master your fellow man.

2. Eons of War

Eons of War Gameplay

If you’re a Sci-Fi strategy game fanatic like me, then you grew up on the Master of Orion series. If you did, then you most likely miss playing such a classic game. You may have asked yourself when will there ever be another game like it...look no further. Eons of War is best summed up as Master of Orion: Redux. In Eons of War, you command a space-faring civilization in an ever-changing galaxy that requires constant adaptation to survive. There’s one last catch, every turn...equals a million game years. This means you will be witnessing the natural life cycles of celestial bodies and will have to plan your Empire around the birth and death of the stars themselves. This bold new project is currently in Beta and will be released next May.

You will start the game by commanding an advanced space-faring civilization. Building relays between stars, mining asteroids, and developing research techniques are the only ways to survive the constantly changing galaxy around you.

Resource collection is a rather complicated balancing act in Eons of War. Gathering energy from stars and minerals from asteroids will provide you the ability to build superstructures like Dyson’s Spheres and Ring Worlds or raise an armada of ships to take control of the galaxy and colonize the stars.

1. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion Trailer

Rebellion is the stand-alone expansion to Sins of a Solar Empire. Rebellion will prove to be the most in-depth real-time strategy game you have ever played. Sins allows you to play one of 3 civilizations, each of which has 2 factions to choose from. All of which have their own unique units and traits. Amass fleets of frigates and cruisers led by mighty capital ships that can provide overwhelming firepower and area effects. Gameplay takes place in a single solar system or a small cluster of systems. FTL travel methods, strategic weapons, resource trades, pirate raids, and research advancements all taking place in real time. It may sound daunting but Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion provides some of the best Sci-fi Strategy gameplay you will find for quite some time.

The space battles in Sins escalate to a scale of unit combat that would rival most MMOs. It requires a true tactician to hold their own in the nail biting close quarters combat in Sins. As you expand across solar systems and your armada grows, so do your rival’s fleets. Not only do the ship designs become more advanced by the powerful capital ships gain combat experience, unlocking more and more abilities to use in combat.

Yes, you will come across Boss if the sheer scale of combat wasn’t enough already. Your rival capital ships will also grow in experience and a high-level capital ship will have the ability to hold their own against a sizable fleet by themselves. As you progress through the game it will become clear that brute force will never work and a complicated and smart strategy will be required to achieve victory.

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