[Top 25] Best Paranormal Movies of 2020

[Top 25] Best Paranormal movies of 2020
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The Paranormal, a scary and intriguing subject. 


Last year saw a lot of movies being released, some of the paranormal based and today we will count down the best paranormal movies of 2020. 

We are attracted to the paranormal, perhaps it is in our nature, perhaps we like to be scared, perhaps our nature is to seek answers to the unknown. We may not get these answers in life and for some that are fine, for others life beyond death needs to have an answer. 

Personally, I know I will get answers, and even if it is a question always on my mind, it’s not a problem for me. 

We even attribute abilities we can not understand to being of paranormal origins.  

Today we will countdown the Best Top 25 Paranormal movies of 2020:


25 The Amityville Harvest (2020):

THE AMITYVILLE HARVEST Trailer (2020) Ghost Horror

A paranormal investigation crew is invited to a mansion to hear a story and document any paranormal activity. However, their host is not being picked up on video or audio. They soon begin to fall under his spell, one by one. Two sisters must survive the dark magic that the host employs. It is a great-looking movie, the trailer makes the movie look interesting. 

An entity is so powerful that it can look alive and draw people into the house. That's terrifying.


24 An English Haunting (2020)

AN ENGLISH HAUNTING (2020) Official Trailer (HD)

Set in 1960’s England, an alcoholic mother and her son are forced to move in with his Grandfather, the owner of Clemont Hall. They can roam the house while the grandfather is dying in the attic. Soon paranormal activity starts. To overcome this the mother and son must solve the mystery of Clemont Hall. 

For a movie about hauntings, it looks really scary, the story slowly burns well and the effects are good.


23 The Haunting of Bly Manor (2020)

The Haunting of Bly Manor | Teaser Trailer | Netflix

Netflix. The follow up to the 2018 movie “The Haunting of Hill House'' and part of the anthology series. Bly Manor is home to the living and the dead. The movie also has hidden ghosts to spot. The trailer shows off the movie well.


22 The Dawn (2020)

THE DAWN Official Trailer (2020) Horror Movie HD

A woman who lost her family is possessed by a demon, the church must exorcise the demon to save the woman. The trailer does a really good job showing off the movie. The effects are really good and the story feels well written.


21 Paranormal Attraction (2020).

Paranormal Attraction - Trailer

Amazon. To get away from someone, a woman moves away and into an abandoned house, soon the paranormal activity begins. The trailer shows off something and hides a lot. The story feels well written.


20 The Faceless Man (2020)

THE FACELESS MAN Trailer (2020) Paranormal Horror

To take her mind off the fear of getting cancer, again, a woman and her friends venture to a country house, cut off from society. These friends must survive the entity known as “The Faceless Man” and the residents of the town. Yes, the entity appears in the trailer, however, the trailer focuses on the residents more. It still looks good as a movie.  

This entity looks creepy. I would not like to meet it.


19 Rootwood (2020)

Rootwood Official Trailer (2020) Paranormal Horror

A paranormal investigation crew heads to a forest to conduct an investigation. What they find is more than they bargained for. The movie looks scary and has a sad story within the plot.


18 Camp Cold Brook (2020)

Camp Cold Brook Official Trailer (2020) Paranormal Horror

Sent to investigate an abandoned camp, a paranormal team soon faces what lurks there. This movie will have a lot of jump scares, it looks really good. The story feels well written.


17 His House (2020)

HIS HOUSE | Official Trailer | Netflix

A group of Sudan refugees are moved into a rundown home and told not to move. The dark entity shows itself. The movie looks really good. I will be putting it on my watchlist


16 Evil Takes Root: The Curse of Batibat (2020)

EVIL TAKES ROOT: THE CURSE OF THE BATIBAT Official Trailer (2020) Horror, Supernatural

To investigate the loss of his old love and reconcile past sins, a paranormal investigator. He must battle evil to save the town and his old love’s daughter. The trailer looks amazing, definitely looks like a good watch.


15 8ight After (2020)

8ight After (2020) - FREE on Prime - Official Trailer #2 - Found Footage Horror Movie HD

A youtube star renovates her home and finds a box, after it is opened they unleash an evil entity. I feel it borrows heavily from Paranormal Activity, however, if you like to be scared this is the one to watch.


14 In Your Afterglow (2020)

Official Trailer: In Your Afterglow

A young autistic girl can see and talk to ghosts, a mother believes some autistic people can talk to ghosts, this leads the mother on a path to discover reincarnation. The acting seems to be okay. The trailer does an okay job of showing off the movie. I believe this movie was meant to show autism in a better light, however, as an autistic person, I feel something is missing from the trailer that I hope is in the movie.


13 The Grudge (2020)

The Grudge Trailer #1 (2020)

In an unsuspecting house, murder was committed and the police called in. The entity attaches itself to a detective and a realtor, then the terror begins. The effects are really good. The story feels well written. This is a must-watch for horror and paranormal fans.


12 The Sonata (2020)

A woman inherits a house and finds something her father was working on, something evil and demonic. The trailer looks well put together and the story well written. The house also appears to be haunted. Music and a secret society play a big role in the story


11 Gretel and Hansel (2020)

GRETEL & HANSEL Trailer (2020) Horror Movie

A new twist of the classics adds more magic to the story. Two siblings cast out must fend for themselves. They soon discover evil lives in this wood and it’s not just the cannibalistic witch, but Gretel learns she can see what is hidden. I am not a big fan of twists to classic stories. However, this movie appears to be good. Lots of scares and special effects.


10 Fantasy Island (2020)

Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island - Final Trailer

Five people are brought to the island to live out their fantasy, they soon discover the island is paranormal and offers the fantasy at a price. The trailer is well put together and is scary in parts as much as it is wholesome. This is one movie I will be watching.


09 Body Cam (2020)

BODY CAM Official Trailer (2020) Mary J. Blige, Nat Wolff Movie HD

Two cops come across death and a supernatural being. They have to solve the case to stop the activity and killings. It looks like a really good movie. Lots of scares and good acting. The story feels well written. 


08 Host (2020)

Host - Official Trailer [HD] | A Shudder Original

A group of friends hire a medium to host a seance over Zoom. Soon the paranormal activity begins across each of the friend’s homes, everyone experiences activity. The movie is interesting. The story is well written, the acting and effects are good.


07 You Should Have Left (2020)

You Should Have Left - Official Trailer (HD)

A modern Welsh vacation home is seen as the ideal spot to repair a family's relationship. However, things soon turn bad when the house comes alive and things are not as they seem from the very start. The movie feels well written, the acting and effects are good.


06 Scare Me (2020)

Scare Me - Official Trailer [HD] | A Shudder Original

Three strangers take to one cabin and tell scary stories. Soon the scary stories manifest and force one of them to confront his fears. The trailer is very good, it shows off how well written the story is.


05 Death Of Me (2020)

DEATH OF ME Trailer (2020) Maggie Q, Horror Movie

Taking a vacation on an isolated island off Thailand a couple wake up with no memory, however, they find a recording over two hours long that shows them killing one another and the couple must solve the paranormal mystery to survive. The trailer shows off a well-written movie and the acting is okay, but the biggest draw might be the special effects


04 The Binding (2020)

The Binding Official Trailer (HD) Movie (2020)

A man takes his fiancee to Italy and now she must solve the mystery of a deadly curse. This is an interesting movie the acting looks good with some scares.


03  Don’t Look Back (2020)

DON'T LOOK BACK (2020) Official Trailer (HD) SUPERNATURAL

A man dies from being beaten to death and seven people stand by, now something is coming to get them, one by one. They believe a part of the man is still here among the living and that is killing the seven. Now a woman has to find a way to stop the killings before she is killed. It is like Scream, but the killer is paranormal. The story is well written, the acting and effects are good.


02 Spell (2020)

SPELL | Official Trailer [HD] | Paramount Movies

A family crash lands in the rural Appalachia mountains and the local hoodoo priestess connects a man, they say is the only one found,  to a doll. He must break the curse and save his family. It looks like a really good movie. The acting and effects are good and the story is well written. If you're a fan of mystic arts this movie might be for you. 


01 The Call (2020)

THE CALL Official Trailer (2020) Horror Movie

A woman dies from a prank. The pranksters are summoned to the house and asked to dial a number, wait one minute and survive the night against the paranormal to inherit some money. The movie looks amazing. Toby Bell and Elise Rainier do a great job in this movie.


Now, I have more preparations to make. So if you will please excuse me, my survival knives need a good sharpening, I need to prep my protective vest and I need to set my mask up and disguise, it changes designs at the push of a button……I’m going to a Halloween party as a Purge participant.  


Happy Halloween…….


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