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Best MTG Arena Addons, Best MTGa Addons
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Most online games that gain a serious following end up creating a demand for features missing from the official game. In the case of MTG Arena, these come in the form of add-ons like deck trackers and collection managers. Though it's not endorsed, the developers have said that third-party software like that is okay as long as it doesn't violate the terms of service. In this article, we'll take a quick look at five of the best add-ons the community has to offer as of now.

5. MTGAHelper

MTGAHelper is an add-on that reads your MTGA log file and uploads it to their server. Compared to the others, the main app sticks to the basic functions of in-match deck tracking and a draft pick helper. The other features such as tracking your collection and deck statistics are accessible by logging on to their website.

Why MTGAHelper is great:

  • The app takes up very little memory when running and doesn’t run any ads.
  • You can opt to sign in via your Google or Facebook account instead of doing manual registration.
  • Besides the typical decklist and drawing odds, the in-game tracker also has features such as a game timer and a detailed game actions log.
  • Aside from the given ratings from a draft expert, it lets you input your own draft card ratings if you want.
  • On their website, you have access to tools that help you decide whether to craft cards or open boosters depending on your collection.

Get the Add-on here: https://mtgahelper.com/

4. MTG Arena Tool

MTG Arena Tool advertises itself as a collection browser, a deck tracker, and a stats manager. It has a neat Explore feature that lets you browse user-created decks from inside the app itself. For Patreon supporters, it has extra features such as synchronizing data across devices and access to global card win rate stats.

Why MTG Arena Tool is great:

  • You can choose to run it in offline mode if you don't need the features that only work when you synch online such as metagame data.
  • The front page has a unique feature that displays the list of top wildcards redeemed.
  • The overlay has tons of customizing options, you can display up to five different windows, and toggle them with hotkeys.
  • It gives you the option to stay anonymous when contributing your data and even allows you to erase it if you want.
  • The website shows updated metagame data for the past 10 days for both Standard and Historic.

Get the Add-on here: https://mtgatool.com/

3. MTGArena.PRO

MTGA Pro Tracker auto uploads your collection, decks, matches, draft, and inventory from Arena to their server. You can install it as a stand-alone or as part of Overwolf's Appstore which hosts apps for other games such as Hearthstone. Its app has a feature called Meta of Cards that gives detailed stats about individual cards like popularity and win rate.

Why MTGArena.PRO is great:

  • It has a broad selection of user-created decks to browse including alternative formats like Artisan and Pauper.
  • You can create your own deck without going into MTGA through its Deck Builder feature.
  • You can customize its overlay and toggle them with hotkeys.
  • On their website, you can find relevant announcements about MTGA such as Events Calendar and State of the Game articles.
  • Ladder players have access to useful info like Mythic Leaderboard and detailed card evaluations.

Get the Add-on here: https://mtgarena.pro/

2. Untapped.gg

Untapped.gg is from HSReplay.net's team who also created the popular companion app, Hearthstone Deck Tracker. It has a sleek design and provides the standard functions of deck tracking and draft help overlays. Their website has features such as tier lists and card statistics with the more advanced options are available for Premium users.

Why Untapped.gg is great:

  • The app doesn't run any ads, unlike other entries on this list.
  • You can manage several profiles at once on a single Untapped.gg account.
  • The app takes up very little memory when running.
  • You can customize the size and location of its overlays. Also, it minimizes when not in use and you can command it via hotkeys.
  • The website has a robust tier list with a big sample size including a curated list that can better reflect the competitive metagame.

Get the Add-on here: https://mtga.untapped.gg/

1. MTGA Assistant

MTGA Assistant functions as a deck tracker, draft helper, collection manager, and gives deck and meta analytics. Like another app on this list, you can also install it through the Overwolf Appstore. It has a neat Media feature where you can browse videos/articles from content creators and view them on Overwolf's built-in browser.

Why MTGA Assistant is great:

  • You can opt to sign in via Google, Facebook, or Twitch instead of doing manual registration.
  • Its front page displays content like top decks, preview cards, and articles without needing to visit Aetherhub.com.
  • There's a metagame tab that shows the best decks for each format along with the required wildcards to craft based on your collection.
  • Its smart overlay minimizes to the top left corner when not in use and pops up when it's in a relevant mode.
  • It has its own ladder ranking for app users that includes different formats.

Get the Add-on here: https://mtgaassistant.net/


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