Top 10 Best MTG Arena Decks That Wreck Hard (2019 Edition)

Best MTG Arena Decks
Construct some of the best decks and wreak havoc.

Destroy Your Enemies With The Best MTG Arena Decks

With the new Ravnica Allegiance release and meta shifting  with the addition of some new powerful cards and mechanics, you are probably struggling to climb the ranking ladder.

The decks are all changed, the new stuff may confuse you, and your wallet is too empty  to buy packs and experiment with cards until you find a winning formula.

You have noticed that there is a lack of good MTG Arena deck building content online and you are craving for some helping hand - do not worry! With a careful study of new meta decks since the release, we were able to present the decks that have the biggest win percentage. We will show you why.

Maybe you are a tinkerer and maybe you like to brew your own deck in the game. Even then, you can use this list as a referent point from which you can draw inspiration for some minor deck tweaks.

These are the most powerful decks in the current game.

(NOTE: This particular list will only include best-of-1-decks)

10. Mono-blue Tempo

Playing carefully and protecting your Tempest Djinn will win you the game

Mono-blue established itself since the previous meta as a budget and effective version of tempo [aggro/control] deck that works against basically everything. You have small evasive creatures, card-draw mechanics, counter-spells and cheap ways of protecting your valuable big boy - Tempest Djinn.

What’s good about this deck?

  • Ultra cheap (You have only 4 rare slots for Tempest Djinn) in best of 1
  • Protects your life and your creatures effectively
  • Can establish good board state vs creature decks
  • Wins in the races it’s not allowed to win (vs aggro)
  • A challenging experience with a lot of interaction

How to play this deck effectively:

  • Start quickly with small evasive creatures
  • Slowly take advantage with card draws and early damage (Curious Obsession) 
  • Save mana for hexproofing your creatures and countering spells
  • Keep your Merfolk Tricksters in hand for some nice combat-tricks 
  • Finish the game off with adapted Pteramander and a powerful Tempest Djinn


  • 3     Mist-Cloaked Herald     
  • 4     Pteramander  
  • 4     Siren Stormtamer     
  • 4     Merfolk Trickster     
  • 4     Tempest Djinn     
  • 4   Curious Obsession   
  • 2     Dive Down     
  • 4     Opt     
  • 3     Spell Pierce     
  • 1     Blink of an Eye     
  • 3     Chart a Course          
  • 1     Essence Capture     
  • 4     Wizard's Retort
  • 19   Island

9. Merfolk

Despite being a staple deck for a long time since Ixalan release, the lure of playing UG Merfolk didn’t cease. It provides a good blend of aggro creatures that go wide and grow in power in mid-range and late-game. You have Seafloor Oracle mid-game to refill your hand and counterspells to beware of board-wipes and other removals.

What’s good about this deck?

  • Easy to assemble. More than ⅔ you get as a precon deck award.
  • Absolutely fun to play.
  • Always dominating the battlefield and can protect itself from board wipes.
  • A lot of on-board decisions and +1/+1 counter-placement. 
  • The tears in opponents eyes when River Sneak starts growing and growing...

How to play this deck effectively:

  • Start aggressively and grow your creatures over time.
  • Be careful with trading creatures in battles since they are your win condition.
  • Build up an army and evade the board with River Sneak and Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca.
  • Keep Merfolk Tricksters in hand for control and keep counterspell to protect from board wipes.
  • Finish the game off with Sleep or too many creatures to handle.


  • 3     Jade Bearer     
  • 3     Kumena's Speaker     
  • 3     Deeproot Elite     
  • 4     Merfolk Mistbinder
  • 2     Merfolk Trickster     
  • 4     River Sneak     
  • 4     Silvergill Adept     
  • 3     Watertrap Weaver     
  • 1    Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca 
  • 1     Seafloor Oracle     
  • 4   Syncopate
  • 2    Sleep     
  • 2     Deeproot Waters 
  • 8     Forest     
  • 4    Hinterland Harbor     
  • 8     Island     
  • 4     Breeding Pool

8. B/W Angels

This deck is made for the good ol’ Orzhov control-and-destroy people. You will find no greater satisfaction in BO1 games than playing this kind of deck in aggro-dominated meta. You have everything needed vs aggro decks here - removals, life gain, big creatures, card advantage… 

What’s good about this deck?

  • In a Mono R dominated meta it just gives you so many counters.
  • Having Lyra on board is always mouth-watering.
  • Watch as your enemies sweat to remove one angel just for another one to appear out of nowhere.
  • Vraska’s Contempt may deal with P/Ws in control decks.
  • Pretty hard to counter against if you play it correctly.

How to play this deck effectively:

  • Build up in the early game to counter opponents spells and abilities with Tithe Taker and Tocatli Honour guard. 
  • Keep your Mortifys and Vraska’s Contempts for Enchatments and Plainswalkers if playing vs control.
  • Don’t keep your removals if you play against aggro decks. You have to survive the first waves until the big players enter the fray.
  • Don’t be scared to rush Lyra if you think your opponent has removals. Your other angels will thrive in the later game with nothing to finish them off.
  • Seraph is awesome vs any creature - oriented deck.


  •  4 Adanto Vanguard
  • 3 Lyra Dawnbringer
  • 4 Resplendent Angel
  • 4 Seraph of the Scales
  • 4 Tithe Taker
  • 2 Tocatli Honor Guard
  • 2 Cast Down
  • 3 Consecrate/Consume
  • 3 Mortify
  • 2 Vraska's Contempt
  • 4 History of Benalia
  • 4 Godless Shrine
  • 4 Isolated Chapel
  • 2 Memorial to Folly
  • 1 Orzhov Guildgate
  • 9  Plains
  • 5 Swamp

7. Mardu Hero

This deck rose through ranks with the release of the new set and is one more deck in this aggro-oriented meta. It gained its name thanks to an interesting creature from the new set with the name Hero of the Precinct One. It bases  its play on fast and aggressive multicolored creatures that will grow thanks to the mid-game lords and mentor abilities. 

What’s good about this deck?

  • The new set gave a lot of opportunities for tinkering in Mardu colors
  • Really powerful low-cost creatures with a lot of potential. 
  • Counters the top decks in the meta  which is mono R aggro with more powerful creatures and better clock.
  • Wins the race against control in most of the cases.
  • Best combination of in-game removals.

How to play this deck effectively:

  • Quick wide aggro plays.
  • Removals to clear the board and make way for your creatures.
  • A grown Swiftblade Vindicator causes headache to most of meta creature decks. 
  • Mortify to remove Benalias, Azcanta’s, Experimental Frenzies etc.


  • 3 Footlight Fiend
  • 4 Boros Challenger
  • 4 Hero of Precinct One
  • 4 Swiftblade Vindicator
  • 4 Judith, the Scourge Diva
  • 3 Tajic, Legion's Edge
  • 2 Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice
  • 2 Carnival
  • 1 Bedeck
  • 2 Mortify
  • 1 Revival
  • 4 Heroic Reinforcements
  • 2 Theater of Horrors
  • 4 Godless Shrine
  • 4 Isolated Chapel
  • 4 Blood Crypt
  • 4 Dragonskull Summit
  • 4 Clifftop Retreat
  • 4 Sacred Foundry

6. Gruul Aggro

Gruul is back! The dirty, barbaric guild was always a nice pet deck for aggro lovers but struggled to find its place in the meta in the previous installation of Ravnica. Now, with some really powerful creatures and aggro mechanic, it is again dominating most of the decks. With the release of Gruul Spellbreaker, it found its place in the meta. 

What’s good about this deck?

  • Stomp your opponents with the most powerful creatures in the set.
  • Turn 2 Steel-Leef, turn-3 Nullhide Ferox.
  • Rhythm of The Wild for some anti-control.
  • Vine Mare and Ferox are a real pain for most of the removal decks. 
  • Riot is an awesome mechanic.

How to play this deck effectively:

  • Ramp up quickly with Llanowar. 
  • Turn 2 Rhythm of the Wild opens up your name amazingly vs control.
  •  Kraul Harpooner destroys Drakes, Angles, and Phoenixes.
  •  Thrash removes the big boys. 


  • 4 Llanowar Elves
  • 4 Pelt Collector  
  • 4 Growth-Chamber Guardian  
  • 4 Kraul Harpooner
  • 4 Gruul Spellbreaker
  • 4 Nullhide Ferox  
  • 2 Vine Mare  
  • 4 Steel Leaf Champion
  • 4 Rhythm of the Wild  
  • 3 Thrash // Threat 
  • 4 Stomping Ground
  • 4 Rootbound Crag  
  • 3 Mountain  
  • 12 Forest 

5. Gates

Gates exist for almost a decade in MTG but never found their place in any of the meta or formats. With the latest set not only have they proven to be useful fixers in a multi-colored standard, but now they have a synergy like never before. Why this deck?

  • Some of the most interesting synergies that reminiscence old-school MTG.
  • Creatures and spells that work only with this deck.
  • Basically has an answer for every card in the meta.
  • Rapid ramp taking maximum from cards like Incubation Druid and Circuitous Route

How do you play?

  • Try to get your gets on the field ASAP. 
  • Make the most use of your ramps and mana creatures like Incubation Druid.
  • Gateway Sneak and Hydroid Crasis are massive advantage cards so use them wisely.
  • Gatebreaker Ram and Gate Colossus are unstoppable creatures in this meta and once they are out on the open you are trailing. 
  • Gates Ablaze will rarely wipe your biggest creatures so - wipe and win. 


  • 4 Izzet Guildgate
  • 4 Gruul Guildgate
  • 4 Simic Guildgate
  • 4 Plaza of Harmony
  • 4 Gateway Plaza
  • 4 Incubation Druid
  • 4 Hydroid Krasis
  • 4 Gateway Sneak
  • 4 Gatebreaker Ram
  • 4 Frilled Mystic
  • 4 Gate Colossus
  • 4 Negate
  • 4 Growth Spiral
  • 4 Gates Ablaze  
  • 4 Circuitous Route 

4. U/W Control

With the cards like Search for Azcanta, Teferi, and Lyra, Dawnbringer it’s safe to say that the U/W control is amazing not only in Standard, but in Modern too. There is a special feeling of power when you start obtaining full control of the game with Teferi. These are some game-changing cards not only in Standard format, so it’s easy to include them here too. Why this deck?

  • Most powerful control cards in the game at the moment.
  • Easy win versus most of the aggro decks in the meta with a little knowledge.
  • Although sometimes difficult, still ultimately powerful feeling when you play it.
  • Best way to learn how to play control for some more complicated formats later.

How to play this deck effectively:

  • Standard control plays - counter everything and remove everything that isn’t countered.
  • Essence Scatter is the best counterspell in BO1 so use it wisely. 
  • Play Lyra later on and use counterspells to protect it. 
  • Try to make sure Teferi will stay on board and obtain the board control fully. 
  • Win with Lyra or wait for a hopeless opponent to concede.


  • 4 Hallowed Fountain
  • 8 Island
  • 7 Plains
  • 1 Azorius Guildgate
  • 4 Glacial Fortress
  • 3 Seal Away
  • 2 Ixalan's Binding
  • 2 Search for Azcanta
  • 4 Chemister's Insight
  • 1 Negate
  • 3 Sinister Sabotage
  • 2 Essence Scatter
  • 4 Absorb
  • 2 Depose
  • 2 Warrant
  • 3 Cleansing Nova
  • 2 Settle the Wreckage
  • 4 Teferi, Hero of Dominaria
  • 2 Lyra Dawnbringer

 3. Izzet Drakes

Izzet Drakes is a staple since Guilds of Ravnica since - who doesn’t like to destroy everything and then cast a 8/4 flying drake for 3 mana in mid game? Many pro players obtained this deck since it kicks ass and with the addition of Pteramander this dek just got even better. Why this deck?

  • As powerful as midrange can get.
  • A proactive deck that can be either passive or active depending on the opponent.
  • Make your creatures too powerful to handle in an instant.
  • Extremely easy to craft in Arena with exactly 0 (!) rares. 

How to play this deck effectively:

  • Early cantrips and removals to fill your graveyard with spells, gain advantage and remove early threats.
  • Play your drakes when they’re pumped.
  • Protect your assets with Dive Down and counterspells. 
  • Finish the game off with adapted Pteramander and jump-start spells. 


  • 1 Blood Crypt
  • 4 Sulfur Falls
  • 4 Steam Vents
  • 4 Mountain
  • 8 Island
  • 4 Discovery
  • 4 Chart a Course
  • 1 Beacon Bolt
  • 3 Spell Pierce
  • 4 Shock
  • 4 Opt
  • 3 Dive Down
  • 4 Lava Coil
  • 4 Pteramander
  • 4 Enigma Drake
  • 4 Crackling  Drake

2. Golgari Midrange

Still the most powerful midrange deck in the current meta, this GB remove-explore-crush-dominate combo is such a pleasure to play with and headache to play against. Fully prepared to make any red aggro deck suffer, equipped to counter control and a planeswalker to shoot down any drakes or angels, you have everything you need to dominate. Why this deck?

  • Best mid-range deck in the game.
  • Has a solution to everything. 
  • OP creatures that enter early such as Carnage Tyrant and Doom Whisperer.
  • Yet to lose against any aggro R deck while playing it. 

How to play this deck effectively:

  • Try to get your threats on the board early. 
  • Use Llanowar to ramp.
  • Play Wildgrowth Walker before you explore with any creature. This card single-handedly defeats any mono R deck.
  • If you play vs control keep your Vraska’s Contempt to remove planeswalkers.
  • Vivien Reid removes all the flying threat. 


  • 3 Llanowar Elves
  • 2 Seekers' Squire
  • 4 Merfolk Branchwalker
  • 4 Wildgrowth Walker
  • 2 Midnight Reaper
  • 4 Jadelight Ranger
  • 1 Doom Whisperer
  • 2 Carnage Tyrant
  • 2 Ravenous Chupacabra
  • 1 Cast Down
  • 1 Golden Demise
  • 3 Vraska's Contempt
  • 3 Find
  • 2 Moment of Craving
  • 3 Vivien Reid
  • 2 Memorial to Folly
  • 5 Swamp
  • 8 Forest
  • 3 Overgrown Tomb
  • 4 Woodland Cemetery
  • 1 Detection Tower

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