MTG Arena Daily Rewards Explained

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I will function as your Sparky today and tell you all about the daily rewards

Games often incentivize their players to log-in and win every game by giving out good rewards. This is a great way to keep the players happy as they get something to look forward to every time they enter the game. MTG Arena is no different. Every day, you get a quest that will reward you with gold after it is done. 

The quests in the Arena vary from casting spells of a certain color, attacking with a certain number of creatures, and more. The rewards can either be 500 gold or 750 gold, depending on the task. This is a considerable amount since the tasks are fairly simple and can be achieved even if you don't play in ranked. 

There is also a daily win tally that rewards you up to your 15th win of the day. It incentivizes you to keep on playing by giving you a sense of progress every time you win a game. 

The daily rewards are very easy to get but, maybe you're wondering if there is a way to maximize the benefits of these rewards. The answer is: most definitely. Unlike in other games where the reward for logging in is fixed, as said earlier, the Arena rewards can vary. Here are a few ways to maximize your rewards.


Every day, you have an option to re-roll your daily quest once. You can use this to extract more value from the rewards. As I said earlier, the rewards can reward you with either 500 gold or 750 gold. With that being said, if you see that your reward only gives out 500 gold, don’t hesitate to re-roll it since there will be no downside to it. You can either get another quest for 500 gold or get a quest that pays higher. If you look at it, you’re not really losing out on anything.

Take note, however, that if you already have progress on a certain quest and you re-roll it, the progress will not be carried over. This is good to note especially if you have multiple quests and you’re considering re-rolling one of them.

Play in unranked

Accomplishing your quests can be done by simply playing on any game mode. However, most of the time, if you play ranked, you are generally using only one to two decks at a given session. This will make accomplishing your quests much more difficult especially if you are a spell-based deck and the quest tells you to attack with a certain number of creatures. This is where unranked matchmaking comes in.

In unranked, you can play and test out any deck you want without affecting your ranking in Historic or Standard. This plays well in helping you finish your quests early so you can get back to grinding in ranked immediately. I play unranked matches at the start of my gaming session to try and knock out the quest and at the same time, to help stimulate my brain so I can make better decisions once I am already in ranked games.

Use multicolored decks

If you are a competitive MTGA player, you probably have many decks at your disposal. Having multicolored decks can help you smash the quests easily especially those that require you to cast spells of certain colors. It can also help you if you more than one quest as typical multicolored decks have a good balance of creatures and probably, a removal which is both important in achieving your quests. 

Use decks that are fast and will guarantee you wins

Just like in ranked matchmaking, you would want to get a lot of wins in the shortest amount of time to guarantee that you get to rank up a lot in each of your gaming sessions. If you play MTGA casually, there is a big chance that you miss the daily progress that requires wins especially if you use decks that are more tuned to the late game. Fifteen is the magic number that we should always achieve in terms of daily wins to maximize the rewards. The progress resets every day so we should try and finish these during our gaming sessions.

One way to do this is to use decks that are really fast and fairly consistent. It will help you get those wins easily, allowing you to maximize the rewards. These decks are also great if you want to play in ranked matchmaking. We made a list of the best decks to use when grinding in the Arena, you might want to check them out.

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