Top 25 MTG Arena Ravnica Allegiance Best Cards

MTG Arena Ravnica Allegiance Best Cards
the best cards in Ravnica... maybe

I have been thinking about it for a while and wanted to do a list of Ravnica Allegiance.

The reason is twofold, one I love this set, and the other is people seem to dismiss many of the cards on my list because they are common.

With that said, this list is not by any means meant to be a beat-all end-all list, it is heavily skewed by my perceptions of what should go where.

They are not in any specific order, though I do think number 1 may very well be one of the best cards in the set.

25. Teysa Karlov

Why this card is awesome

  • Has 3 amazing uses one is she is 2/4 for 4, makes for a nice 4 drop blocker pretty good
  • The ability to give Vigilance AND Lifelink to ALL Tokens
  • Third, the second death trigger, cards like cruel celebrant are more powerful
  • This customized art is just beautiful so there's that

24. Persistent Petitioners

Why this card is awesome

  • Mono-Blue limitless include in the deck is awesome
  • 1, Tap: Mill one pretty good all things considered
  • The final ability combined with the first one is why this card is on the list Tap four untapped Advisors you control: Mill twelve cards (put the top card of target player's library into their graveyard)
  • They are a 1/3 blocker, more bodies if nothing else

23. Spawn of Mayhem

Why this card is awesome

  • Again 4 drop 4/4, however he has flying AND Trample
  • Spectacle for 3, if you've dealt damage to your opponent this turn you can pay its spectacle cost rather its mana cost)
  • Deals 1 damage to you and your opponent during your upkeep, if you have 10 or less life he becomes a 5/5 with flying and trample
  • Great for setting off other cards spectacle cost

22. Rix Maadi Reveler

Why this card is awesome

  • If nothing else is a 2/2 for 2 and a little bit of hand stacking
  • However you pay the Spectacle cost you discard your entire hand and draw three cards
  • Works great with the Bag of Holding

21. Sphinx of Foresight

Why this card is awesome

  • Opening hand shenanigans, always fun
  • Deck stacking turn one
  • More deck stacking every turn
  • Is a 4/4 Flyer for 4

20. Lawmage’s Binding

Why this card is awesome

  • What can I say other than awesome
  • Pretty much a better version of pacify

19. Bedevil

Why this card is awesome

  • Kill anything other than a land or enchantment, even allows you to target a planeswalker

18. Kaya’s Wrath

Why this card is awesome

  • The previous one was anything this is kill all creatures
  • Gain health equal to the number of creatures you controlled

17. Light Up the Stage

Why this card is awesome

  • Spectacle Red
  • Essentially a fake mini hand for a turn great if you got the mana to play them, you should
  • Also I just really like the fire puppy lizard

16. Theater of Horrors

Why this card is awesome

  • Like the last one but better because it stays
  • Also self procing
  • And literally just gives a second hand to work with

15. Absorb

Why this card is awesome

  • C-C-C-Countah
  • Gain three life
  • So in a way you are countering their cake and eating yours too

14. Rhythm of the Wild

Why this card is awesome

  • No countering your creatures
  • Let’s start a riot, a riot, let’s start a riot

13. Judith, the Scourge Diva

Why this card is awesome

  • All other creatures you control get a small buff
  • When any non-token you control dies make someone or something feel your pain

12. Tithe Taker

Why this card is awesome

  • Increasing the opponent's spell cost is fun, and not at all messed up
  • Making it so that even their free abilities, no longer are is fun, and not messed up at all
  • The fact that this is white is funny to me feels like a black card to me honestly, or maybe blue… but what do I know

11. Gruul Spellbreaker

Why this card is awesome

  • Gives itself and YOU Hexproof (meaning you can't be the target of your opponents spells) on your turn
  • AND it's a 3/3 for 3
  • Also Riot so lets be fair it’s a 4/4 for 3

10. Skewer the Critics

Why this card is awesome

  • Essentially Lightning Bolt all you have to do hurt your enemy first
  • Great combo with Spawn of Mayhem
  • Or theatre of horrors or… you know what it's great with anything that has spectacle or deals damage just beware of the mighty spellbreaker ogre and counters and you'll be fine

9. Any Shock Land

Why this card is awesome

  • These are pretty much guild gates but you pay life and they don't come in tapped, they are amazing

8. Prime Speaker Vannifar

Why this card is awesome

  • At 2/4 for 4 shes an ok blocker
  • Its her ability to to cheat out steadily bigger creatures that's scary
  • Only reason she's not higher is there is a direct counter to her best ability later in the list

7. Pteramander

Why this card is awesome

  • Flying 1/1 for 1 yes please
  • Pretty steep adapt cost, but it gets cheaper as the game goes on as long as you play a few instants or sorceries you shouldn't be paying much more than 4 to adapt
  • Smol guy becomes Swol guy, the adapt is 4 that means he becomes a 5/5 flyer

6. Incubation Druid

Why this card is awesome

  • Good ramp even if you don't get the chance to adapt, but if you do adapt it becomes one of the greatest mana ramp in the set
  • She can become a 3/5 which is fun
  • After her adapt she has enough to generate you three mana of any type that you can make

5. Lavania, Azorias Renegade

Why this card is awesome

  • Best stall in the set at early game
  • Auto counter people trying to cheat out cards
  • This is the one that's a direct counter to vannifars ability and shes cheaper to bring out

4. Electrodominance

Why this card is awesome

  • Allows you to get ANY other card at instant speed, yes please
  • Allows to ignore CMC specifics such as Penta color cards
  • Allows you to play ANY card in a Mono Red deck
  • Literally the only reason it’s not 1st is because it makes the card you want cost 2 more and Lavinia counter this ability

3. Angel of Grace

Why this card is awesome

  • 5/4 flying for 5
  • Can literally save your life
  • 1 life is better than 0, 10
  • For those people who say 1 more turn and I would've won

2. Hydroid Krasis

Why this card is amazing

  • It does everything for you man, everything
  • You want card draw we got you here have half the mana you spent, health yep got that too here have the other half of mana you spent, you want a big creature spend a lot of mana and get all three
  • I hate this card being used against me

1. Growth-Chamber Guardian

Why this card is amazing

  • 2 drop 2/2 is pretty good by itself
  • Adapt 3 for 2 +1/+1 also pretty good
  • Letting you search your library for another one after one you adapt it is nasty
  • A 5 drop 4/4 that lets hunt down another 5 drop 4/4 that lets you get ANOTHER one, is freaking amazing and is a great reason to splash in some green to any other deck
  • Having 4 4/4s on the fields is scary and demands an answer
  • Can be used in so many combos I'm not even going to name them here

But feel free to scour the internet looking for those combos, while you're at it why don't you check out these other articles from GamersDecide

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