[Top 25] MTG Arena Best Common Green Cards

MTG Arena Best Common Green Cards, mtga Best Common Green Cards
Shaking the world one common at a time

Green provides power! Some of the most lethal cards exist in this color. Combat tricks and massive stomps galore, fuel this color. Harness the primal power that lies within these cards. Green walkers use it to spawn really monsters and perform deadly combat tricks. Use whatever you need to smash into the arena.

25.Moss Viper

This is a nope rope

What is great about Moss Viper?

  • This creature is a one-drop
  • It has deathtouch
  • Great for eliminating threats

Value: $0.17

24.Commune with Dinosaurs

Who’s a good boy?

What is great about Commune with Dinos?

  • Allows you to get a land or a dino
  • Let’s you dig through your deck for what you need
  • Cheap to cast 

Value: $0.25

23.Pollenbright Druid

Time to multiply

What is great about Pollenbright Druid?

  • Two-drop
  • Allows you to place counters on creatures
  • Proliferate to give more counters 

Value: $0.20

22.Knight of the Stampede

What is great about Knight of the Stampede?

  • Reduces the cost of dinosaurs 
  • Has a high toughness to make it a good blocker
  • Four mana for extra ramp

Value: $0.25

21.Colosal Dreadmaw

Aggressively chomps at you 

What is great about Colossal Dreadmaw? 

  • This creature Has trample
  • A 6/6 for six is a fair trade 
  • Great blocker even better attacking

Value: $0.15

20.Hunt the week

It reminds me of the hunt

What is great about Hunt the Weak?

  • Can be used to kill threats
  • Allows the creature to get bigger
  • Having your creature take damage can trigger effects

Value: $0.17

19.Essence Symbiote 

Big trouble comes in small packages

What is great about Essence Symbiote?

  • Synergizes well with mutate
  • Allows you to gain life and make creatures stronger
  • Can be mutated using other creatures for a mega boost

Value: $0.17

18.Courage in Crisis

Let it be enough to reach the truth that lies Across this new divide

What is great about Courage in Crisis?

  • Allows you to place a counter and proliferate
  • Can target any creature 
  • Three-drop

Value: $0.20

17.Pressence of Gond

The power of friendship always prevails!

What is great about Presence of Gond?

  • Can be used in many combos
  • Targets any creature 
  • Three-drop

Value: $0.25

16.Wrecking Beast

I’m gonna wreck it!

What is Great about Wrecking Beast?

  • Let’s you start a riot
  • Has trample
  • Big beastie boy

Value: $0.17

15.Gift of Paradise

I got two tickets to paradise 

What is great about Gift of paradise?

  • Makes any land produce double mana of any color
  • Gain life when it enters the board
  • Ramp 

Value: $0.25

14.Full Grown

Make my monster grow

What is great about Fully Grown?

  • Puts a trample counter on the creature
  • Makes the boy even bigger 
  • Can be cast at instant speed

Value: $0.17

13.Titanic Growth

It’s coming right for us!

What is great about Titanic Growth?

  • Can be cast at instant speed
  • Two drop 
  • Makes beasts extra large 

Value: $0.22

12.Llanowar Scout

Land ho!

What is great about the scout?

  • Two-drop
  • Lets you put any land onto the board
  • The land doesn’t come in tapped

Value: $0.23

11.Life Goes On

Oh yeah...life goes on!

What is great about Life Goes On?

  • Can be cast at instant speed
  • One-drop 
  • Gain more life if a creature died

Value: $0.31

10.Ram Through

Break on through to the other side 

What is great about Ram Through?

  • Can be cast at instant speed
  • Makes the creatures fight to the death
  • Damage can pierce your opponent 

Value: $0.21



What is great about Pounce?

  • Instant card 
  • One-drop
  • Fight to the death to kill creatures

Value: $0.24

8.Prey Upon


What is great about Prey Upon?

  • One-drop
  • Fight for removal 
  • The damage can trigger more effects if needed 

Value: $0.20

7.Arboreal Grazer

I speak for the trees

What is great about Arboreal Grazer?

  • It has reach to block flyers
  • Allows you to throw down a second land 
  • One-drop

Value: $0.69

6.Ironshell Beetle

Such a pest

What is great about Ironshell Beetle?

  • Can put a counter on your creatures
  • Two-drop 
  • Can put a counter on itself

Value: $0.15


Oh the places you’ll go

What is great about Explore?

  • You can play more than one land
  • Draw a card to hit a land to play 
  • Two-drop 

Value: $0.25

4.Root Snare

Mother Nature will not let you hurt her children

What is great about Root Snare?

  • Instant speed casting
  • Two Drop
  • All damage dealt by combat is prevented

Value: $ 0.18

3.Open the gates

Hold the door!

What is great about Open the Gates?

  • One-drop
  • Can search out a land or gate
  • Let’s you shuffle to allow you to draw better cards

Value: $0.19

2.Druid of the Cowl

A solid mana dork

What is great about Druid of the Cowl?

  • Taps for mana 
  • Decent chump blocker 
  • Two-drop 

Value: $0.18

1.Llanowar Elves

The best mana dork 

What is great about Llanowar Elves?

  • One-drop mana dork
  • Excellent early-game ramp
  • Can deal damage if you really want it to

Value: $0.25

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