Ultimate Guide: MTG Arena Best Way To Spend Gold

MTG Arena Best Way To Spend Gold
How to get so much Gold, you'll be drowning in it!

Gold will help you buy into most of the events in MTGA, but where do you get it?

Gold can be easy to come by if you know where to look. If you’re new to the game, then getting gold and knowing where to spend it may not be immediately obvious. But don’t worry, once you get started on getting Gold, It’s easy to just hoard it without a clear idea where to spend it. 

If any of these troubles sound familiar to you, then here’s a guide to figuring just how the hell you’re supposed to get gold and where you should spend it. 

How is MTG Arena Gold Earned?

Gilded Goose, swooping in to help you get more gold!

Gold is earned through in-game quests, mastery unlocks, and daily wins. You can usually complete all of these by just playing the game. Sadly, direct challenges will not fulfill those conditions, and once you get past a specific level, games against Bots will also not count toward quest completions.

What Is The Fastest Way To Make Gold in MTG Arena?

The quests at the bottom are usually what you want to focus on. 

  • The fastest way to make Gold is by completing daily quests and daily wins.

    •  Quests can reward you with 500-750 gold for each completion.
    • You get one new quest per day at 2am PST.
    • If a Quests says you have to "cast a Blue or Black spell" then you can cast a card with Blue and Black in the cost (like Thought Erasure) and that will count twice for the Quest. 
  • If your quests are only giving you 500 gold, you can reroll your quests for a chance at getting a 750 gold quest.
  • Daily wins will give you gold as rewards. Here’s a chart so you can see which wins will give what rewards:  
Win Number Rewards
1 250 Gold & 25 XP
2 100 Gold & 25 XP
3 100 Gold & 25 XP
4 100 Gold & 25 XP
5 1 Card & 25 XP
6 50 Gold & 25 XP
7 1 Card & 25 XP
8 50 Gold & 25 XP
9 1 Card & 25 XP
10 50 Gold & 25 XP
11 1 Card
12 25 Gold
13 1 Card
14 25 Gold
15 1 Card
Total 750 Gold, 250 XP, 6 Cards

How Do you Spend Gold Wisely?

  • If you’re looking to get as many cards as you can, then the best way to spend Gold is to spend 5000 Gold to enter a Draft.

    • Boosters will usually give you 8 cards for 1000 Gold. But when you draft, at the minimum, you’ll get 3 boosters with 14 cards in them, 1 booster with 8 cards, and at least 50 gems. If you get more wins, then you’ll get better rewards.
    • As a comparison, buying 5000 Gold of Booster packs will give you 40 cards, while buying into a Draft at minimum will give you 50 cards in total.
  • If you’re looking for specific cards, or you just want more wild cards, you’ll want to spend the 1000 gold on Booster packs. While Draft gives you more cards, opening Booster Packs can give you Wild Cards and also raise the Wild Card tracks more for you. 

What Should You Spend It On First?

These events may not be the most efficient for Gold, but you'll get great rewards and it's usually tons of fun!

  • If you’re new to the game, you’ll want to spend it on Draft games. This will teach you how drafts work, introduce you to the mechanics of a set, and also help fill out your collection.

    • Drafts are the best bang for your buck since, if you can scrape by 2 wins, you’re getting more value than if you just bought 5 booster packs. However, if you’re able to get to 6 wins, then you’ll earn enough gems to pay for another Draft.
  • Arena will also launch special events that require gold in order to play - like Oko’s Madness or Omniscience Draft. These game modes offer different experiences from your regular Magic games and have unique rewards. If these are up, I highly recommend you invest the gold to play in these events.

    • I usually keep about 3000 - 5000 Gold with me at all times in case a special event/game mode pops up that requires gold to enter.
  • If you just want cards (or Wild Cards) from a specific set then buying booster packs should be your go-to option.

    • Here’s a chart to see what the average payout for Wild Cards is:

      • Booster Pack Wild Card Drop Rate
        Rarity Drop Rate
        (Wild Card: Average # of Booster Packs Opened)
        Common 1:3
        Uncommon 1:5
        Rare 1:30
        Mythic 1:30


  • These rates will also increase whenever you open a booster pack and don’t get a Wild Card. 

  • Constructed Events will periodically appear. These events require you to make a deck and then enter into a special queue. You can usually make back most of the Gold you spent by winning games in these events, but they require some solid decks in order to perform well in them. I recommend you stay away from these for the time being until you have enough cards to build a decent deck with. 

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