[Top 10] Best MMORPGs for PS4 and PS5

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10. Star Trek Online - 2010 (PS4)

One of the most recognizable sci-fi franchises ever created represented by one of the oldest games on this list, Star Trek. Dating all the way back from 2010, Star Trek Online has managed to “live long and prosper”, maintaining a large playerbase to this day and regular updates, as well as major new expansions.

The customization is this game is huge, and the story is really good, not to mention the diversity between spaceship gameplay and playing with your character on land or while walking inside the ships. If you are into Star Trek or even just sci-fi in general, this MMORPG is a must try.

Choose this game if you like:

  • Star Trek, sci-fi and anything space related;
  • Spaceship combat that is highly strategic yet easier to learn when compared to games such as Eve Online;
  • An immersive story that really puts you into the character’s shoes.

Fun Factor Score: 80/100

Be the commander of your own U.S.S. or join the Klingon Empire in an adventure through space


 9. Skyforge - 2015 (PS4)

Skyforge is one of the most dynamic MMORPGs in the market, with a playstyle that is highly approachable for people that may not be too familiar with the genre. It follows a gameplay loop that is very similar to a singleplayer action-adventure game, with a main story that guides you through a variety of levels as you fight against hordes of different types of enemies.

The combat system of Skyforge is really fun, fast paced and action oriented, with finishing moves that obliterate the enemies. Plus, you are a demigod that can turn into a full god and devastate enemies with ease.

Choose this game if you like:

  • A new approach to greek mythology that mixes classic elements of literature with sci-fi environments;
  • Fast paced and action oriented combat with over-the-top finishing moves;
  • A streamlined gameplay experience that takes you through different levels in a specific order.

Fun Factor Score: 80/100

Become a god in a futuristic Olympus


 8. Trove - 2015 (PS4)

Did you ever feel that Minecraft would make a great MMORPG? Then Trove is the game that you are looking for. This charming game is a great pick for both casual and hardcore players, with tons of content for you to sink endless hours in with no barrier of entry whatsoever.

Trove takes the best characteristics of Minecraft, such as crafting (yeah, no joke), base building and the lovely blocky aesthetic that we’ve all learned to love, and puts all of it into the MMORPG genre, with lots of players passing by and joining you in your adventures.

Choose this game if you like:

  • Minecraft, Roblox and anything that is blocky and crafty;
  • Base building, decoration and housing;
  • A chill and casual MMO lite experience

Fun Factor Score: 85/100

Minecraft meets Guild Wars 2? Count me in!


 7. DC Universe Online - 2011 (PS4 / PS5)

If you are a comic book nerd like me, DC Universe Online is a dream come true. I mean, having the opportunity to become a superhero and fight alongside the Justice League? Sign me in right now. While DCUO might already show signs of being dated due to its age, playing this game is still an absolute blast.

The combat of DCUO is responsive and fun, with a combo system that mixes light and heavy attacks in order to cast different skills, and using all of the different travel powers to traverse Gotham and Metropolis getting collectibles is the best.

Choose this game if you like:

  • Comic books or anything superhero related;
  • Traveling all around incredible maps to get collectibles;
  • A well thought action combat system that uses few buttons to great effect.

Fun Factor Score: 85/100

Become the superhero or supervillain of your dreams!


 6. Warframe - 2013 (PS4 / PS5)

Warframe is certainly an impressive online hack and slash experience. You will become a space ninja and be dashing, slashing and shooting all around. This game looks and plays great, with amazing graphics, physics and animations in general.

It has a perfect mix of melee and ranged combat, for all shooter fans out there that want to play a MMORPG. So if you ever wanted to be a ninja in space, you should try Warframe right now.

Choose this game if you like:

  • Space ninjas (who doesn’t like that though?);
  • Fast paced hack and slash combat;
  • Third person shooting mixed with melee combat.

Fun Factor Score: 90/100

Is there anything cooler than space ninjas?


 5. Neverwinter - 2013 (PS4)

Neverwinter is a classic medieval MMORPG set in the famous Dungeons and Dragons universe, with many recognizable elements from the absolute titan of pen and paper RPGs.

Some of the highlights of Neverwinter include: the awesome action combat that relies on dodging and strategically using your small arsenal of skills instead of doing immense rotations like in other MMORPGs; amazing self contained stories in each zone written by some of the most famous medieval fantasy writers of all time; an outstanding voice acting that takes the immersion to the next level; and the great variety of builds you can make for each class through the selection of distinct skills, ultimates and passive traits.

Choose this game if you like:

  • Classic Dungeons and Dragons atmosphere and storytelling;
  • High levels of immersion provided by great voice acting;
  • A dynamic combat system that is easy to learn and hard to master.

Fun Factor Score: 90/100

Dive into the beloved Dungeons and Dragons universe in this epic adventure


 4. Phantasy Star Online 2 - 2012 (PS4)

Phantasy Star Online 2, or PSO2 for short, is one of my favorite MMORPGs of all time. While this game has only been released a few years ago for western audiences, it has been an absolute giant of the MMORPG genre in Japan for well over a decade now.

PSO2 is a great example of eastern sci-fi, being part of the beloved Phantasy Star franchise that older SEGA gamers might remember from back in the day. It brings anime inspired graphics without being too cartoonish like other games like Genshin Impact or the upcoming Blue Protocol, and everything from the level design, to the story and the flashy animations just scream anime action. This is one of the prime examples of an action combat system done right, with precisely timed dodges and devastating combos being necessary for success. On top of all that, PSO2 is basically two games in one, with the original game and New Genesis, basically a sequel with improved graphics and mechanics, being accessible from the same launcher. And it’s free to play, so what are you waiting for?

Choose this game if you like:

  • Anime and japanese sci-fi;
  • Incredible hack and slash action combat with precise dodges and amazing combos;
  • Very hard PvE challenges that feel extremely rewarding.

Fun Factor Score: 95/100

The perfect game for feeling like an awesome anime hero


 3. Black Desert Online - 2015 (PS4 / PS5)

The top 3 of this list is obvious to any hardcore MMORPG fan, so without further ado let’s start with Black Desert Online. BDO is the game that most people will go to when talking about action combat, with nonstop action and impactful animations for every skill, which are done through input combos like a fighting game.

However, Black Desert has much more to offer. It has the most beautiful graphics in the MMORPG genre, an in depth profession system that will make any crafter fall in love with the game, a huge world to be explored with many memorable locations, open world PvP, colossal world bosses, a sailing system for you to venture through the oceans, and much more. It is truly remarkable how Black Desert still remains at the top spot when it comes to the best looking and most dynamic MMORPG in the market even after 8 years of its initial release.

Choose this game if you like:

  • Over the top action with dynamic input combos to use your skills;
  • Awesome side activities such as crafting professions, sailing and fishing;
  • Beautiful graphics and physics that make the game’s world feel truly alive.

Fun Factor Score: 95/100

The one and only top tier MMORPG in terms of graphics and action combat


 2. The Elder Scrolls Online - 2014 (PS4 / PS5)

It is really hard to be objective when talking about The Elder Scrolls Online because I have spent so many hours in this game. But that also makes me able to give a deep insight into why you should try it out, so let’s get to it.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 20 years you might have heard about The Elder Scrolls franchise and probably played games such as Morrowind or Skyrim before. The Elder Scrolls Online perfectly encapsulates the best aspects of the franchise and improves upon them by taking advantage of the MMORPG environment, giving you such a huge world to explore with so much lore behind its development. The quests in this game are without equal, and the combat might feel clunky at first but it is really fun when you get used to it (it is easier if you’ve played an Elder Scrolls game before). On top of that, PvP players have a variety of game modes to enjoy, such as battlegrounds and the massive wars at Cyrodiil.

Choose this game if you like:

  • The Elder Scrolls franchise and any of its previous games;
  • Immersive questlines with great storytelling;
  • Lots of content including several expansions, challenging PvE encounters and a variety of PvP game modes.

Fun Factor Score: 100/100

An amazing journey in Tamriel awaits for you


 1. Final Fantasy XIV - 2010 (PS4 / PS5)

Final Fantasy XIV is the current juggernaut of the MMORPG genre, with so many players enjoying the game all over the world. This is a heavily story driven game, with many expansions that expand on its world and characters, a top notch tab targeting combat system that relies on teamplay and coordination, beautiful stylized graphics, and, most importantly, a very active community of every different kind of player, from hardcore raiders to roleplayers. And let’s not forget that you can play every class in the same character, leveling them up separately, meaning that there is no need to go through the pain of leveling up and gearing alt characters.

If you like a classic Final Fantasy story and want to create your own character into the universe of this beloved franchise, then this is your chance.

Choose this game if you like:

  • A massive active community that has all sorts of players;
  • Story driven games with beautiful cutscenes;
  • Tab targeting combat that relies on teamplay, class knowledge and coordination.

Fun Factor Score: 100/100

Hop on a chocobo and live your fantasy in the most lively virtual world ever created

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