Top 10 Best Majin Buu Attacks

Super Buu
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[Top 10] Best Majin Buu Attacks

Wassup everybody! Your friendly neighborhood Shounen Man here once again with another list to blow your literal socks to another dimension. Sorry about your cold feet. Today’s focus will again be on DragonBall Z! We will take a good look at arguably the best villain in the show and decide what makes him exceptional in the first place. Is it the whole ancient evil thing he has going on? Maybe it’s the promise of unseen power that he so clearly holds? Perhaps it’s just his pure love of destruction? Whatever the reason is, it’s clear that Buu is a monster with some serious power. So let’s go together and find out what the Top 10 Best Majin Buu Attacks are!


10. Vaporize

Gohan and Supreme Kai vs Majin Buu

Coming in at number 10, we have Vaporize! Here we have Buu’s introduction to us all. When he was first revived, the only heroes who stood in his way were Gohan and Supreme Kai. Neither one of them had the strength to beat the pink monster, so they tried to flee. However, Buu showed off his speed and got in front of them before they got anywhere. He immediately smashed Gohan into the ground before seemingly crushing the Kai’s skull. In a bid to save him from the monster’s merciless beatdown Gohan flew in to fight Buu. However, Buu quickly blasted him away with an orb that carried him off before exploding.


9. Mystic Ball Attack

Mystic Gohan vs super buu! Full fight

Coming in at number 9, we have Mystic Ball Attack! This technique is synonymous with Super Buu. He used it multiple times throughout his appearances. The move itself is relatively simple. He just curls up into a ball a begins to fly around, picking up speed. As he gets faster and faster, he begins to slam his body into his opponent over and over. Before they can react, he is already gone and coming back for another shot from a different side. Super Buu used this move against Gotenks while utterly destroying Kami’s lookout.


8. Vice Shout

Super Buu breaks out the Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Coming in at number 8, we have VIce Shout! Vice shout is a technique that shows Super Buu’s raw power. When battling with Gotenks in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Super Buu seemed to be winning. Gotenks had yet to reveal his Super Saiyan 3 form to make the fight more dramatic. Piccolo, worried that Buu would win and destroy the world, destroyed the entrance so no one could escape the chamber. Super Buu became increasingly angry when he was told he would never have candy again. As he thought about this, he began to scream, “let me out,” in a rage. The power from his scream alone ripped a hole in the dimension. He was then able to walk right out of the chamber like he was never there.


7. Revenge Death Bomber

Ultimate gohan vs super buu - you're missing the point

Coming in at number 7, we have Revenge Death Bomber! When Super Buu faced off against Mystic Gohan, he remembered beating him before. He even treated Gohn like he wasn’t a threat. This all quickly changed when Gohan began to beat him senselessly. Buu tried every trick and attack that he could think of, but nothing worked against Gohan’s new might. As Buu took his beating from Gohan, he got angrier and angrier. Once he decided enough was enough, he went to drastic measures. He began to scream as energy poured from his body and shit into the sky like a tornado of power. Buu blew his own body up just like he saw Vegeta do.


6. Pot Belly Attack

Majin Vegeta vs majin buu

Coming in at number 6, we have Pot Belly Attack! During the first real battle, we see Innocent Buu in Majin Vegeta pulls out all the stops to win. He hits Buu with final shots and big bang attacks on top of using every physical technique he knows but to no avail. On the other side of the fight, Buu seemed to be just playing and was coming up with some crazy moves. One of these techniques is called the potbelly attack and is a move where Buu pulls off part of his body and begins to stretch it like taffy. After a moment of this, he throws it wrapping it around Vegeta’s body. No matter how much Vegeta struggles, he can’t get it off, and Buu begins to beat him. This is an attack like no other in the entire series.


5. Planet Burst

Dbz kid buu destroyed the earth HD

Coming in at number 5, we have Planet Burst! Vegito, the fusion of Goku and Vegeta, beat Super Buu without and trouble. They were unstoppable until Super Buu absorbed them. This broke their fusion, causing them to separate. Inside of Buu, they found all of their absorbed friends and ripped them out. On their way out of his body, they found innocent Buu and removed him too. This was a mistake, though, as this was the only thing keeping Buu from his original form. He screamed and screamed as his body shrunk, but his power grew out of control. Kid Buu was now standing in front of our heroes but was utterly disinterested in fighting them. Instead, he created a huge pink energy ball that was enough to destroy the planet ten times over. Kid Buu blew the Earth apart with no one able to stop him.


4. Dangerous Liquid Bomb

DBZ - Super Buu Kills A Man Remastered Uncut 1080p 【HD】

Coming in at number 4, we have Dangerous Liquid Bomb! This is one of the scariest moves in Buu’s arsenal. It first appears after good Buu and evil Buu fuse to become Super Buu. This transformation was set in motion by gunmen who first shot Buus’s dog and later shot his friend Mr. Satan. Once his transformation was complete, he looked at the criminal who began shooting at him. These bullets obviously did nothing, causing laughter to pour forth from Super Buu. Then he turns his body to a liquid and forces himself down the man's throat until his body got so huge that he just exploded.


3. Human Extinction Attack

Super Buu's Human Extinction Attack Original Uncut(True 1080p HD)

Coming in at number 3, we have Human Extinction Attack! One of the most brutal attacks performed by Super Buu is the Human Extinction Attack. When he first showed up at Kami’s lookout, it seemed like he would kill everyone up there, but as he walked up to our heroes, he just smiled. He then lifted his hand up in the air, and millions of pink energy bolts flew forth down to the planet below. These beams hunted down all human life on the planet and snuffed it out. Men, women, and children all got obliterated by this horrifying attack. This killed almost all of the humans on planet earth.


2. Absorb

Super Buu Absorbs Gotenks and Piccolo 1080p HD) YouTube [144p]

Coming in at number 2, we have Absorb! Like our last list, we have a villain with the power to absorb his opponents. Buu’s ability to absorb others is exceptional as it changes his actual personality. He gains all kinds of attributes from this technique, including power, movies, and even physical appearance. Anytime he is losing a battle, he can pull this move out and even absorb beings stronger than himself. He absorbs Piccolo, Gotenks, and Gohan with this move. The horror of this technique makes it one of his most dangerous.

1 Candy Beam

Super Buu Eats Everyone

Coming in at number 1, we have Candy Beam! Here we are, at the most terrifying and dangerous move in Buu’s arsenal, the candy beam. Buu has an insatiable hunger for sweets. He uses his most hideous move to turn his enemies into his favorite snacks to feed this craving. From cakes and puddings to tiny pieces of candy, he gets whatever snack he desires. He then eats them while they are still alive. The most challenging moment to watch was when he attacked Kami’s lookout and began eating all the Z-fighters and their families. This started with Krillin as he tried to defend everyone but quickly moved on to everyone being eaten.

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