[Top 25] Best Fantasy Movies 2019

Best Fantasy Movies 2019
Maleficent would approve of these fantasy movies.

Have you already watched these amazing 2019 fantasy movies?

Any fan of fantasy movies has a to-watch list – either an actual written one or a mental one that’s just in their head. They try to stick to it to make sure they’re caught up with all the important and worthy movies of the genre. If you’re a proud member of the fantasy genre, but you haven’t really come up with a list for 2019 yet, you’re in luck, because I have a list of 25 best fantasy movies released in 2019. You’d better start writing down those titles!

25. See You Yesterday

This machine doesn’t require you to have a driving license.

Achieve the impossible to save innocent lives.

Claudette and her friend have a dream: to build a time travel machine and successfully test it out. Although they are putting all their time and efforts into this challenging project, they just can’t seem to get anywhere. But when Claudette’s brother gets killed by a police officer, the teens might have no choice but finish their time travel project, if they want to have a chance at reversing the catastrophe and save an innocent life.

See You Yesterday tells an important story that we all need to hear: a story of brilliant black teens that think outside of the box and are driven by science, progress, and innovation.

24. Little

Who would believe she's an adult stuck in a child's body?

Nobody likes bullies, least of all if the bully is your boss. Jordan is a successful businesswoman. She seems to have everything but friends, which is not surprising, since Jordan is a terrible boss! She gets punished for her mean behavior by waking up one day and looking exactly what she looked like back when she was 13 years old. Let’s see what lesson Jordan will carry out of this situation. After all, what goes around comes around.

23. A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

This seems to be some kind of a Cinderella and Elf crossover episode…

A Cinderella who's in love with Christmas

I know, I know, aren’t there enough versions of Cinderella’s story already? But honestly, I don’t think the reminder to “dream it, then be it” will ever get old. And if you also wrap it with the Christmas theme, this is some dangerous amount of charm together with the good old “nothing’s impossible message”. To all the hopeless romantics out there, this is the movie just for you!

22. Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back—Evolution

I think I’d better get out of Mewtwo’s way…

"If somebody wants to battle, why not?"

If you are a fan of Pikachu and the company, hold on to your popcorn, because the Pokémon are back!

Ash, Misty and Brock are invited to New Island to battle the most powerful Pokémon trainer. This challenge might require more than they all thought. Mewtwo, the world’s strongest Pokémon, is preparing to destroy the world. Will Ash and his friends be able to stop him? 

It’s bold. It’s cute. It’s feisty. It’s Pokémon!

21. Gemini Man

Will Smith has a bit of experience at playing assassins, am I right?

Whose past isn't hiding secrets?

If there is one thing Henry is good at, it’s killing people. That’s what he does, and he does it well. But the day comes when Henry becomes someone else’s target. A mysterious assassin can predict Henry’s move, and when he catches up with him, Henry learns he’s being hunted by his own clone. How did this happen and what else will Henry discover about himself if he keeps digging?

20. X-Men: Dark Phoenix

The mighty and powerful X-Men have new business to attend to.

Sophie Turner is outstanding at playing badass women.

A dangerous space mission goes sideways, and Jean Grey gets struck by a massive ray of energy that should have killed her. Instead, Jean’s body absorbs the energy, which enhances Jean’s psychic powers to an unspeakable level. The newly found power gradually corrupts Jean, turning her into a Dark Phoenix and into a serious threat that the X-Men must urgently deal with. Is their friend Jean still in there somewhere, or has she been completely overpowered by the Dark Phoenix?  

19. The Addams Family

The dark and funny Addams family is here to entertain you with more horrors.

The show of my childhood!

The creepy and spooky Addams family moving to a new home. More specifically, to New Jersey, where grass is green and neighbors are, well, normal. But while our spooky characters are fine with being different from the rest of the world, New Jersey might be not so welcoming to them. Are the New Jersey citizens ready to accept the unorthodox nature of the Addams family, or will they need a gentle nudge?

I hope you’re ready for some knife-throwing, chain-rattling, blood-freezing experience!

18. Isn’t It Romantic

That’s the face of someone who did something pretty awesome (or pretty stupid) last night.

Welcome to a romantic comedy!

Since her childhood, Natalie has despised romantic movies. They are nothing but an unrealistic depiction of reality that feeds you with false beliefs in something that can never happen in real life. Her own life is direct proof to that. When an unfortunate event knocks Natalie unconscious, she wakes up and finds out that her life somehow got upgraded. The world looks more colorful, the streets prettier, and men look her in the eyes during conversations. Couples are dancing, there are flowers everywhere. It’s almost as if she was on the set of a… romantic movie?

17. Wonder Park

This promises to be a movie full of wonders. And weird flower-monkey toys, apparently.

One could say this little girl is a CEO of an amusement park.

June is amazed when she discovers an old and abandoned amusement park. After meeting a few of its unusual residents, she realizes that this is the park, the model of which she once built in her very room, that somehow came to life. June decides to do whatever it takes to reinstate the park’s former glory with the help of her new friends and the power of imagination.

Seriously, the cute animated animals and the sweet monkey-baby-whatever-they-are are only some of the reasons why you need to watch this animated film.

16. The Kid Who Would Be King

These are the nights of the Round Table, but why are they in the water?

A story of a true leader

Alex is a regular kid who gets bullied at school, but he’s always there to defend those who need help. His life turns upside down when he discovers a strange sword stuck in a stone and pulls it out. With the help of his friend, Alex discovers the sword must be Excalibur. Does this mean Alex has been chosen for something much, much bigger than himself? Will he be tested as a fighter and, more importantly, as a leader?

Disclaimer: this movie might irreversibly expand your child’s imagination.

15. Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Looks like Dora and Boots are on another adventure.

Fitting in has never been this difficult.

Dora’s parents are off to discover an ancient city of gold, and where do they send her? To the city, to live with her cousin Diego, go to high school, and live the teen life to its fullest. But Dora is not your typical teenager. Adventure finds her anywhere, even when she’s far away from the jungle. When her parents go missing, she, Boots and some new friends go after them and after the lost city of gold.

P.S. Watch until the end to see if they get to say “We did it!” one more time.

14. Terminator: Dark Fate

I always appreciate a movie with badass women in it.

A lot of futuristic stuff is going on here.

Grace, a cybernetically enhanced human soldier, is on a mission. She is sent to the past to save Dani, who apparently plays a vital role in the future of the world. With the help of Sarah Connor, Grace and Dani must fight the Rev-9, a Terminator sent to kill Dani, and also discover how exactly she is the key to the future of the world. 

While the Terminator franchise is as old as the world, some of us never get tired of the war between a human and a cyborg.

13. A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Sometimes, aliens are not after humans but after sheep.

Looks we are, indeed, not alone.

Mossy Bottom Farm has an unexpected visitor: an alien who arrives in its UFO. Shaun quickly befriends the alien, whose name seems to be Lu-La. It turns out that Lu-La needs help not only in coming back to her home planet, but also in escaping from the Ministry of Alien Detection and its leader, Agent Red, who is obsessed with proving to the world that aliens are real.

I’ll be honest with you, coming up with something as cosmic as this takes tons of imagination and creativity. Sheep, aliens, alien hunters ― say whaaat?

12. Dragon Quest: Your Story

I’d also love to give a tiger a hug and know for sure it won’t bite my head off!

A boy, a man, a warrior.

This is a story of a boy Luca, who is on an important and dangerous mission to recover the Zenithian Sword, which will help him reunite with his long-lost mother and save the world from the dark powers of Bishop Ladja. On his journey, Luca will make new friendships and find true love, but he will also discover the burden of losing someone he loves. 

This 3D animated movie is based on the plot of the Dragon Quest V video game from the Dragon Quest series. It will show us multiple times Luca will be tested and the tough choices he will have to make on his complicated lifepath. Also, if you still haven’t noticed, please pay attention to the tiger!

11. Jumanji: The Next Level

Brush up on your video games skills because you only have so many lives to lose.

There may have been a mix-up with the distribution of characters.

It’s been a few years since the events of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Spencer, upset about falling out of touch with his friends, pulls out the old Jumanji video game and gets trapped inside. His friends Fridge, Martha and Bethany follow Spencer inside the game to save him, but this time they bring with them someone else: Spencer’s grandfather Eddie and his friend Milo. Of course, it’s not only about finding Spencer.If they all want to get out, they must complete the objective of the game, which is to stop the drought by recovering a magic necklace. Only after the game is successfully won, will they be able to go back to the real world and be themselves again. 

If you feel like watching some fantasy action with a lot, and I mean a lot of jokes, Jumanji: The Next Level is just what the doctor ordered.

10. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Another one on the long list of Angelina Jolie’s stunning performances.

A mediator needed for a humans vs. fairies conflict.

Maleficent is having a good morning, until she learns that Aurora accepted Prince Phillip’s marriage proposal. Disapproving of their union, she runs off  after a dinner at Prince Phillip’s castle goes sideways. It seems the mutual hostile feelings between humans and fairies are finally about to lead to a massive war that might bring an end upon one race or the other. At such dark times, the only hope to escape a massacre is to turn to your human side, but is it possible that fairies might actually have more humanity in them than many humans do?

9. The Vast of Night

How do you find something that you can’t see nor touch?

A search for the truth

When Fay and Everett come across a mysterious audio signal on the radio, they conduct an investigation in an attempt to find the source of it. Chasing the mystery and digging out more questions than answers, they manage to find people who are willing to help them in their pursuit of the truth. But while their quest is noble, they have no idea what they are dealing with and how dangerous it is. It’s possible that the price to pay for discovering the truth is their very own lives.

If you, as the great Fox Mulder would say, want to believe, The Vast of Night is the right choice.

8. Captain Marvel

Marvel’s another Captain is busy with saving lives on Earth and beyond.

Captain Marvel's story

The year is 1995. Vers, a Starforce member living on planet Hala, is going through a rough patch, suffering from nightmares that feel more like suppressed memories trying to break free. She begins to gradually unravel the mystery behind her nightmares by arriving on Earth. There, Vers not only learns the truth about her past and who she is, but also gets a fresh perspective on who her friends or enemies are. 

Captain Marvel tells both a story about Captain Marvel herself and the story of how the idea of the Avengers was born. A true gift to all the Marvel fans out there!

7. Shazam!

I don’t mean to trigger anything, but how do you pee in this suit?

With a set of superpowers like these, there's nothing you can't do!

As a result of a strange encounter with a wizard, Billy is granted an ability to turn into an adult superhero, Shazam. He has various superpowers, including the ability to fly, superspeed, and incredible strength. Billy shares his secret with his foster brother Freddy, who is passionate about superheroes. But Shazam disappoints Billy as a superhero, when he dives head-first in the pursuit of fame and money with the help of his newly-found superpowers. 

What he doesn’t know is that there’s someone else out there who is after Shazam’s abilities. Maybe it’s time for Shazam to set aside the selfish and immature celebration of himself and become who Freddy hoped him to be – a superhero?

6. Alita: Battle Angel

I’m no expert, but that blade looks pretty deathly to me.

"It's the loneliest feeling, not to know who you are."

Cyberpunk is a complicated and unique genre, and it’s not for everyone. If you’re a cyberpunk appreciator, this is a great 2019 movie to put on your list.

Alita is a battle cyborg, but her personality – her soul – belongs to a teenager. Lonely and desperate to know more about herself and her past, she sets out to get some answers and to find herself. But she must hurry – while she’s after answers, there’s someone out there who’s after her.

5. Toy Story 4

Every toy wants to feel loved and valued, even a… toy fork?

 Welcome back to the favourite franchise of your childhood!

Bonnie, to whom Woody and other toys belong now, makes a toy of her own and names him Forky. While the toys do their best to make him feel welcome, knowing how important he is to Bonnie, Forky doesn’t feel like being a toy and wants to go back to his old life as a, well, fork. On his quest to bring Forky back to Bonnie, Woody discovers arguably better alternatives to living in a kid’s bedroom. Could Woody leave his friends and Bonnie behind, tempted to bigger, better and newer things?

4. Spider-Man: Far from Home

Always finding bad guys to fight, even on a vacation, aren’t we, Peter?

Do you love Tom Holland in the role of Spider-Man as much as I do?

Peter Park needs a vacation. He’s helped make the world a better place so many times, he just needs a little break. So when he sends incoming calls from Nick Fury to voicemail, Fury has no other choice but to follow Peter on his vacation. Teamed up with an unexpected ally Mysterio, Spider-Man is on another mission to save the world from the enemy.

Just as Tom Holland warns us in the beginning of the trailer, it is full of spoilers! Please, pretty please, don’t watch the trailer or the movie unless you’ve already watched Avengers: Endgame.

3. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Long story short, Toothless falls in love! 

The dragons' ultimate journey

Hiccup and his friends have been finding and saving dragons for a long time, with Berk being their home. But while the citizens of Berk have learned to love dragons and live with them in harmony, not all humans are able to find it in their hearts to see dragons as beautiful and kind creatures. When a new threat appears and puts dragons at risk of a complete wipe-out, Hiccup sets out on a mission to find the Hidden World, a safe space where all the dragons in the world can live peacefully and threat-free.

While I humbly admit that, in my opinion, any animated movie that involves animals is worth watching, this one involves dragons! Even without a powerful plot and stunning animation, this alone is a reason good enough to watch this film.

2. Joker

Putting on a happy faceis the solution to everything, isn’t it?

Joker: before and after

Arthur Fleck, a failed, unappreciated comedian, is heartbreakingly lonely, with nobody to understand his feelings or sympathize with his failed dreams. He receives government-funded therapy and medications to cope with his mental illness, which does not help him overcome the overwhelming feeling of loneliness. As Gotham City gets engulfed in corruption and unemployment, Arthur’s personal story intersects with the escalating rage of the citizens, the rage that also feeds Arthur’s delusions about other people and his own life. 

Sad, but also merciless, this is a story of how an alienated comedian became the Joker that we know.

1. Avengers: Endgame

The ultimate battle for the future of humanity is happening. Right. Now. 

 Will anybody's story end here?

After half of the world’s population has been wiped out by Thanos, obsessed with the idea of cleansing the world, the remaining Avengers gather the last hope there is and try to reverse the catastrophe and alter the turn of events. Will they succeed at bringing their friends and family back? And what price will they have to pay to achieve that?

For any Marvel fan out there, this movie might just be the main watch of the year 2019! You may have been waiting impatiently to watch it and you won’t regret it, but I promise you, you will cry.

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