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Contra Arcade Game

1. Pac-Man


What can be said about Pac-Man? He’s a gaming icon to this day alongside Mario. But one thing that Pac-Man has over all other classic arcade games is that it is still endlessly playable. With a simple setup of avoiding ghosts but having a power up to fight back against them while trying to eat all of the pellets on the screen, the game retains an ease of access and an addictive quality the likes of which Angry Birds would echo many years later.

Cherries, pellets, and blue ghost are part of a balanced diet.


Even if I recommend these games to own on one's own personal machine, some of them really have to be played with their full cabinet to get the experience. My advice? See if you can't hunt down any arcades still standing. The games they offer may be pretty basic, but playing them is similar to riding a roller coaster or Ferris Wheel. Not only is it a return to a simpler time but you really can't get an experience like this anywhere else.

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