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9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

*Plays intro song in head*

Based on a long running franchise beloved by many, this game is also in the leagues of the best adapted video games of all time. Play as each of the Turtles as you travel from the sewers, to the rooftops, and beyond using sick moves and each of their signature weapons to battle the foot clan. It's about as close to playing an episode of the old eighties cartoon as one can get without April getting kidnap- oh wait, no that happens to.

A good game for pyromaniacs, apparently everything is on fire.

8. Rampage


The Prototypes, Grand Theft Autos, and Kane and Lynchs of the video game world show that sometimes, players want to play the bad guy. Particularly, players want to play unstoppable engines of destruction that lay waste to entire cities. Among the first games to cater to that fantasy was Rampage. Play as the monstrously mutated humans turned into a giant lizard, ape, and wolf and wreak havoc as you destroy an Illinois city before the time runs out.

How is this going to affect the real estate market?

7. House of the Dead

I want to be a part of it.

The first ever video game to give me nightmares. Good times. House of the Dead is a rare example of a rail shooter with a deep story. Not Bioshock good but certainly on par with the Resident Evil series mix of horror and intrigue. You shoot your way through the hordes of the risen dead as they shamble toward you before getting blindsided by one of their quicker variants. As you delve deeper into the labyrinthine manor, the macabre creatures only get more disturbing and more difficult to defeat.

Not exactly the type of “naughty nurse” I was looking for...

6. Virtua Cop 2

Save the day!

Continuing the light gun craze, Virtua Cop 2 is a little like Time Crisis except the focus is on cops and robbers. In the spirit of that, you get bonus points if you are accurate enough to disarm enemies by shooting their weapons and you must also avoid shooting civilians caught in the crossfire.

At least it’s not another punch buggy. I’m getting tired of those.

5. Daytona USA

Before McQueen was a thing.

Everyone likes a good racing game. Daytona puts you in the seat of a race car as you tackle courses and maneuver around other drivers to compete for first place. The sound effects are a little dated but the constant hum of the engine only adds to the complete experience. Again, I would recommend playing this game at a booth because like many simulation games, it's the most fun when it is closest to what it is simulating.

Why do we love naming cars after insects?

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