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Contra Arcade Game

19. Art of Fighting

Art of Fighting (Arcade) Playthrough as Ryo Sakazaki

Similar to both Street Fighter and Final Fight, this is a fighting game with multiple characters with different move sets also set in a crime ridden city. Notably, the game offers context, however flimsy, for the fights to take place. With little chat bubbles, your opponent issues some kind of threat for the beatdown. Play for an odd but fun little side venture.

One of Ryo's most satisfying moves

18. Metal Slug (1996)

Arcade Longplay Metal Slug X

Yet another mercilessly hard run and gun game but the unique appeal of the game is in its presentation. With fluid, hand drawn animation for the characters and an irreverent tone, the game is in some respects the Borderlands to Contra's Call of Duty. The title comes from a one man tank that provides an additional two hits to death and a load of firepower. As an added bonus, it can be set to detonate while ejecting out of it and laying waste to the stragglers a la Titanfall or D.Va in Overwatch.

One man against ten thousand 

17. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs 

Cadillacs & dinosaurs 3 players coop

First of all, that title alone should bring a tear to the eye of many Americans—the combination of ferocious prehistoric beasts and classic cars is a beautiful mashup the likes of which could only be made in America. Second of all, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is a criminally underappreciated franchise that was ahead of its time in terms of themes of animal rights and moral ambiguity. Even the video game tie-in, which had every excuse to be a dino shooting spree, decided to go for a beat 'em up with a story that painted the post-apocalyptic dinosaurs as the victims of human interference while still delivering on a mixed brawler with four possible characters, each with different moves and plenty of weapons to use.

It’s sort of like Jurassic Park, without the annoying kids.

16. The Simpsons Arcade Game

Bart is ruling,as always.

Yes, Simpsons did it. Video games based on existing properties tend to be very hit or miss, and—if we're being honest—miss more often. Yet the Simpsons actually has more hits than misses when it comes to game adaptations, and the top one in that category is the Simpsons arcade game. Play as any one of the Simpsons—alone or with up to three other friends—as the family tries to save Maggy from being kidnapped by Smithers. Fight your way through a version of Springfield that is even wackier than the TV show while pulling off hilarious combo special attacks with two members of the family at once—it never gets old.


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