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4. Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Wait, I saw this before...

I’ve chose yet another Street Fighter 2 variant because this game really is that legendary and influential. The additions added to this version include super combos and air combos but both of them are virtually irrelevant to the biggest new feature and that is none other than Akuma. One of the lore's biggest antagonists started as a bonus boss in this game. To experience the terrifying surprise of an entire generation, play this game.

Definitely more people should put words on their pants.

3. X-Men vs. Street Fighter

The best of both worlds.

The X-Men aren't everyone's cup of tea—even among Marvel fans—and Street Fighter has a fairly niche appeal. Luckily, now everyone can get the chance to beat up the side they don't like in this game. The predecessor to the mega successful, Marvel vs. Capcom, play as your favorite mutants and martial artists in this arcade fighter.

I’m willing to bet Gambit is the best (pun intended).

2. Space Invaders

You shall not pass!

Simple graphics but loads of fun. Shooting down enemies in this game is sort of like knowing how to play tic-tac-toe—once you know the basics you never lose. But it is still an indelible part of gaming history. The game is so iconic that even those who have never played it recognize it instantly when it is parodied.

E.T. go home!

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