The Top 10 Latest Innovations In Gaming Technologies For 2017

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Gaming can be a serious business to some who boast the latest and greatest gaming setups. From screens to input devices and controllers the innovations in gaming technology are endless.

These 10 latest innovative technologies of 2017 are bound to make huge waves in the gaming community as more and more users adopt them into their gaming systems. Below we list 10 of the latest innovations to take gaming by storm.

1) Alienware Alpha Gaming Desktop

Starting at $1,000 Alienware Alpha desktop systems claim to be able to run practically any game on the market at 60 FPS through its NVIDIA GTX 960 GPU, making it possibly the best gaming machine on the market.

2) Intel RealSense 3d Camera

The Intel RealSense 3d camera allows games to use 3d scanning and facial recognition technologies to be able to create realistic images or avatars of the user inside the games that are capable of running this tech.

3) Project Flare

The latest project from Square Enix, named Project Flare, aims to put a web-connected supercomputer in control of online gaming which could result with the creation of simulated worlds as large as 15 times the size of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

4) Just Dance Now

Designed for mobile phone gamers, Just Dance Now is able to tie together 20,000 users into one dance competition against each other using the power of cloud gaming technology. The phone acts as a sensor and output is fed to a suitable monitor. Just Dance Now is the latest mobile game that uses the new Cloud Gaming Technology to bring multiple dancers around the world together to compete at Dance..

5) Sentry Eye Tracker

The Sentry Eye Tracker from SteelSeries is a clever combination of camera and eye tracking technologies, combined to allow users to control their machine via eye movement. If you look somewhere on the screen the cursor will follow.

6) AMD's Ryzen CPU

AMD’s latest CPU, the Ryzen is said to meet the performance of their main competitor Intel’s Kaby Lake CPU with eight cores, and all for just slightly more than half the price of the Intel CPU.

7) HTC Vive 2

HTC’s Vive 2 VR headset could be set to become the first wireless VR headset to hit the market. QuarkVR have been quoted as saying that “they have been working with HTC to make the first wireless headset prototype.”

2017 futuristic game engine tech trailer:

This amazing video footage shows the spectacularly beautiful graphics that modern gaming has reached in 2017

8) Pivothead SMART Streaming Glasses

Pivothead bring us the new SMART series of live streaming glasses which can record what you see and save to built-in usb drive or else live feed it directly to the internet, making live streaming of your gaming a piece of cake.

9) Leap Motion

LeapMotion are set to make waves of their own with their attachment and software for Windows VR headsets, which copies the real life movement of the players hands and transfers that in-game.

10) Dell OLED Monitor

Dell’s 30 inch UP3017Q OLED monitor boasts a 120Mhz refresh rate with crisp graphics displayed on a 3840 x 2160 resolution screen. For a price tag starting at around $1500 these monitors are set to take the gaming world by storm.

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