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Top XCOM 2 Best Base Layouts
XCOM 2 made significant changes to base building in that it is much... Read More
alien: isolation, Alien, xcom, Gears of War, GTFO, no mans sky, mass effect, top 15
15. The Bureau: XCOM Declassified (PC) The Bureau:... Read More
Games Like Xcom
These Are The Best Games Like Xcom. How Many Have You Played? The... Read More
Alien Invasion Games
Here is what to do if E.T. doesn't come in peace. Are we alone in... Read More
XCOM 3, XCOM 3 Predictions, XCOM
With many of us reaching the end of XCOM 2, inevitably our minds turn... Read More
XCOM 3, XCOM Predictions
When will Xcom 3 be released? XCOM: Enemy Unknown reintroduced... Read More
bext xcom 2 mods
The 10 best Xcom 2 mods you should be using to enhance your... Read More
xcom 2 tips and strategy
Legend Ironman. Only The Strongest Xcom Players Will Survive Are... Read More
xcom 3 review
Could these 10 features make XCOM 3 one of the greatest games of all... Read More
XCOM 2 game rating
20 years after the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, aliens rule... Read More
Nothing but skill can save you when permadeath is involved. In... Read More
XCOM 2 gameplay
Here Are 10 Things To Be Excited About For The Upcoming Xcom 2... Read More
10 Best Alien Invasion Games You Should Play
We all know that the aliens are out there. And it is only a matter of... Read More
All X-Com Games, Ranked Best to Worst
It’s all or nothing. You’re in command. It’s up to you now.... Read More
XCOM: Enemy Unknown
XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a remake of the classic 1994 hit game UFO:... Read More
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