The Story of Pennywise The Clown

Pennywise eater of worlds
The Story of Pennywise The Clown

Stephen King's "IT" Is More Than Just A Creepy Clown

Eater of worlds and children, you may all know him as Pennywise. The evil malevolent antagonist in Stephen Kings “It” is more than just a dancing clown terrorizing the kids from Derry, Maine. He is a creation of King’s darkest parts of his mind, asking himself “what scares children the most?” Of course, you don’t have to be a child to fear a creepy dude wearing face paint yelling and laughing like a maniac.

So where is "IT" from?

Well in reality his debut dates back millions of years! The evil clown isn’t even from our universe rather from his own unknown realm far beyond the beginning of time. After arriving to earth, It hibernates about 27-30 years after causing catastrophic events in Derry, Maine. It is not just a clown, but rather an evil entity that takes many forms, and “Pennywise” is his commonly used form to terrorize his victims. Rising from the sewers and taking any form, It can morph into anything that makes kids pee their pants since it knows what you are most afraid of. Children are his favorite prey since they are much easier to trap and eat. 

"It" is also know as 'eater of worlds'

The atrocities being unraveled never surfaced to the national news since It as the demonic kingpin never let such things leave its domain in Derry, Maine. You see, It isn’t just an evil clown. It is everything you are afraid of, the worst nightmare you could ever possibly have. It is what makes you tremble in your shoes and makes you wish you hadn’t crossed paths with. Knowing all this now you might want to actually watch the film, and see for yourself. “It” is more than just a clown, “It” takes many forms as he is a walking nightmare, looking for his next victim near you..

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