Top 15 Movies Like It: Chapter 2

Movies like It: Chapter 2
Beware Pennywise, for it is back.

Something terrifying lurks within these pages. Do you dare take on the evil entity alone? Of course not. Round up your team of evil kicking mates and take a few lessons from the best friends listed below.

The second installment of Stephen King’s novel adaptation has us rooting for The Losers’ club twenty-seven years later. Through the ages, friends have banned together hoping to defeat the evil taking over their towns. Below are the fifteen movies whose friends stick together to ward off evil, just like The Losers’ Club in It: Chapter 2. 

15. The Goonies

The Goonies Trailer

The Goonies are a group of neighborhood kids who discover an old treasure map that leads them on one last epic adventure together. The map unknowingly takes them to a crime family hideout where they are held captive. The goonies formulate a plan for escape while bringing down their captives. 

On the films 25th anniversary, the city of Astoria, Oregon received around 15,000 visitors to pay homage to the cult classic. 

14. It

It Trailer

Bill forms a search party after the disappearance of his younger brother. They venture down a sewer and come across the belongings of missing children. Once down there, they start to experience visualizations of their worst nightmares. The only way to protect the town’s children is by defeating the monster Pennywise.

Bill Skarsgård, who portrays Pennywise, has the ability to move his eyes independently. 

13. Slender Man

Slender Man Trailer

The accidental summoning of an internet legend results in the abduction of a girl. Her friends conjure the Slender Man in hopes of recovering their friend, but something goes wrong, and they are haunted by the entity. The girls have to find out what Slender Man wants if they are to live out the rest of their lives un-haunted. 

The film adapts the internet legend of Slender Man, which was first created on the Something Awful forum and adapted into various mediums.

12. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse Trailer

This is a coming of age film, zombie style. A group of friends discuss their commitment to being scouts, but they are interrupted when they are invited to a super-secret party. They are soon attacked by zombies and discover the entire town has been evacuated without them. This is now their fight to prove they have what it takes as scouts. 

The film is directed by Christopher Landon, who is also known for the films Disturbia, and later films in the Paranormal Activity franchise. 

11. Night of the Creeps

Night of the Creeps Trailer

An alien slug has landed on Earth. It is frozen in a cryogenics lab, but after years in seclusion, a fraternity dares new pledges to break into the lab and steal the cadaver. The cadaver thaws, leaving an army of brain invading slugs to wreak havoc. It is up to the frat brothers to save the night. 

The script was written in one week, according to a New York Times syndicate. 

10. Scream

Scream Trailer

A sadistic killer hunts down a group of friends. One by one they are picked off except for a remaining few. They must piece together the clues if they are going to find out who is after them. 

Scream won three separate best film awards for various ceremonies, including the MTV Awards, Saturn Awards, and the International Horror Guild. 

9. The Ritual

The Ritual Trailer

Four friends take a trip in their late friend’s memory. They take shelter in an abandoned cabin, but experience evil hallucinations and act unconsciously in an odd manner. They must escape the tortures of the cabin and defeat the evil that inhabits it.

The film is based on the novel written by Adam Nevill. 

8. The Final Girls

The Final Girls Trailer

Max and her friends attend a film screening to honor her mother’s passing. The theatre is set ablaze, and the group cuts through the screen to escape, but to their surprise, they are transported to the very slasher film they were watching. They have the upper hand to save themselves from the killer terrorizing the camp because they have seen this play out several times onscreen. 

The film was required to have a PG-13 rating by the studio.

7. The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad Trailer

The squad has in their possession Van Helsing’s diary. After a bit of translating, they now understand their part in the fight between good and evil. They must stop the evil forces from possessing an amulet that could bring them to power.

Fred Dekker wrote and directed both Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps.

6. Haunt (2019)

Haunt Trailer

At a party, a few friends take off to enter a haunted house. What seems like playful taunting turns into a fight for survival. They have to help each other escape the house of haunts and find out who would want to kill them. 

Haunt earned the number one place on Shudder’s most-watched movie premieres of 2019.

5. The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys Trailer

Michael and Sam are desperate for friends after they movie to California. Michael ventures to the boardwalk, where he is met with a gang who is willing to befriend him, but the offer is conditional. Later, he feels unwell and begins a transformation. Sam and his new friends must find out what is wrong with Michael, and take down the gang who transformed his brother into a bloodthirsty vampire.

A comic book mini-series was created as a sequel to the film titled Lost Boys: Reign of Frogs

4. It Follows

It Follows Trailer

Jay is burdened with consequence after she sleeps with Hugh. He informs her that an entity will peruse her unless she passes on the curse to someone else. Instead, Jay enlists the help of her friends to put an end to the curse and kill the entity.

The film was shot in Detroit, Michigan, and showcases the raw look of the city. 

3. The Faculty

The Faculty Trailer

Something is amiss at Herrington High. Students even witness teachers shoving alien creatures into their ears. No one believes them accept the science teacher. Casey and his friends must escape the attempt of alien domination while finding a way to kill the creatures.

In an interview with director Robert Rodriguez, he told Elijah Wood, "One day I will cast you as a psychopath," and he did in Sin City.

2. Super 8

Super 8 Trailer

A group of kids roll camera and film a competition winning movie. They inadvertently capture footage of a truck slamming into a train, and chaos erupts. The government gets involved, and the kids investigate their footage to understand the strange events happening in their town. 

J.J Abrams won the award for best director at the 38th Saturn Awards.

1. Summer of 84

Summer of 84 Trailer

Davey has a conspiracy about the disappearance of local kids. He tries to get his friends on board, but they laugh it off until they see his theory unfold. Together they stalk the suspected kidnapper, where they find damning evidence of something more dreadful. Will they bring the criminal to justice, or become another victim?

The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2018. 


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