10 Things That Make Pennywise Scary

10 Things About The World's Scariest Clown

Stephen King’s creation is terrifying on so many levels. While we found friends in our loser club, the town was turning a blind eye to a long-standing terror. What really makes the iconic monster mind bogglingly scary are these 10 things:

10. It’s only you that sees him

Everyone else outside of your loser group of friends, are just confused why you think you’re covered in blood from a popped balloon. Or why you’re not drinking your bloody tea.

9. The Laugh

Who have their own signature laughs that can be chilling to the bone, none come close to the clown’s signature tone. The sound as Richie runs out of the library after looking for Mike, interrupted by Dad jokes, Pennywise lets loose the most disturbing of sounds “NUA HAH HAH HAH HAH HA!!!”

8. His Origin


As long as the town has been able to document his existence, at least 200 years back in Maine.  For the book geeks, the monster claims it’s been around for millions. But as a kid of 12 years you’re supposed to kill it? Thank god for Mom’s chunky silver earrings and believing that your asthma inhaler is a battery acid sprayer.

7. The Deadlights – You might stare most people in their headlights

But not this monster clown spider. It’s other worldly gaze will stop you in your track, drive you literally insane and take all the pigment out of your hair. Marie Antoinette syndrome   indeed, sadly no cake from this birthday clown though.

6. Perception Control – He’s in control of what you see


And thus, everywhere in the town is his playing field, not just the sewers he travels through and lives in. He has homefield advantage everywhere in this town because he is the town. When your best weapon is to just close your eyes, and believe that it’s all a trick you might not make it out of the dank caverns It calls home.

5. His Fangs – A dentist’s worst nightmare

It might not make him much scarier than a normal clown. But being a clown is terrifying in its own right. With teeth like Pennywise you’ll be wishing he was a vampire instead. Two fangs are a lot less than 32 and not nearly as full of cavities.

4. He knows your Weakness

Or whatever you’re self-conscious or most guilty about is his bread and butter. The guilt from giving the newspaper boat to your little brother that got his arm ripped off. Your dead father. Your abusive father. Your weight issues. But the strangest has to be your burning flame of 30 years, just so he can make out with you really quick. Although it does do some psychological damage to the bearded wonder.

3. IT’s Taste buds – Frightened flesh tastes better

And that’s the mark of a real monster. His sole reason for making you terrified as a child and as an adult is just to add what his version of garlic salt is to your meat. It’s the strangest thing to see in a recipe book, but when the title is “mastering the art of delicious children” you can’t be that surprised.

2. Bringing you into It’s lair

Using your weaknesses it knows, alone, driven by your curiosity and hopefulness. It even abuses the lessons your parents taught you as children to convince you to trust it. Just because you know the clown’s name doesn’t mean you know the clown. Or especially what’s beneath that layer of clown make up. I’ve heard of cake faces, but it’s ridiculous here.

1. It is the setting - The town

You, your desired girlfriend, your parents, your teachers, everything. The fact that It is more than just a serial killer or twisted spider being. It encompasses the whole land scape. The nature of all the people there. The cloudiness of your mind is part of It. What makes pennywise or It scarier than almost any other monster, serial killer or disease is that It’s more than any of those people or things could be. The otherworldly nature combined with the massive encompassing dread makes Pennywise or It, the stuff nightmares wish they could be part of.

What makes It scarier than any other monster is how powerful and all-encompassing It is. Pennywise is truly a terrifying form and Tim Curry couldn’t have done a better job at scaring both children and adults who wanted nothing more than to be part of the losers club.

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