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The game that goes on and on and on...

9. The end is only the beginning...what?

You won't see these numbers in the basic game.

So you beat the game. Congratulations. Now you know the story, you conquered the big baddy you can pat yourself on the back. That is, until you find out that there's a new game+ and boy is it terrifying! All the enemies are upgraded to bigger and badder versions and the bosses are much tougher. I hear tell that Khidr doesn't pause between attacks anymore. Yep, expect to die often. The plus side? More gold and new blueprints for gear. Is it worth it?

Then you go through the forums and see all the people bragging about getting up and beyond new game+10, stirring the challenger in you. I'm not even sure I can believe some of those claims considering how tough the game gets.

Speaking of which, how far did you get? For real, I mean. Maybe you have some great tips and suggestions for those of us stuck at just the first rise in difficulty. Help the players by sharing your experience in the comments.

10. How far do the levels go?

You've noticed there's no experience bar here right? Yet, there's still a level and the monsters have a level. In Rogue Legacy, your level is equal to that of the number of upgrades in your castle (the one you can upgrade). Taking account all the possible upgrades, the maximum level is 507. Sounds pretty epic doesn't it? It is, until you get past New Game+10 (yes it goes that far and more), then all the enemies are over level 1000... Good luck with that.

As for New Game+, no one really knows what the upper limit is. Highest I've seen documented is New Game+51. I have no idea how a person can even get that far. In case you're wondering - yes, the difficulty does continue to rise...each and every time. Of course, so do the rewards, but if you're that far along you've probably maxed everything anyway right?  

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