Latest Twin Souls Video Showcases Work-In-Progress Gameplay

Game looks promising on early access

The Enemy AI Seems Too Easy, Special Moves Are Satisfying Nonetheless

In a latest video released on YouTube, developer Lince Works displays the stealth mechanics and special moves at the playable character’s disposal for their upcoming game Twin Souls: The Path of Shadows.

We Like Half of What We See

Apparent from the video, it has to be said that the enemy AI seems particularly wimpy, with them remaining completely oblivious to your character’s presence even as he crouches and sneaks around them at arm’s length, directly in front of their field of vision. The developer tried to justify this by explaining in the YouTube description that “The difficulty is tuned down to showcase some of the gameplay mechanics. In the following months we’ll redo the AI and enemy behaviors, and we will add the 6 unlock-able Shadow Powers.” It sounds like these devs are pretty crappy gamers if they have to tune down the difficulty of their own game to showcase gameplay mechanics!

The Game in a Nutshell

As per the official website, players take on the role of Aragami, a Shadow Assassin. You have unknown ties to a maiden named Yamiko who is held captive by Light warriors. The feudal Japanese settings are sure to appeal to anime and ninja fans.

As a Shadow Assassin, Aragami has the power to manipulate shadows to his will. His powers include:


Use darkness as a cloak to stay invisible for a brief amount of time


Summon your pet raven to give you the location of nearby enemies


Summon a Shadow Clone to distract your targets and play with their senses


Temporarily blind your enemies and stop pursuers to help you escape


Place traps and trigger them at will to call upon the abyss


Solidify the shadows into a deadly weapon and snipe down distant enemies

Although a definite release date has not been put out by the developer, blog comments suggest they are planning to release the game by Spring 2016.

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