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 Dark Souls 2 Review and Gameplay
Grueling, Difficult, and Epic

5. Gameplay

Decked out in heavy armor in front of the dead giant

The actual gameplay feels very smooth. Actions are executed swiftly as you input commands for your character to follow. The best part of Dark Souls 2 though is that the PC port that actually works. I would definitely still recommend playing this game on a game pad since the key binds are kind of clunky, but it is still infinitely better than Dark Souls 1.

The bonfire serves as your checkpoint. You will learn to love these!

There are tons of different weapon types that all have different attack animations and speeds. A cool new feature that has been added is called Power Stance. It allows you to duel wield two different weapons and unlock a new set of attack moves; however your stats need to be at least 1.5 times higher than the required stats on the weapons. Dodging and blocking is the exact same as it was in Dark Souls 1, and it is the main way of protecting yourself from damage.

You gain souls from enemies you kill, and you use them as both currency and as experience points to level up. So you always have to choose between leveling up and purchasing new items. However, if you die you’ll lose all of your souls, so beware!

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