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 Dark Souls 2 Review and Gameplay
Grueling, Difficult, and Epic

4. World

The ghosts of other players will hopefully give you a warning before you fall into the same trap they did

While the world of Drangleic feels a bit more segregated than Dark Souls 1, it still feels massive, open, and immersive. The reason for the segregated feeling is due to the early access to fast travel. You are able to move between any two bonfires that you have previously accessed. This makes it feel like you are always moving to a different level instead of going to another area of the same world.

However, Drangleic is absolutely stunning and beautiful. The world is so massive that you truly feel like a fish out of water on an epic quest. Even though you don’t know why you’re hunting the giant souls, you still feel like there is an epic purpose driving you through each area of the world.

There is great diversity in what you get to see and experience as well. There are the massive walls of the Drangleic Castle, the poisonous swamps of the Harvest Valley, the lava infested black Iron keep, and the gloomy shaded woods. 

Don't worry, I'm sure the bridge is safe to cross

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